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TupiTea sounds so promising that many customers wonder if the male enhancement product is actually legit.

Does sipping on a tea really improve sexual desire and low libido?

It’s a question that has been highly debated since TupiTea arrived on the market as a supplement for erectile dysfunction (ED).

TupiTea guarantees to boost your sex life and supercharge erections by activating an “invisible sex organ”.

The formula in the tea derives from an ancient Amazonian tribe known as the Tupi that incorporate various herbs and vitamins into their diet.


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However, the effectiveness of the tea – along with the promises made by the supplier – remain questionable.

Learn more about TupiTea in our complete review.

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What is TupiTea?

does tupitea really workTupiTea is advertised as a male enhancement supplement.

The tea is designed with potent, natural ingredients designed to stimulate a sexual appetite and improve libido.

For this reason, TupiTea has also been marketed to combat the issues associated with erectile dysfunction (ED).

However, there are some serious red flags when researching the effectiveness of the product.

For starters, the manufacturer of TupiTea is not clear, and appears to hide behind a shady “official” website.

While TupiTea claims the ingredients (more information, below) improve blood flow and therefore supercharge erections – the science is lacking.

TupiTea has not been clinically tested and is not endorsed by any real doctor.

Rather, the supplier of TupiTea insists that the male enhancement formula is approved by a “Dr. Leonel Shub”.

Dr. Leonel is not a real, credible physician which proves TupiTea cannot even be transparent regarding its endorsements of the product.

The shady marketing tactics are on par with a website that attempts to deceive and trick customers into a quick purchase.

There is no way to contact the supplier of TupiTea directly indicating that the product is nothing more than a scam designed to rob you of your money.

TupiTea Benefits

There are numerous benefits to TupiTea, according to the supplier.

However, this is not a sentiment that is shared by most physicians and experts in sexual health.

TupiTea argues that it addresses the root cause of sexual performance within the male body.

As such, by sipping on a drink daily, the formula can activate “an invisible sex organ”.

According to TupiTea, the missing factor was unknown until recently when “Harvard researchers discovered the organ and connected it to powerful sexual benefits.”

Unfortunately, there are zero studies out of Harvard (or any legitimate research institution) to suggest there is a hidden, secret sex organ in the male body.

Nevertheless, it hasn’t prevent TupiTea from advertising the following benefits:

  • Harder, stronger erections
  • Improved Sex Drive
  • Improved Libido
  • Male Enhancement
  • Improved Blood Flow
  • Increased Energy & Stamina
  • Improved Sexual Function & Performance
  • Prevents Premature Ejaculation
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatment

TupiTea is reported to have other benefits such as raising testosterone levels and reducing prostate size.

Regardless, it’s worth mentioning, that none of these benefits have been verified in a clinical trial or credible form of research.

How Does TupiTea Work?

Are you struggling to get or maintain an erection?

Do you suffer from a low sex drive and experience unfulfilling sex?

Is erectile dysfunction getting the better of you?

These issues, according to TupiTea, have nothing to do with the body or mind, but rather a secret, invisible sex organ.

Thus, the only thing needed to eliminate ED and resolve low libido is to tap into this undiscovered organ.

TupiTea claims that the invisible sex organ – the endothelial function – is “long enough to wrap around the Earth 2.5x” and “acts like an invisible puppeteer”.1

Accordingly, the formula in the tea stimulates the forgotten sex organ and rekindles sexual function as a result.

If that sounds absurd, it’s because TupiTea is full of s**t.

While improving blood flow and testosterone levels is a start to improving sex drive – there are other factors that contribute to low libido.

Moreover, simply believing that TupiTea can awake a hidden, ancient sex organ sounds like something derived from an 18th-century con artist.

Yes, TupiTea may improve certain functions such as prostate size as well as improve energy and blood circulation.

Still, it’s a stretch to believe a tea can immediately cure ED, an issue that impacts millions of men of all ages.

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Tupi Tribe Ancient Secrets

The creators of TupiTea largely base their “effective and natural” formula on ancient secrets and traditions.

The Tupi people are indigenous to the Amazon rain forest and Atlantic coastline of southeaster Brazil.

According to legend, the Tupi tribe were cannibals and practiced polygamy.

For this reason, they were sexually active and reportedly “energized their genitalia before mating”.

According to Dr. Leonel Shub, this provided the elders (men as old as 80) with the ability to satisfy multiple, younger women.

This process of “breath of scorching fire” apparently allowed Tupi men to enlarge their genitals before getting intimate with a partner.

Despite these “ancient secrets”, there is actually limited evidence to suggest the Tupi tribe consumed tea for sexual health.

Regardless, it hasn’t prevented men from experimenting with exotic formulas like TupiTea to combat erectile dysfunction.

Does It Work?

TupiTea is designed to improve hormones, enzymes, and other aspects of sexual function by targeting the endothelial function.

The results, according to the supplier, are rock hard erections that last and produce satisfying orgasms.

Furthermore, the tea is advertised to produce sexual health benefits without the nasty side effects found in Viagra and other sexual performance medication.

What’s insulting is that the marketing team behind the design of TupiTea’s poorly crafted website, don’t even attempt to sound legitimate.

First, the website is a complete trap that features no content other than a direct link to buy now.

Secondly, TupiTea insists that the formula was created by a real physician, Dr. Leonel Shub.

The company even claims Dr. Shub spent years treating 1,000s of patients and was motivated to develop the formula after he caught his wife sleeping with “a younger, more attractive boss”.

According to the story (we can’t make this up), Dr. Shub nearly burnt his house down and murdered his family out of desperation to find a cure for ED.

However, Dr. Shub eventually redeemed himself by utilizing his “years of medical expertise, training, certification, and medical schooling” to find a cure for sexual dysfunction.

If that doesn’t sound like the most pathetic, unrealistic doctor ever created to push a scam, we don’t know what else to tell you.

TupiTea is simply not trustworthy considering all the lies it tells unsuspecting customers online.

The truth is TupiTea is a new male enhancement formula that lacks any type of credibility or reputation.

Clinical Trials & Research

It’s important to mention that TupiTea has not undergone any clinical trials.

Therefore, customers cannot really verify that TupiTea is as effective as the manufacturer guarantees.

Dr. Leonel Shub has not published any of this groundbreaking research in a peer-reviewed, medically recognized journal.

After all, you would suspect this would be the case considering Dr. Shub discovered such a revolutionary breakthrough to men’s health.

Consequently, take anything Dr. Shub says with a grain of salt considering the doctor doesn’t even exist in real life.

There is truly nothing unique about the ingredients, zero clinical studies have been completed on TupiTea, and there are potential side effects (more details, below).

Additionally, it’s worth noting that TupiTea is not available for sale anywhere outside the “official” website which doubles as a scam.

There is absolutely no way to contact the manufacturer / supplier or method to get your money back if you are unsatisfied with the male enhancement supplement.

All in all, there is no reason to rely on TupiTea with so many other, better sexual health supplements available.

Thus, avoid TupiTea at all costs no matter how desperate.

TupiTea Ingredients

The ingredients in TupiTea derive from an ancient formula, according to the manufacturer.

Reportedly, the formula features several natural herbs and plants that are effective at improving sexual appetite.

The formula is based on ancient secrets of the Tupi tribe that found creative ways to treat low libido.

In turn, the ingredients focus on stimulating the endothelial function by reducing the activity of “vampire enzymes”.

According to Dr. Leonel (the apparent genius behind TupiTea), the formula restricts vampire enzymes like PDE5 while promoting others for blood flow like cGMP.2 3

Therefore, let’s examine the individual ingredients of TupiTea in more detail:

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed is pretty common in male enhancement supplements.4

The herb, also known as Epimedium, features a compound called icariin.

Icariin is noteworthy for improving sex drive and reducing the negative effects of erectile dysfunction.

Horny Goat Weed has also been linked to prostate health and other ailments.

The substance has been utilized for centuries in China yet is relatively new to western medicine.

Muira Puama Powder

Muira Puama is a plant that is natural to the Amazon.

As such, the Tupi people and other indigenous cultures have utilized the root and bark for medicinal purposes for centuries.

There are links to improving ED along with treatment for other sexual disorders.5

Today, it’s very common for sexual health supplements to feature both Muira Puama and Horny Goat Weed in its ingredients.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Tribulus Terrestris is a small, leafy plant that is native to the Mediterranean.6

The extract from the plant is reported to improve testosterone levels.

Moreover, some believe Tribulus Terrestris can also improve erectile health in men.

The extract reduces the amount of toxins in the penile chambers as well as promotes clean blood flow.


Damiana is a type of shrub that is found in Central America and the West Indies.7

In the past, indigenous people have used the leaf and stem for medicinal purposes.

Damiana is highly potent and can even produce hallucinogenic effects.

However, in a supplement, the natural ingredient is generally considered safe for consumption.

The legend of Damiana claims that it’s an ancient aphrodisiac.

Ginkgo Biloba Powder

Ginkgo Biloba is another type of plant that is not recognizable to most in the West.8

However, the ingredient has been utilized in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years.

Ginkgo Biloba is savored for its nootropic properties as well as the potential to improve your sex life.

Still, there is much to learn about this ingredient like many other ingredients that derive from the East.

Oat Straw Powder

Oat Straw powder is a unique ingredient included in the TupiTea formula.

According to the supplier of the beverage, Oat Straw powder improves brain function and mood.9

Furthermore, the substance may also reduce inflammation.

Whether this will benefit your performance in the bedroom, however, is another story.

Vitamin E

Vitamins are essential to many daily functions.

As a result, it’s not surprising to find vitamins in supplements as a method for improving overall health.

Vitamin E, in particular, is highly regarded as an antioxidant.10

For this reason, Vitamin E is terrific at reducing inflammation as well as improving energy.


Niacin is a type of B vitamin that your body utilizes to transform food into energy.11

The B vitamin is present in many foods, like Vitamin E, yet can also be added to a dietary supplement.

Niacin is connected to improving the nervous system and digestive system.

As a result, users may notice some improvements in sexual function, including improved blood flow.

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TupiTea Side Effects

TupiTea may cause negative reactions or side effects.

It’s the truth despite TupiTea insisting the product is all-natural and 100% safe for consumption.

TupiTea is not just a simple drink that you enjoy without any repercussions.

The formula hasn’t been scientifically tested or verified to work on humans.

Moreover, since clinical studies are lacking, we cannot even confirm TupiTea is safe to consume.

Generally, when a company hides behind a product there is a reason why they do not want their whereabouts to get discovered.

Often, it’s to avoid legal issues related to selling a scam or other, deliberately false and misleading product.

There are far better, safer options for treating ED and other issues related to sexual dysfunction.

How to Use

In terms of erectile dysfunction (ED), men usually have a few different options.

Male enhancement pills like Viagra are designed to work quickly yet also produce several unwanted side effects.

Then, there are other solutions like powders that are designed to mix into a beverage.

TupiTea fits the latter description as the formula combines with hot water to create a tea.

The drink is designed to take daily, usually with a meal or before planning on having sex.

TupiTea claims the formula is all-natural yet “recommended doses shouldn’t be exceeded”.

Unfortunately, even TupiTea doesn’t provide clear and direct instructions on how to properly take the drink.

Since the powder is mixed with hot water to create a tea, it’s very easy to dose higher without taking the proper measurements beforehand.

TupiTea reports that the best results occur when the beverage is consumed daily.

It’s convenient for them yet the supplier fails to mention that some of the herbs in the formula may also cause allergic reactions.

TupiTea Customer Reviews

There is very little information you can find online about TupiTea, including customer reviewers.

In general, user reviews provide new customers with a blueprint to follow.

Customer reviews can include descriptions regarding how their body reacted to the substance, dosing information, and whether they would recommend buying.

TupiTea features none of those customer reviews, either through its website or through any other online source.

It’s a little shocking that TupiTea didn’t decide to create some fake reviews of their own, considering they conceived their own artificial doctor (Dr. Shub).

Ultimately, it’s one more reason why men should avoid TupiTea altogether.

Where to Buy TupiTea?

TupiTea is only for sale directly through its official website which is more organized like a Ponzi scheme.

Customers cannot find TupiTea anywhere else on the internet which certainly raises suspicion.

After all, if TupiTea was truly groundbreaking and innovative surely there were be other physicians getting behind the product.

Rather, all you get is one price from one source without the ability to return the product if you are unsatisfied.

TupiTea has unacceptable business standards considering there are other all-natural male enhancement supplements that provide a money-back guarantee and quality customer service.

Furthermore, TupiTea is expensive compared to other products designed to treat ED.

Are you really willing to risk nearly $100 for a single bottle of TupiTea powder?

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Conclusion: Tea for an Erection or SCAM?

TupiTea is a complete scam, borderline fraudulent.

The company hides behind a cheap, deceitful website that directs customers to buy instead of discovering why their product is lousy.

TupiTea completely invented a doctor to make it appear like its male enhancement formula is more credible than it deserves.

The supplier preys on the desperation of men suffering from ED and promises ancient secrets will finally produce a remedy.

The science behind TupiTea is largely based on a fake doctor and centuries-old legends of the Tupi tribe.

While some of the natural ingredients are helpful in boosting testosterone levels and reducing prostate size, there are far better options for sexual health.


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