Climinax Review – Help or Hype?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 5-2-2018

Climinax Overview

There are three general categories of male enhancement supplementsavailable today: stuff that makes you bigger, stuff that makes you better, and stuff that makes you last longer. Men who suffer with the anxiety and embarrassment of premature ejaculation are looking for something in the last category. Most of what you’ll find are various creams, gels, and sprays designed to numb your organ, so you’re not quite so sensitive to stimulation.

But there’s another alternative. Recent research has indicated that a lack of serotonin may be a leading cause of premature ejaculation, and that a drug or supplement that increases the amount of serotonin in the brain might help. Climinaxis a natural herbal supplement that helps the brain produce serotonin in an effort to delay ejaculation. In fact, it guarantees to make you last 5.7 times longer.

Climinax ReviewCliminax Ingredients and How They Work

The primary ingredient in Climinax is 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan). 5-HTP is extracted from the West African Griffonia seed. It is an amino acid involved in the body’s production of serotonin. When we ingest tryptophan, it metabolizes into 5-HTP, which in turn metabolizes into serotonin. Since low levels of serotonin are believed to contribute to premature ejaculation, it is thought that taking 5-HTP can help.

Other ingredients work to enhance your sexual pleasure and prowess more generally. There’s L-Arginine for increasing blood flow to the penis, Folic Acid which may increase stamina as well as sperm count, and Blue Passion Flower extract to alleviate stress and anxiety.

The instructions for taking Climinax are a bit curious. They say to take 1 pill per day, and you should start to see results in about 3 months, though some men see results in a few days. Then, in addition to the daily regimen, you should take 2 pills about an hour before a sexual event. So is this a daily supplement or is it a fast acting, as-needed formulation? The way it’s supposed to work would lead us to believe that the effect would occur over time. But why, then, would you take a double dose right before sex?

Climinax Pros and Cons

A purchase like this one deserves a good long look at the benefits and drawbacks.


  • The formula is all-natural.
  • Climinax comes with a 180-day guarantee.
  • It contains cutting edge ingredient 5-HTP.


  • It’s expensive.
  • There have been several Climinax reviews citing problems using the guarantee.

    They say they are unable to get a response from the company.
  • The claims on the website are confusing and contradictory.
  • While 5-HTP is used widely in Europe, there are safety concerns here in the US.

Where to Buy

The smallest quantity available at the Climinax website is a 2-month supply for $99.95. Of course, the more you buy, the more you save, in theory. Turns out that the best deal is when you buy 3 bottles for $154.95 and get 1 free.The per bottle cost is $38.75. If you buy 5 bottles for $245.95 and get 1 free, you’re paying $41 per bottle.The graphic says that you’ll save more with the 6 month supply, but that’s simply not true.

Climinax is also available through a wide variety of other online retailers for prices ranging from $22 to $80 per bottle.


While Climinax may have a useful ingredient or two, the website, company, and product promotion are glaringly unprofessional. In addition to the dosing confusion and pricing mistakes mentioned above, there are several other examples. The website wrongly claims that the product’s main ingredient, 5-HTP, is an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor). It is not an SSRI, but a precursor to the production of serotonin. A reliable supplement manufacturer would know how his ingredients work.

And that brings us to the man behind Climinax, David Hanson. He is described as a “sex educator and researcher” but we couldn’t find any credentials for him while conducting our online research.

Steer clear of this one, guys. Our guess is that if you buy Climinax, they’ll soon be offering to sell you an oceanfront vacation house in Nevada.

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