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There are so many diet supplements on the market, it’s tough to keep them straight.

This is made even more true when a bunch of different products use practically the same name.

Take Slim Trim, for example.

When I heard about it and started looking into it, the first thing I saw was an FDA warning letter that it contained a banned substance. But don’t run off too quickly.

That warning letter was a referring to a different product, called Slim Trim U.

Slim Trim, as far as we can tell, has not run afoul of the FDA because of illicit ingredients or anything else.

But that’s not the only diet pill with a similar name.

In addition to Slim Trim and Slim Trim U, there’s also Slim Trim PM, Slim Trim 2000, and even Trim Slim.

Try not to let it confuse you.

If you’re having trouble figuring out which supplement we’re talking about, take a look at the picture just to the right.

That’s the Slim Trim we mean.

What Is Slim Trim?

Slim Trim ReviewSlim Trim is a diet pill available online. You can purchase it through its official website as well as on The advertising is pretty low key.

In fact, there isn’t a whole lot of information or feedback available about the supplement.

But we dug and dug until we found what we needed to write an informative review.

Slim Trim Benefits

By taking Slim Trim, you’ll find everything you want in a diet pill in terms of benefits.

Slim Trim:

  • Burns Fat.
  • Suppresses Appetite.
  • Stimulates Your Metabolism.

The three pillars of effective weight loss!

But aren’t these the promises of every weight loss pill? What makes Slim Trim different?

What makes it the one that’s finally going to break through your plateaus and continue on your way to success?

The answer to that would lie in the formula.

Slim Trim Ingredients

The Slim Trim website doesn’t offer a whole lot of information, but we do get an ingredient list, in the form of a product label.

The formula is part listed ingredients with amounts and part proprietary blend.

We’ll go with the listed ingredients first:

  • 200 mcg of Chromium.

    Without enough Chromium, your body’s ability to handle insulin is less efficient.

    With sufficient chromium, sugars, fats, proteins, and carbs are metabolized and tolerated better.

    The recommended daily intake for healthy adults is 50-200mcg.
  • 400 mg of Green Tea Leaf Extract (with 200mg of EGCG).

    Studies are showing that the active ingredient in green tea (EGCG) is beneficial to metabolism and weight loss.

    The recommended dose is 270 mg of EGCG per day.
  • 300 mg of Guarana Seed Extract.

    Weight loss benefits of Guarana come mainly from its caffeine content.

    The stimulant can provide energy and suppress appetite.

    The typical effective dose is 800 mg taken before a meal.
  • 100 mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract.

    The active compound in Green Coffee Bean Extract is Chlorogenic acid, which helps promote weight loss.

    How it works exactly is unknown, but it’s thought to prevent storage of carbohydrates as fat.

    The effective dose depends on the concentration of chlorogenic acid, and ranges from 240mg – 3,000mg.

The Slim Trim Proprietary Blend includes Acai Fruit Extract, Raspberry Ketones, Hoodia Gordonii, Cinnamon Bark, Cayenne Pepper, and Resveratrol.

These are all beneficial to weight loss in their own way, but the fact that they’re couched in a proprietary blend means that there’s unlikely to be enough to have much of an effect.

How To Use Slim Trim

The bottle recommends taking 2 capsules once a day with a meal.

Given the appetite suppression effects, I would recommend taking it about 20 minutes to half an hour before a meal.

The bottle also states that you should use Slim Trim in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program for best results.

This isn’t a product that promises to take the weight off without effort on your part.

Where to Buy Slim Trim

As we mentioned above, Slim Trim is available through the product website as well as through

On the official website, a single bottle of 30 pills costs $9.99 while a single bottle of 60 pills costs $19.99. The 60 pill bottle will last for a month.

You can also find Slim Trim at Amazon where a 60 count bottle sells for $12.34. So this would be your best bet if you decided to purchase it.

How To Use Slim Trim Reviews

Because Slim Trim is available on Amazon, there are a few customer reviews to help us out with getting a sense of how it’s working for people in the real world.And to be honest, the news is not particuluar good.

There is one very positive review in which Romey says: “It really works. No jitters, no change in sleep patterns.

Drink plenty of water and you will see a change in your appearance.”

But most of the rest are luke warm or worse:

John says, “Sorry Didn’t work for me.”

Ailaa says, “I personally don’t feel like it did me much good.

I had more energy when I was taking these but as for weight loss, I was dieting and exercising and this didn’t give me any boost.

It wasn’t until I stopped taking them that I actually lost 2 lbs 3 weeks after taking them.”

Who Makes Slim Trim?

This information was next to impossible to find.

The Slim Trim website provides an “About Us” section, but it doesn’t state anything other than their mission to help people lose weight.

The contact information provided does not include a physical address, so it was difficult to know where the company is located.

We finally found a clue in the email address provided that the parent company is called Inergetics.

They make a few different supplements, and they have a website, but the only additional information we learned there is that they’re based in Newark, NJ.

Slim Trim Pros and Cons

Advantages of Slim Trim

  • It’s inexpensive.
  • Many of the ingredient amounts are listed, providing useful information on the effectiveness of Slim Trim.
  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • The marketing isn’t over-hyped with crazy promises of massive weight loss with zero effort.

Disadvantages of Slim Trim

  • The majority of reviews from customers who’ve used it say it just doesn’t work.


Slim Trim is likely very safe and mildly effective for helping curb your appetite when you’re trying to lose weight.

But I’m afraid the benefits don’t go much beyond that.

The dosing for the main ingredients is just to low to be effective, and the customer reviews bear this out. Slim Trim is affordable, this is true.

But there are better weight loss products offer more in terms of value for your dollar.

Have You Used Slim Trim?  Leave Your Review Below!

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Natasha's Review

By  Natasha Dec 2, 2015

I used this product and I didn't see any changes in weight loss..Thumbs down. I don't reccommend Slim Trim to no one.


Don't waste your money and time.

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How do the pills work and do they work? Because I have tried many things to reduce weight but all in vein. How much are the pill and how many are they in number? -

I haven't tried it myself, but I wouldn't recommend it. Check out Instant Knockout instead. It's a great fat burner and appetite suppressant. Check out my full review here: If you're looking for a great workout an diet plan, sign up for my free "getting ripped" ebook here: Rob

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