Erecta Review – Can It Really Treat Male Impotence?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 6-11-2012

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Erecta Overview

Erecta is an all natural formula, advertised as a herbal cure for erectile dysfunction, with the same rate of success as pharmacological counterparts.

If this is true or not, it is a bit difficult to tell, since there seem to be no testimonials regarding the effects of this male enhancement product, not even on the official website of the company.

On the good side, Erecta contains only herbs with no known side effects for health, and a look at the list of ingredients shows that there are plenty of natural aphrodisiacs and other substances that promote sexual health and stamina.

The product is also said to be able to work for women, too, helping them experience more pleasure during sexual intercourse.

How Erecta WorksErecta Review

Erecta contains several powerful ingredients, with known effects in treating erectile dysfunction and other male sexual issues.

It must be noted, nonetheless, that the manufacturer does not care about explaining each of these ingredients and how they work towards treating this condition that affects especially men later in life.

The product, according to the official website, contains Yohimbe, the extract of a tree bark that grows only in certain parts of Africa.

This ingredient is believed to be very effective in stimulating sex drive and improve erections, and it is the only natural extract approved by FDA. Erecta also contains Horny Goat Weed – a powerful aphrodisiac – , Tribulus – known for the ability to promote the production of testosterone, and other natural ingredients that sustain energy levels, promote prostate health and improve blood flow to the penile area.

Erecta is also advertised as being useful for both men and women, and it has to be taken only before intercourse.

Erecta Benefits

  • It is an all natural formula
  • It contains powerful known aphrodisiacs
  • It is designed to work for both men and women
  • It addresses many sexual problems

Erecta Drawbacks

  • It does not benefit of any clinical studies
  • It official website does not show any personal testimonials from users
  • It website does not explain how the product works exactly
  • It is sold only through retailers

Where to Buy Erecta

Erectais not sold on the official website.

Any order placed there will take you to another website,, where you can purchase this product in any quantities you want.Erecta is not available for purchase in brick and mortar stores.


Erecta is a natural male enhancement formula that contains plenty of ingredients with known roles in combating erectile dysfunction.

Despite the great list of ingredients,Erecta does not benefit from clinical studies to support its claims, and it does not even benefit from personal testimonials.

It is not very clear how the product works, as very few details are given on each ingredient amount and its specific role.

However, unlike pharmacological products designed to treat erectile dysfunction, Erecta does not cause side effects, and it can be used to promote overall health, since it addresses more than just one problem.

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Will I gain weight by using Erecta Vit?


There's nothing in it that should make you gain weight.- Rob

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Please I want to find out if if somebody with high blood pressure and diabetes can can take this tablets -Calistus

When you have a medical condition, it's best to consult with your doctor about what supplement would be okay for you to take.- Rob

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Is the use of erecta vit causes uncontrollable addiction? -rocherdt

No, male performance supplements are not addictive.- Rob

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I want a baby pls help -cebolozakha

If you're really having fertility issues, it's best to see your doctor, but if you want to try a supplement, check out Addyzoa. Here's a link to my full review: Rob

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does Erecta vit really work to improve the sexual performance and its my second day using it when will I start seeing the effect of it ,is temporally helping or its permanent?does it enlarge the penis if yes is it permanent or temporal? -notice

I haven't tried it myself, so I'm not sure when or if you'll see results in terms of performance improvement. But I do know you won't see permanent size improvement. No pill can do that. They can help with better erections, but they won't provide permanent size growth.- Rob

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