Anoradrol Review – Steroid Alternative Supplement Or Hoax?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 7-24-2013

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We come across supplements all the time that make outlandish claims, including everything from being a steroid alternative to increasing your male genitalia size by 4 inches in a month. While the claims remain the same, the products change very rapidly, and there has been growing advertising via social networks for these products. One such product I recently came across is called Anoradrol, which is supposedly a supplement that helps to build muscle fast. But what is it, and if you pair it with other products like Muscle Revolution Pro does it really work more effectively?

What is Anoradrol?

Finding information via search engines about Anoradrol was very tough, to be frank. There is a different type of product called Anadrol which is quite popular in the bodybuilding community, so it looks like Anoradrol is trying to use a “play on words” when they came up with the name for this product. I came across their website via a Facebook link and found what appeared to be basically a one page sales letter hyping up the effects of this product. According to the blog post that I read, it said that using Anoradrol along with a pre-workout energy and focus amplifier called Muscle Revolition Pro would give INSANE results in the gym, in as little as 30 days.

anoradrol reviewBeing quite the skeptic, I decided to dive right in and check these 2 products out myself. According to the manufacturer, Anoradrol is a once daily supplement that uses all natural ingredients to help burn excess fat and increase lean muscle mass at the same time. For one, this is a very difficult thing to do, even if you are eating right and getting plenty of exercise and rest, but I figured I would go along with the story.

There sales page shows the typical “bulked up” guys looking all ripped and muscular, but lacks any credible reviews of Anoradrol from what we could tell. Furthermore, while they do mention their ingredients are all natural and proprietary, they fail to explain exactly what ingredients are in there formula. Anoradrol also doesn’t mention how exactly their supplement works, further leading us to a mystery which we can’t seem to solve.

Anoradrol “Free” Trial Issue

Our biggest issue with Anoradrol, and other products like it, is that the only way you can get the product is by signing up for what is called a “free” trial. This free trial involves entering your basic info (name, address, telephone #, etc.) and inputting your credit card info to pay a small shipping charge (approx. $4.89). It generally takes about 3 – 5 days to receive your order, and you have 18 days to try it out once you place your order.

And then….they hit you….After the 18 day “trial period” your credit card is charged $79.99 for the “free” trial. But, you thought it was supposed to be free, right? Well, it is, but not really. Let me explain. What you’re signing up for is not exactly a free sample, but rather what is called an “auto-rebill, auto-shipment” program. Once you input your credit card info in and click submit, you are automatically enrolled into this program, which will rebill your program once a month and keep sending you more bottles of Anoradrol every month. The only way to cancel is by calling their customer service line.

If you do happen to cancel your trial of Anoradrol within the 18 day time period, your subscription would be cancelled and you wont be sent any more product or be billed again. BUT, there is another catch. You need to send the product back (unopened or opened), and they charge you a $15 “restocking fee” when you do. So now your out the $4.89 that you spent initially for the shipping charge, $15 to “restock” the product, and whatever you spend to send it back (let’s say, $10). So, you end up spending close to $30 for a product that you essentially get to use for about a week and a half.

Pro’s of Anoradrol

  • All natural ingredients, we think
  • They have a customer service number
  • Easy to use website
  • Made in the USA

Con’s of Anoradrol

  • No known ingredient list
  • No consumer reviews or testimonials
  • Free Trial is not a free sample
  • Can only buy on their official website


Anoradrol, like alot of other products that imply to do the same thing, in the end is just another company that is trying to bilk you out of your hard earned money with promises of amazing results. But, as they say, the proof is in the pudding…and without a clear indication of what is in the bottle, it’s nearly impossible for us to recommend its use.

Have You Used Anoradrol? Leave Your Review Below!

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Author: Rob Miller

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    1. Hey David, is a review website. You’ll need to contact the company you ordered from directly.

      Check your credit card statement for their customer service number. It should be listed with the transaction.

  1. I found this product in a cabinet in my house still sealed I’m 16 and a half i was wondering should I use this product ?
    1. Hey Andreas,
      I can’t really answer that question because the product website does not disclose the ingredients. They say it’s all natural, so I would guess that there’s nothing in the formula that would show up on a test.

      But like I said, I really can’t say. I’d call the company if I were you.

  2. Hi Rob!

    Tanks for a good website, you have saved me from bad deals 😉

    There is a jungle out there and I strugle with what products to use. Curently I use a geiner cald Mutant Mass (canadian), been using it for about 6 months.

    I`m 180 cm in hight and 73 kg. I workout in a gym and do some crossfit.

    I whant to get bigger mass (but not “fat” in the prosess, if you get my drift?) can you please recomend me something good? I`m aware nothing comes for free, but good advises helps the prosess 😉

    (sorry for eny miss spells)


  3. Hi Rob !
    I really loved your article, it made me to NOT go with this product.

    I´d really want to start getting ripped and I am skinny, I want something that would get me bigger (More fat) and muscles. You have any recommendations ?

    I live in Norway and I would appreciate a legit product and company that wouldn’t be so tough to cancel my membership if i want to.

    Thanks in advance !
    1. Hey,
      If you want to gain weight, including muscle, go with a stack of Nitrocut and Muscle Advance Creatine. They’re both legit products that you can have shipped to you in Norway, and they’ll help you build weight and muscle. You’ll also want to take a protein shake, eat more, and do less cardio and more heavy lifting during your workouts. You should also download a copy of my free “get ripped” ebook for lots more tips.

  4. Hey Rob!

    I’am training football and taekwondo, and would love to get some advices of any suppliments for getting “faster muscles”, like more explosives, but also endurance. And yes, my main language ain’t english, so just ask if you don’t understand 🙂

    1. Hey,
      Your English if fine. I’m pretty sure I understand that you want advice about supplements to take to help you build muscles fast and increase your endurance. If that’s the case, definitely go with a stack of Nitrocut and Muscle Advance Creatine. You’ll get the look you want in no time.

      1. Thanks!
        Does nitrocut get you ripped? It stand weight loss etc, but i’am not fat:P just want to look more ripped:) shal i still use it?

        And if so, where can I buy it? From Norway, so would be nice with included shipping or what so ever:)

        1. Yes. Nitrocut is a pre-workout supplement. It increases nitric oxide in your blood so your muscles get more oxygen and nutrients while you’re working out. This makes your muscles work both harder and more efficiently so you’ve got more endurance, and your muscles get bigger and stronger faster. The weight loss component comes from the increase in metabolism caused by the increase in lean muscle mass.
          It’s only available online through the website. They do ship internationally. The cost is not free, but it’s all laid out on the website.


          1. Thanks again Rob!
            Just one final question, do you know if it conducts any drug related ingreediense?

            Is it allowed, or does it go under “steroides”? Don’t want any trouble with the police or what so ever, want to stay clean:)

          2. No problem Alex. In the US, they’re completely legal, above board,and do not require prescriptions.

            I can’t vouch for Norway though.

  5. Hey Rob!
    Im looking for a suppliment to increase my fat burning. I know this is not really necessary, but i am looking for a quick result.

    Cutting out meals is out of the question, since i really need solid food after a hard workout. But if there’s any safe weight reduction suppliment you could recommend, i’d be more than happy to know!

    Thank you
    1. Hey Mads,
      Go with Phen375. It burns fat, prevents fat storage, and suppresses appetite. It’ll definitely help you lose weight faster than you would without it.

    1. Hey Christopher,
      As far as we know, Anoradrol doesn’t contain any illegal substances, but the ingredients are not listed online so we can’t be 100% certain. Still, I wouldn’t advise you to use it.

      Let me know what kind of results you’re after, and I’ll help you find a supplement that can help you get there.

  6. Rob,

    I am thinking about stacking anadrol with bsn hydro shed. Do you think this would be a good stack?

    I am 6’1″ 212 and want to lose my gut as well as get on my way to becoming ripped..any advice?
    1. Hey Mason,
      Stacking Anadrol with Hyper Shred should be a good mix for you. If you want to go with an actual steroid like Anadrol, you’ll need to get a prescription from your doctor. Run the stack by him while you’re there. You should also grab a copy of my free “get ripped” ebook for diet and workout plans!

    2. If you are going to run anadrol, the real deal, with bsn hydro shred, you will find that your nuts are going to stop working and you will lose all the mass you gained on the adrol. All steroid cycles should be run with a testosterone base because they are going to temporarily stop your body from producing testosterone, which is the key to retaining the gains you have made.

      Anadrol shouldn’t be run for longer than 4 weeks at a dose of 50-100mg per day because it is extremely liver toxic. You need to take liver support while taking any oral steroid.

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