AnaBeta Elite Review – Real Gains?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 5-2-2018

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AnaBeta Elite Overview

I get a lot of questions from guys who want to put on weight, but can’t.

They’re called hard gainers or ectomorphs (think Kevin Durant) and a lot of them have tried what seems like everything, but just can’t pack on the muscle like they want to.

There are products out there to help, but choosing the right one isn’t easy.

I had a reader ask me about AnaBeta Elite from Physique Enhancing Science (better known as PES), so I told him we’d check it out.

AnaBeta Elite is an upgrade to their previous product AnaBeta.

It was something of an underground favorite for these hard gainers, and PES added a few more components to hopefully make it even better. AnaBeta Elite is an anabolic supplement, totally natural, with the aim of getting you big naturally.

It’s meant to be used by anyone on a bulking cycle, and it can be used alone or stacked.

AnaBeta Elite ReviewHow AnaBeta Elite Works

What happens when you first start taking AnaBeta Eliteis that your appetite goes through the roof.

Your body wants more food, and it tells you so.

Lots of guys talk about waking up in the middle of the night hungry their bodies are craving so much food.

So if you know that feeling of knowing you need to eat more to gain weight, and just not being able to force down another bite, then you know the value of this aspect of AnaBeta Elite.

With this increased appetite, it’s up to you to feed it with the right amounts of protein, carbs, and BCAAs to grow the muscle you want.

You also feel it in the gym with that alpha male attitude that keeps you pumping.

AnaBeta Elite Ingredients

There are a few ingredients of note in the AnaBeta Elite formula.

They include:

  • Anacuclus Pyrethrum DC Extract.

    This plant derived ingredient is anabolic but only mildly androgenic.

    This means you get all the benefits of muscle growth, but no worries about side effects (like liver toxicity and increased estrogen).
  • Forskolin.

    This testosterone booster rounds out the AnaBeta Elite formula so you’re approaching muscle gain from all angles.

    Anacyclus is anabolic on its own, while Forskolin is pro-anabolic.

    That way you’re covered now and as time goes on.
  • 5-Adrosten-3B,7B-diol-17-one.

    This fights against the catabolic release of cortisol that inevitably occurs after a workout.

    Cortisol is counter productive to muscle generation, and this ingredient blocks that cortisol.

The recommended dose is 2 AnaBeta Elitecapsules taken twice a day, not to exceed 6 capsules in a day.

And a cycle should not exceed 8 weeks before you take a 4 week break.

AnaBeta Elite Pros and Cons

Advantages of AnaBeta Elite

  • It’s made by PES, which is pretty well respected in the bodybuilding community.

    Every one of these companies has its supporters and its haters, but PES does pretty well with their reputation.
  • There are tons of positive AnaBeta Elite reviews from guys who’ve used it.

    The most common comment is about the increase in appetite that allowed them to eat more and gain more.

    A close second is that “anabolic feel” that keeps them working at the gym.

Disadvantages of AnaBeta Elite

  • It’s not cheap, especially if you plan to stack it.

Where to Buy

You can buy AnaBeta Elite online or at GNC.

The one month supply runs about $60 to $70.


If you’re serious about your bulking phase, and you’re ready to do the heavy lifting and required eating to make it happen, it looks like AnaBeta Elite can help.

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Does the anabeta elite contain caffeine ? -Aziz

There's no caffeine listed with the ingredients.- Rob

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