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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 2-22-2016

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What have you got to lose?That’s what AlphaManPro says on the home page of their website where you can order a free trial of their product.

It turns out the answer to that question may be A lot!But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves.

Let’s back up and talk about what AlphaManPro is and what it claims to do for you.

What Is AlphaManPro?

AlphaManPro is a male performance enhancement supplement.

One of the first things I noticed when I started looking into it is that unlike so many other pills like it, AlphaManPro does not claim that it can make your penis grow.

Some of you may be disappointed to read that, but at least it’s the truth.

The majority of sex supplements these days make big claims about how in just a few weeks, you’ll see 2 and 3 inches of penis growth.

I’m here to tell you they’re all lying.

A pill can help you get a better, and yes bigger, erection.

But it will NOT make your penis itself any bigger than it was to begin with.

When you’re spending your hard earned money on a supplement (and this stuff ain’t cheap), you don’t want to put your money in with a company that’s lying to you.

So it’s an important factor to note that AlphaManPro doesn’t make promises that right out of the gate you know it can’t keep.

AlphaManPro Review 1AlphaManPro Benefits

So what does AlphaManPro do?

As a sexual performance enhancement pill, it:

  • Boosts libido.
  • Improves overall energy.
  • Helps you achieve harder erections.
  • Improves control so you can last longer before ejaculation.
  • Increases the intensity of your orgasms.
  • Again, no promises of penis growth, which trust me, is a good thing.

AlphaManPro Ingredients

The AlphaManPro website contains a FAQ section that lists all of the active ingredients, but it doesn’t go on to explain how they work.

We’ve added that information for you here, as we think it’s pretty key to hour decision whether or not to use it.

The AlphaManPro formula contains:

  • Zinc which is instrumental in the body’s production of natural testosterone.

    There’s a direct correlation between deficiency in zinc and deficiency in testosterone.
  • Yohimbe Bark which is a stimulant that can also improve blood flow to the penis for better erections.

    It’s very effective, but for some guys it causes side effects like headache, dizziness, nausea, or rapid heartbeat.

    In some cases, it can lead ot a dangerous drop in blood pressure.

    In fact, the FDA as recommended against its long term use.
  • Maca which is an herbal aphrodisiac that also functions as a mood elevator due to its effect on dopamine release.
  • L-Arginine which is a precursor to nitric oxide. NO is a vasodilator.

    It opens up blood vessels so blood can flow more freely through to the corpus cavernosa (or penile chambers) causing bigger, harder, longer lasting erections.
  • Ginseng which is an aphrodisiac that also promotes overall energy.
  • Oat Straw which is thought to boost free testosterone levels.

    More testosterone improves sexual performance in a number of ways, including boosting libido, improving erections, and raising stamina.
  • Catuaba and Muira Puama which are both additional herbal aphrodisiacs.
  • Oyster Meat and Orchic Substance which are both believed to boost testosterone levels.
  • Cayenne Pepper which increases energy levels.
  • Tribulus Terrestris which can increase the body’s natural production of testosterone through the mechanism of boosted Luteinizing Hormone levels.

    LH signals the testes to produce more testosterone.

    So more LH means more testosterone.
  • Boron which is also thought to boost testosterone levels.

How To Use AlphaManPro

The recommended dose is 2 AlphaManPro capsules taken once a day.

It is noted that you’ll see the best results after using it for about 2 to 3 months.

Where to Buy

You can only purchase AlphaManProonline and only through their free trial offer.

We come across these offers a lot, and most of them hide their terms and conditions deep within the fine print, making it as difficult as possible for potential customers to find.

AlphaManPro handles things a little more above-board.

On the one hand, they proudly proclaim that you get a “Free Trial Bottle” (which isn’t exactly true) but on the other hand, unlike most of their counterparts, they make it pretty clear that you’re signing up for a monthly autoship program.

Here’s how it works.

You sign up for the free trial and pay a small $5 shipping charge.In 15 days, if you do nothing, they’ll charge you $79 retroactively for the bottle they already sent, and they’ll sign you up to receive a new bottle each month for $79 plus shipping.Now, how they can call that a “free bottle” is beyond me.

At best, you get it free for 15 days, then they come after you for the full price.

If you don’t want to be charged, you need to call their number (1-646-688-0457), cancel your membership, and return the trial bottle.

This brings us back to the original question: “What have you got to lose?” Apparently, $79 plus shipping, plus return shipping, plus the hassle of making sure you call in time and the time it takes to box it all up and get it to the post office.Even if you do everything right, you’re still out the time and cost of shipping and return shipping.

Who Makes AlphaManPro?

There’s no information available about the company that makes AlphaManPro.

Their 646 area code indicates that they have an office in New York City, but that’s literally all the information we could find on them.

No address is given. Presumably you’ll have to get that when you call to cancel your membership.

AlphaManPro Side Effects

We mentioned it earlier, but since this is your health we’re talking about, it’s worth mentioning again. AlphaManPro contains Yohimbe.

It’s an effective male enhancement ingredient – one of the most effective.

But it can also cause side effects like dizziness, nausea, and a racing heart.

It’s not recommended that you use anything containing Yohimbe if you have any medical conditions or if you’re taking certain medications.

AlphaManPro Pros and Cons

Advantages of AlphaManPro

  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • The formula contains several ingredients that can boost sexual performance.
  • AlphaManPro doesn’t claim it can increase the size of your penis.
  • They make it pretty clear that by signing up for the free trial, you’ll be enrolled in the autoship program.

Disadvantages of AlphaManPro

  • It’s expensive.
  • They call it a free trial with nothing to lose, but in reality there are strict conditions you need to adhere to if you don’t want to end up paying full price.
  • It contains Yohimbe which is recommended against by the FDA, especially for regular use, because of it’s potential to cause dangerous side effects.
  • There’s no information provided about the manufacturer.
  • There are no AlphaManPro reviews from customers who’ve actually used it.


If you don’t experience side effects from the Yohimbe, AlphaManPro may be a decent male enhancement supplement.

The idea of long term Yohimbe use, however, is potentially a cause for concern.

Another important factor to helping us form a conclusion is that AlphaManPro is only available with a free trial offer.

While these guys are a little more above-board than most of their competitors, they still make you think you’re getting a month’s supply for free, which simply isn’t the case.

In the end, there are more reasons against trying AlphaManPro than are are reasons for it.

With so many other options available, I would skip the AlphaManPro.

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