Alpha Male Plus Review

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-27-2013

alpha male plus reviewThere are not a lot of ED treatments that deal with low semen volume, recovery time between orgasms, and the potency of orgasms, but that is what Alpha Male Plus addresses with its unique formulation.

Alpha male plus is product that is endorsed by urologists, it claims to boost testosterone levels in addition to enhancing sex drive, but we could not find any sort of information that would back up all of these claims. This product is actually manufactured by the same company that makes magna rx plus, with many of the same ingredients and formulation.

Ingredients in Alpha Male Plus

The primary ingredient in this product is Wapiti elk extract, which sounds dubious enough, but the manufacturer explains that they have used it simply because this creature must mate frequently and can recover in as little as three to five minutes between sexual encounters.

The Alpha Male Plus product also has thiamin, vitamin B12, and saw palmetto meant to support testosterone production and enhance the mood.

We could not find any clinical evidence at the manufacturer’s website, or anywhere else, that indicated that their product or ingredients would be able to boost activity and levels to such high amounts.

Where to Buy

There are many retailers and online vendors making Alpha Male Plus available, but none had any sort of guarantees or refunds for quality available.

Pros and Cons

There were quite a few pros and cons for this product. The cons include:

  • There is no clear dosage indicated on the packaging;
  • There are some “over the top” claims made by the manufacturer and few that seem possible to meet;
  • Only the elk extract is explained, and the rest of the ingredients are not described in terms of usefulness; and
  • There is no clinical evidence that this formulation will work.

The positive issues include:

  • This product is professionally endorsed;
  • There are many explanations about the proprietary ingredient on the manufacturer’s website and elsewhere; and
  • There are many suppliers, so good pricing is possible.

Best Price

We already indicated that there are many vendors making this formula available.

This means that pricing is going to be very easy to control.

The best price currently offered is $15 for a single bottle.


Though we are intrigued by Alpha Male Plus, we cannot recommend it because it simply cannot live up to the many claims made by the manufacturer.Until clinical testing is done to prove that the main ingredient really does deliver the kinds of results indicated, we would say that men can find far better enhancers elsewhere.

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Hi, I'v ordered some of your products last week, but I haven't received yet, can you please check it? Thanks -Abdul Jalil is a review website. We don't sell supplements. You'll need to contact the company you ordered from directly to straighten out your order.- Rob

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Is Alpha Male Plus capsule enlarges penis size? -Kyaw Zin Thant

Unfortunately no. No pill can enlarge your penis size.  For that, you can practice the enlargement exercises in my free enhancement ebook or purchase a device like the Phallosan Forte.- Rob

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what is the effect of alpha male plus on female if taken . -shabbir

It can be taken by women, and it will have similar effects.  It's got some multivitamin benefits as well as the benefits of a natural testosterone boost, such as fat loss and lean muscle gain.- Rob

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I am 62 years old is it advisable for me to take this product the alpha male plus, please give me your advise -Robin P. Ampatuan

It's safe at your age, but I don't think it will be very effective. Try VigRx Plus instead.- Rob

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Hi I ordered ur product but never receive it and they said it's a free trial and only pay for shipping R100 but why did they charge meR1500 and I can't seem to get hold of ur ph number -Akreeme is a review website. We don't sell supplements. I tried to find a phone number, but had no luck. Check the transaction on your credit card statement. There should be a working phone number there. If not, call your credit card company. They can help you get in touch with them.- Rob

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