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If you’re looking to take your athletic performance to the next level, it’s easy to get excited about ATP Extreme.

The website does a very effective job of presenting the supplement as the absolute one you need if you want to uncover your greatest potential.

Of course, that’s the job of marketers, and we’re less concerned with that than we are with the job of the researchers and manufacturers.

Have they created something here that you and I need?

Let’s take a closer look and find out.

What Is ATP Extreme?

ATP stands for Adenosine Triphosphate.

Basically what it is is the energy used by your body’s cells and tissue, ie muscle.

One of the inherent problems with ATP is storage.

It has an extremely short half life, so in effect, you just can’t store the stuff.

As a side note, this is how supplementing with creatine helps.

Creatine converts to ATP, and it can be stored in your muscles.

So effectively, it’s a way to provide your muscles with more ATP when they need it.

ATP Extreme is a form of ATP that can be taken orally.

The idea is that if you can supplement ATP directly, you can use your muscles more efficiently and effectively, and you’ll get better results.

But not all substances can be taken orally and be effective.

That’s why clinical testing is so important in this case.

ATM Extreme ReviewIn the case of ATP Extreme, it’s the difference between intracellular ATP and extracellular ATP.

Intracellular is the kind we’re familiar with that can convert from creatine.

Extracellular is the kind offered by ATP Extreme.

It can be a pre cursor to intracellular ATP, and it also increases vasodilation and muscle excitability.

Increased vasodilation means more oxygen and nutrients delivered to your muscles and more lactic acid taken away from your muscles.

Increased muscle excitability means faster, more intense muscle contractions, which means they’re working harder, getting bigger and stronger faster.

ATP Extreme Clinical Test Results

In order to find out if oral ATP supplementation works, a double blind placebo controlled study was performed using the same form and dose of oral ATP found in ATP Extreme.

The results were promising.

The participants were all resistance-trained athletes who followed the same strict diet and workout routine.

After 12 weeks, the ATP Extreme users had gained twice as much lean muscle mass as the placebo users, and their quads had gained almost twice as much in size.

Their lifts increased on average over twice as much as the placebo users as well.

ATP Extreme Benefits

Aside from the end results, you can expect a reduced amount of soreness both during your workout and after.

During your workout, you’ll experience less lactic acid build up, so you’ll be able to workout harder and longer without reaching muscle exhaustion.

Other ATP Extreme Ingredients

In addition to the oral ATP, ATP Extreme uses a host of other herbs to act as antioxidants, energy boosters, and recovery substances:

  • Cordyceps
  • Reishi Exract
  • Quercetin
  • Green Tea
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Grape Seed

What ATP Extreme doesn’t have is notable as well.

The formula doesn’t contain hormones, stimulants, or banned substances.

It’s also vegan friendly and doesn’t need to be cycled.

How to Use ATP Extreme

ATP Extreme should be used as a pre workout.

You’ll want to take 4 capsules with water on an empty stomach between 30 and 60 minutes prior to your workout.

If you work out more than once a day, take 3 capsules before each workout.

On your off days, take 2 in the morning and another 2 about 6 hours later to improve circulation for better post workout recovery.

The upper limit is 10 capsules in a 24-hour period.

ATP Extreme Reviews

Most, if not all, information available about ATP Extreme comes from their official website.

There’s little to no feedback from any other source. This is a little concerning.

Of course you’re going to find glowing testimonials on the product website, especially when you have a company so highly focuses on their very precise marketing plan.

So yes, there’s lots of positive feedback, but it’s all on the website so you have to take it with a grain of salt.

If ATP Extreme is getting negative reviews, ATP Extreme is not going to publish them.

Where to Buy

The only way to purchase ATP Extreme is through the official website.

You can choose to either make a one-time order for $49.95, or sign up for monthly recurring shipments at $39.95 per month.If you go with the one time order, buying multiple bottles at once will get you a 10%-20% discount depending on how many you buy.

They’re also running a promo where you can get a discount if you like their page on Facebook.

There’s a 45-day money back guarantee that applies to one empty bottle and all unopened bottles as well.

They do ask that you contact them first, though, as they will have questions and will want to give advice as to how you might get better results. (I don’t know, it sounds like a bit of a PITA to me, but could be helpful to some, I guess.).

ATP Extreme Pros and Cons

Advantages of ATP Extreme

  • It’s been clinically studied and the results look good.
  • It’s pretty affordable to try.
  • It’s natural and safe.

Disadvantages of ATP Extreme

  • The marketing is very hyped and makes ATP Extremelook very promising, but there’s no customer feedback.

    This is definitely cause for some healthy skepticism.


ATP Extreme is very different from everything else out there.

It works on the supposition that you can supplement ATP orally and get great results in terms of strength, endurance, recovery, and results.

There’s even a clinical test that showed impressive results.

One problem with the study is that it was very small.

There were only around 20 participants.

It’s promising, but in order for me to be fully on board, there would need to be more extensive testing as well as a significant amount of customer feedback.

The more testing and overall information about a particular supplement that is available, the better I feel about being able to recommend it and when that is the case it is hard to fully get in something’s corner.

With that being said, there is a decent amount of good momentum that ATP Extreme has and it is effective in at least some of its user.

Have You Used ATP Extreme?

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For How long it is the atp extreme cycle. How many weaks thanks -yony

You don't have to cycle ATP Extreme at all. A bottle lasts a month, but you can keep taking it continuously, like a supplement.- Rob

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