Erectonin Pills Review (2022): Does It Really Work?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 12-23-2022

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Are you ashamed of your penis size?

Do you have trouble satisfying a partner?

Erectonin overcomes your insecurities in the bedroom.

The male enhancement product is designed to improve penis size, quality of erections, and intensity of orgasms.

As a result, Erectonin pills also enhance sexual performance and overall enjoyment.


Learn more about Erectonin in our complete review.

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What is Erectonin?

does erectonin really workAre you unable to satisfy a partner in the bedroom?

Perhaps you suffer from a small penis or have difficulty maintaining an erection?

Erectonin promises to be the answer to your problems.

The male enhancement product is designed to combat issues associated with erectile dysfunction (ED) and low libido.

Consequently, the natural formula (see: Ingredients) delivers the ability to improve sexual performance.

Erectonin pills work best when taken before having sex or as a daily supplement.

Those that supplement the male enhancement formula daily report sizable increases in penis length and girth.

In fact, Erectonin makes the bold proclamation that customers enlarge their penis at least 5 inches in the first 30 days.

Moreover, the company claims that that improved size and erection quality leads to multiple orgasms, as well.

And, what’s more, Erectonin insists that customers do not need to change their diet or exercise more often to achieve these results.

Of course, saying goodbye to flaccid erections and improving penis size are the top of every man’s list.

But does Erectonin really work?

How Does It Work?

Unfortunately, most men feel less confident and secure in their sexual abilities, especially with age.

Sadly, these problems are compounded by other issues of low libido such as erectile dysfunction (ED).

In general, men inherit less testosterone and other critical hormones as they age.

Therefore, sexual performance supplements like Erectonin are designed to generate more testosterone by incorporating natural ingredients.

For this reason, the testosterone boosting formula improves sexual function along with other benefits (see: Erectonin Benefits).

The supplement improves blood flow to the penis leading to more arousal and stronger sex drive.

Furthermore, the more rewarding and enjoyable sex also contributes to improved confidence and self-esteem.

The product is endorsed by a professor, Thomas Weaver, who claims a “scientific method” exists to increase penis length and thickness.

Therefore, he supports using the male enhancement product to get bigger and thicker erections that your partner also notices.

Professor Weaver cites Martin – a real user – that reportedly grew 4 inches and can now last over a half-hour in bed.

However, there are some potential red flags with Erectonin.

For example, the website uses the exact same description (and photos) to market as another CBD product.

Therefore, we are more than a little skeptical about these health and science claims (see: Does It Work?).

Finally, none of these statements have been evaluated by the U.S.

Food and Drug Administration, and Erectonin is currently not approved by the FDA.

Erectonin Benefits

There are many noteworthy benefits to using Erectonin.

For starters, the male enhancement supplement is designed to vastly improve length, thickness, and girth.

Moreover, the bigger penis size also equals harder, firmer erections that satisfy a sexual partner.

According to the supplier, this isn’t a miracle.

Rather, the formula is a scientific blend of herbs that are known to improve testosterone levels and blood flow.

As a result, here are the top benefits of Erectonin:

  • Improves Arousal (Sex Drive)
  • Improves Sexual Appetite (Libido)
  • Larger Penis Size (Add 3-5 inches)
  • Stronger, Firmer Erections
  • More Satisfying Orgasms
  • Increases Testosterone
  • Improves Blood Flow
  • Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

All in all, Erectonin improves sexual performance and confidence.

You’ll no longer feel ashamed or hesitant to ditch the clothes and get intimate with a significant other.

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Erectonin Ingredients

What makes Erectonin such a powerful male enhancement formula?

Let’s review the ingredients found in the Erectonin formula:


Guarana has massive importance in its native region of the Amazon.1

The plant has been examined for numerous health benefits.

It’s utilized in the formula for improving blood flow.

However, the statement that it increases penis size by 73% is highly debatable.

Peppermint Extract

Peppermint extract delivers several benefits, according to the manufacturer of Erectonin.2

It’s known to dilute the blood as well as transport nutrients to the cavernosa.

Notwithstanding, there is no connection to peppermint creating a stronger desire for sex, like the supplier insists.

Arctium Extract

Arctium root has been used in Chinese and Native American cultures as an aphrodisiac.

For this reason, it’s regarded for treating sexual impotence along with other issues (i.e. sterility).

Unfortunately, arctium has also not been studied extensively in the West to monitor how it influences sexual behavior.3

Ginseng Extract

Ginseng extract is known to improve libido.

It’s very common in traditional medicine found in China and India.

Ginseng offers several health benefits and may improve erection quality.

The substance has been examined for treating ED.4

Erectonin Side Effects

Erectonin may dramatically improve size of your penis, but what about side effects?

According to the manufacturer, there are no side effects of Erectonin.

However, after a more tedious review here are some common side effects:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

Additionally, there are concerns over how Erectonin may interact with the heart.

The supplement may increase blood pressure, so make sure to monitor to avoid serious complications such as stroke or heart attack.

Currently, Erectonin is not approved by the FDA.

And, with any new supplement, we recommend speaking to a physician before starting use.

It’s impossible to predict how Erectonin may react with every prescription medication or preexisting condition.

Does It Work?

Who wouldn’t want to make their penis substantially bigger?

It’s the question that is frequently posed when customers read about other men that have reportedly put on 3-5 inches with Erectonin.

The manufacturer claims that it’s easy to get hard and bigger with the male enhancement supplement.

In fact, the “guaranteed” results indicate men will grow 5 inches in the first 30 days as well as make their girl orgasm at least 5x in a row.

Erectonin states these are “guaranteed effects, medically proven” yet there are zero clinical studies to back up that statement.

Nevertheless, the company claims that thousands of men have benefited from Erectonin and now have an 8 inch penis to show for it.

Martin’s Story

Professor Weaver – the so-called scientist that endorses Erectonin – even guarantees the pills will work or a full refund (which no longer exists).

Furthermore, the professor likes to cite results from a 4-week treatment of Erectonin involving a patient named “Martin”.

According to the findings:

Martin’s penis increased 4 inches in the first month without using pumps or weights.

The 63% increase in penis thickness contributed to incredible sex thanks to the rock hard erections.

Moreover, Martin reported substantial increases in energy, stamina, and confidence.

Professor Weaver insists that Martin’s results aren’t unusual and that anyone can achieve the same improvements with Erectonin.

However, there are many flaws in these “medical tests” which lack any form of credibility.

For example, how could Erectonin produce the same exact results regarding low libido as a CBD gummy sold by the same supplier?

[add photos comparing 2 charts]

When you examine the 2 websites they are both identical in content (including scientific results) leading us to believe this is all bulls**t.

Unfortunately, no matter how promising it sounds, growing your dick that much (and in that little of time) is practically impossible.

We are not saying there are not some potential benefits to the male enhancement product.

Notwithstanding, believing anything can grow your penis 5 inches in 30 days is quite a stretch.

Sadly, Erectonin does nothing to assist customers that are not receiving the same type of impressive results.

For example, according to their website, if you are not witnessing any improvements in size:

“I suggest going to the doctor to check if there’s something wrong with your penis.”
– Professor Thomas Weaver

Erectonin is adamant that a lack of growth is not their problem.

In the end, you have to determine if this is the type of supplier you are willing to put your trust behind.

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Erectonin Results

The company that produces Erectonin makes it sound like a miracle-worker.

Meanwhile, other experts are more hesitant to support a male enhancement supplement with such promise, but also misleading statements.

Accordingly, the results you can expect with Erectonin highly depends on who you ask.

The main website insists that Erectonin is completely safe and effective.

It makes tremendous promises such as:

  • Penis size improves 5 inches within first 30 days.
  • No longer suffer from flaccid, weak erections.
  • Immediately improve sexual performance.
  • Make your partner orgasm more frequently.

Erectonin states that its pills are more effective compared to penis pumps and weights for growing inches.

The website features customer reviews (which are identical to the customer testimonials on the CBD website) from apparently satisfied customers.

First, Daniel (31 year-old) suggests that a woman can never say no thanks to the size improvements men experience with the supplement.

Scott Skinner, who suffered from a small penis, claims he grew 5.6 inches with the male enhancement product:

“Now, it’s a real monster.

I believe that even people from Africa don’t have it as big as me.

It barely fits in my pants, but women like to be relentlessly f**ked.”

If that sounds a little outrageous, then consider this other statement from a “real” customer:

“I felt ashamed of having a small penis and now I can slap my girl’s face with a huge dick. It’s amazing!

I penetrated her so hard, and it wasn’t even all the way in.

When I can hear her scream, it’s music to my ears.”

Despite the over-dramatic personal testimonies, there is evidence that Erectonin improves erection quality.

In general, most men report increases in size (3-5 inches, on average) along with substantially harder, firmer erections.

Ethan Conway (35 year-old) admits that nothing is more embarrassing and frustrating than being able to please a partner.

Therefore, after years of disappointing sex, Erectonin pills revolutionize his sex life:

“Thanks to these pills… I can last longer in bed. My erections were rock hard.

Now I can make her cum at least 5 times in a row and I can hear her scream with pleasure.”

Of course, it’s not shocking that all the customer reviews on the official website are positive and do not point out any flaws with the product.

So, Does Erectonin Really Work?

Erectonin features so much promise.

The male enhancement formula wants to improve size, erection quality, and libido.

The supplement increases testosterone and blood flow leading to more energy and stamina.

However, believing that Erectonin can put on the inches it claims is another endeavor.

The reports of adding 3-5 inches in such a short amount of time seems unlikely.

In the end, you’ll have to make a choice whether you trust Erectonin or not.


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