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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 11-12-2015


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Workout supplements are our primary focus here at, but we’re also interested in diet and workout plans too.

Anything that gets us and keeps us in great shape, really.

So when the AGR Body program was brought to our attention, we decided to take a look.

What is AGR Body?

Otherwise known as Adonis Golden Ratio, AGR Body is a 12 week system created by John Barban, a weight loss and nutrition specialist and author.

The theory it’s based on is that by using certain details of your specific age and body type, a tailored diet and exercise program can be created to help you get in the best shape possible.

With focus on burning fat, boosting metabolism, increasing testosterone production, and building muscle, AGR Body is custom made for men who want to lose fat, gain muscle, and feel great about the way they look and function.

How Does AGR Body Work?

AGR Body ReviewAGR Body is a 12 week system of exercise and nutrition designed for men to boost metabolism and testosterone with the goal of burning fat and putting on lean muscle mass.

It’s targeted for each individual guy, based on weight, age, and body type.

According to John Barban, this is the key to real and effective weight loss for men. Most diets and programs don’t work for men because they’re not set up to.

Men need elevated testosterone levels and a boosted metabolism if their going to get fit.

And the key to getting these is knowing and accommodating your body shape.

Why The Focus on Testosterone?

Most teenage boys can eat anything they want and never gain weight.

The fact that they’re fueling growth is one reason.

High metabolisms and tons of testosterone may be another.

As guys age, our bodies simply make less testosterone than they used to.

As this happens, we start putting on belly fat, we lose muscle mass, we have less energy, and we feel less interested in sex.

At its most basic level, all the things that make us feel like a man as we were moving through adolescence start to wane.

Increasing testosterone lifts your metabolism and fat burning capacity, and brings back the propensity to gain and hold lean muscle mass.

What Comes with the AGR Body Program

AGR Body is a completely online program.

When you buy the system, you gain access to all the materials, which can be reached with any computer, laptop, tablet, or phone with an internet connection.

The components you’ll get are:

  • The Theory of Ideal Proportions guide which details the concept of how your body shape influences what you should eat to boost metabolism and testosterone.
  • The Training Program along with instructional video.

    It’s completely customizable so you can enter the program at your current fitness level and move up through the ranks as you go.
  • The Nutrition Software.

    This is where you create the meal plan that works for you, complete with all the foods you need to include and avoid for your most ideal results.
  • Access to the Community.

    Numerous studies show that weight loss success is enhanced when subjects are part of a community sharing the same experiences.
  • Meal Plans actually listed out so you can plan ahead and be ready without scrambling, which often leads to mistakes.

What Doesn’t Come With the AGR Body Program

The most notably missing component is supplements.

The AGR Body program likes to promote the fact that they can help you boost metabolism and testosterone, lose weight, and gain muscle mass, all without the help of “Pills, Powders, or Potions.”

Once you’re in the program, however, they do make some recommendations for supplements you might want to try.

What Kinds of Foods Are Allowed

The Shape Specific Nutritional program used by AGR Body allows mainly for proteins, healthy fats, and vegetables.

It’s not specified as a low carb program, but it is similar.

This is because older men with less testosterone process carbohydrates less efficiently than younger guys.

It’s less likely that young guys with lots of testosterone will end up storing excess carbohydrates as fat, more likely that older guys will.

Knowing what to eat and when according to what your body shape says about your hormone profile is key to getting in shape with the AGR Body program.

The shape of your body indicates how you use insulin, and how much extra insulin you have.

If your body shape indicates an excess of insulin, you need to strategize when to eat carbs and what to eat them with to minimize insulin release.

Who Is John Barban

The AGR Body system was created by John Barban, so we wanted to learn a little about who he is.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to know, beyond this program, and its sister program for women, the Venus Factor.

He is a nutritionist and weight loss author, but other than these two programs, we didn’t find any additional credentials.

How Much Does AGR Body Cost?

The AGR Body system is available to purchase online through the official program website.

You can receive access to all the materials for $37. There’s also a 60-day money back guarantee.It states that if you’re not completely satisfied you get it free.

I’m not sure if that means you still have full access, or that your access is revoked.

AGR Body Pros and Cons

Advantages of AGR Body

  • It’s a complete system.

    When it comes to getting in shape, lots of people respond well when given a complete program to work with.
  • There’s a money back guarantee.
  • The system is not contingent on using a lot of supplements.

Disadvantages of AGR Body

  • There are a few AGR Body reviews out there stating that once you get the system, you are continually asked to buy more supporting products, like supplements.

    That the $37 price tag is really just a teaser to pull you in and get you to buy more.
  • There aren’t a lot of positive testimonials floating around.This either means that it’s not very popular, or that people don’t really find it all that useful.
  • I’ve seen complaints that the system is too customizable, making it difficult to navigate.


The most important key to losing weight and gaining muscle is finding a program that you like enough to stick with.

That’s why there are so many options.

They’re all trying to strike a chord with consumers, so they keep coming back.

I have little doubt that if you navigate the AGR Body system correctly and stick with it, you will get in shape.But there is some concern that navigating it may be difficult.

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