Viasil Review: Does It Really Work?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 9-9-2022

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Viasil is a powerful supplement that can improve your sexual performance like you never imagined.

The popular male enhancement supplement produces harder, longer-lasting erections which leads to a more satisfying sex life.

Furthermore, Viasil can assist men that suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) and low libido.

Now, you’ll pursue the bedroom with more confidence and swagger, and your partner will surely appreciate it!

Learn more about Viasil male performance enhancer in our full review:

What is Viasil?

viasil review

Note:Click Here to visit the official Viasil website.

Viasil allows men to enjoy sex again.

The all-natural formula is fast acting to achieve the results you want with a partner in the bedroom.

Viasil is safe and effective for treating issues related to low libido such as erectile dysfunction (ED).

The male performance enhancer is 100% natural with no known side effects (more information, below).

Consequently, Viasil enables men to revive a dormant sex life and repair a relationship tarnished by bad sex.

Viasil is specifically formulated to help you achieve a firm and thick erection for longer than what you can achieve on your own.

Unfortunately, men generally lose some of their libido as they age and critical hormones like testosterone decline.

Viasil provides men with the opportunity to please and satisfy their significant other every time in the bedroom.

The effects are noticed almost immediately as most report substantial increases in energy, stamina, and endurance.

Furthermore, Viasil delivers more intense orgasms with the ability to last longer than ever.

Thus, there is no reason to hide from ED and other issues related to poor sexual performance any longer.

As a result, the powerful male enhancement formula eliminates any anxiety or self-esteem issues you may have in the bedroom.

Your partner will certainly thank you for the harder erections and more satisfying sex.

How it Works?

Viasil is designed to support the natural blood flow of the body as well as produce more energy.

The supplement is different from most male enhancement pills that trigger chemical reactions, but only for a short amount of time.

Instead, Viasil is produced with 100% all-natural ingredients (more information, below) and promotes natural processes in the body.

For this reason, Viasil primarily stimulates adenosine triphosphate (ATP).1

ATP generates the nitric oxide and energy needed to produce healthy blood flow.

It transports energy to where it’s needed in the body as well as cells that need revived.

Often, one of the major contributors to ED and other performance problems are because of poor circulation.2

Even worse, the blood flow typically declines due to factors you cannot control such as age or stress.

Thus, ATP levels and nitric oxide production can drop to critically low levels that interfere with your performance in the bedroom.3

Therefore, you may struggle to gain and maintain an erection, or struggle to last long once you do.

Viasil dual-action, 100% natural formula is designed to promote nitric oxide production.

Furthermore, the male performance enhancer stimulates ATP production for stronger erections.

Viasil is a vasodilator which means it causes blood vessels to widen while relaxing the inner walls for cleaner distribution of blood throughout the body.4

The more blood that flows to the penis during arousal, the stronger the erection and the longer it may last.

Vasodilators provide several other health benefits including the ability to manage high blood pressure (hypertension) and angina.

Thus, you’ll also experience noticeable improvements in mood, energy, self-esteem, and endurance.

Viasil Benefits

Erectile dysfunction absolutely wrecks havoc on marriages and relationships.

There is nothing more deteriorating than being unable to perform for a significant other in bed.

Thus, Viasil aims to solve the dilemma of erectile dysfunction (ED) and low libido, once and for all.

The all-natural solution restores your sex life and makes you enjoy sex again like when you first started dating.

It can completely revolutionize your sex life and transform you into a new person, one that is full of confidence and swagger.

You’ll appreciate the following benefits of Viasil:

  • Build Harder Erections
  • Enjoy Longer-Lasting Erections
  • Increases Energy & Stamina
  • Treats Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • Revives Low Libido
  • Renews Sex Drive
  • Improves Confidence & Self-Esteem

Now, you can take charge in the bedroom like you never thought possible.

The benefits of Viasil are especially noteworthy when you consider the formula is 100% all-natural.

Viasil Ingredients

Viasil male performance enhancer is only produced with safe and natural ingredients.

Learn more about the individual ingredients that combine to make Viasil such a powerful formula:

Horny Goat Weed

Epimedium revicornum, better known as “Horny Goat Weed”, lives up to its name.

Studies have demonstrated Horny Goat Weed is effective in animal subjects for treating ED.5

Horny Goat Weed reduces PDE5 which restricts blood flow and prevents men from achieving hard erections.

Men generally benefit with improved circulation as well as nerve stimulation.

Furthermore, the substance may boost certain hormone levels necessary for an improved sex drive.


Zinc is a common mineral found in a variety of food sources.6

Additionally, the mineral assists with traditional protein synthesis.

Thus, men generally receive a boost in hormone production as well as sperm production.

For this reason, you’ll generally notice harder and longer lasting erections when zinc levels are high.

Citrus Sinensis

Citrus Sinenesis is included in the formula to improve ATP production.7

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) serves as the primary energy carrier in the body.

Consequently, it’s vital to keep ATP levels high in order to achieve a hard, long lasting erection.

Citrus is also rich in flavonoids that are known to promote the production of nitric oxide.

Additionally, the fruit is abundant in Vitamin C which assists in keeping blood vessels active and healthy.

You’ll appreciate the added boost of energy and stamina citrus delivers, as well.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a very common ingredient found in most male enhancement formulas.

The herb is well connected to treating erectile dysfunction.8

Ginkgo Biloba supports strong blood flow to the penis as well as improves blood vessels.

The herb can also improve nitric oxide levels to maximize circulation.

Lastly, Ginkgo Biloba features high levels of flavonoids and terpenoids.

The high volumes of antioxidants keep your body free from damage and instead aids in repair.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is another common nutrient found in male performance enhancers like Viasil.

The ingredient is reported to improve sex drive and libido.9

Tribulus Terrestris reduces blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Moreover, the substance has the ability to alter hormones.

Panax Ginseng Root Extract

Panax Ginseng Root may also improve sexual performance.10

The extract from Panax Ginseng is known to reduce stress and anxiety.

Of course, mental components like these also influence libido and ED.

Panax Ginseng contains high levels of Ginosenosides.

These compounds are known to influence alertness, focus, endurance, and sexual desire.


Pomegranate is the final natural ingredient found in the formula.11

The popular fruit is rich in nitrate and polyphenols.

These compounds are known to improve nitric oxide production leading to better circulation.

Furthermore, higher nitric oxide levels contribute to stronger, healthier blood vessels.

Pomegranate is also known to energize and is rich in antioxidants.

Viasil Side Effects

Viasil works miracles in regards to low libido and poor sex drive.

It allows your body and mind to relax, eliminating any anxiety that may occur as a result of not being sure you’ll be able to get hard.

Instead, it restores confidence and self-esteem in terms of your sexual performance.

Even better, there are no reported side effects to Viasil.

The formula is 100% all-natural and completely safe for consumption.

However, it’s worth noting that Viasil is not approved by the FDA.

Thus, it’s important to exercise caution and only purchase Viasil from a reputable supplier.

Additionally, it never hurts to consult with a physician before starting any new supplement.

It’s impossible to predict how Viasil will interact with every single prescription medication or preexisting condition.

Therefore, speaking with a medical professional is always the first step in the right direction.

How to Use

Viasil is extremely easy and straightforward to introduce to your daily regime.

The male enhancement formula only requires users to take one tablet per day.

The formula is deemed fast acting which means you should start to notice results pretty quickly.

However, regular and consistent use is the only method to ensure you are increasing ATP and nitric oxide levels.

Consequently, it’s not something like Viagra that you take whenever you are horny and looking to have intercourse.

The best way to take Viasil is daily to make sure you are getting a consistent flow of the nutrients to your body.

While results do vary between individuals, most customers report differences in 2-3 weeks.

More importantly, some men reported improvements in days not weeks.

Viasil Customer Reviews

Erectile dysfunction is a growing problem among men of all ages.

It can completely hamper your sexual performance as well as lead to anxiety and low self-esteem.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to perform when your partner is ready for it.

Thus, Viasil can correct the natural processes in the body that are impacting your erections.

Viasil has the potential to completely restore your sex life and experience that drive you remembered in your 20s.

There is a wide variety of satisfied customer reviews and testimonies on the official website.

Gary, a middle-aged customer, had this to say about Viasil:

“I never thought erectile dysfunction would affect me, but once I turned 50, I saw a change.

I had a hard time keeping up and when I got there my stamina just wasn’t as good.

Viasil made a real difference in my performance.”

Meanwhile, another pleased customer, Owen posted:

“For a long time, I didn’t want to admit that I had a problem.

It only happened from time to time, my wife never complained, but over time it started to bother me and I became paranoid about trying anything.

Viasil is refreshing because it is natural and it basically helps my body’s natural functions to function more efficiently… I feel like a new man.”

Viasil is available with a money-back guarantee.

Therefore, give it a try for 100 days and if you are not completely satisfied, you’ll receive a full refund.

Where to Buy?

Viasil is available for sale on the official website,

The male enhancement pill is advertised to “transform your sex life, or your money back.”

Consequently, if you are not completely satisfied within the first 100 days, return any unused Viasil (in the original box and packaging) for a full refund.

The company provides free worldwide shipping on all orders.

Furthermore, the manufacturer utilizes safe handling practices in response to COVID-19.

Thus, masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer are utilized to guarantee safe handling.

Additionally, Viasil delivery services utilize non-contact drop off.

Viasil is typically available in a 1-month, 2-month, or 3-month supply.

It’s worth noting that buying more than a 1 month supply will provide you with free bottles at no additional cost.

In fact, the best value is an 8-month supply which includes 4 free months.

Thus, you can receive a full year supply for $359.99, saving you $240 compared to purchasing a month at a time.

Lastly, any Viasil purchase that is greater than a month supply includes a free instant erection gel.

The instant erection gel is designed to use along with the Viasil tablets.

Men are instructed to massage a small amount of the gel directly on the penis 10-15 seconds before you plan to engage in sexual intercourse.

The ingredients in the gel are specially formulated to deliver near instant results, improving blood flow to the penis even more.

Conclusion: Does Viasil Work?

There is no doubt that Viasil is effective at improving sexual performance.

The male enhancement formula delivers thicker, harder, longer erections.

You’ll last longer as a result and satisfy your partner like you never thought possible.

Moreover, Viasil has the potential to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) and low libido.

Accordingly, if you suffer from poor sexual performance what do you stand to lose with an all-natural formula?

There are no reported side effects of Viasil and the product is backed by a 100-day guarantee.

For this reason, you can try Viasil for more than 3 months before you determine if it’s the right male enhancement supplement for your needs.

Men generally start noticing improvements in days to 2-3 weeks.

Viasil frequently offers special promotions on the official website with the ability to get the instant erection gel free with 2-month, 3-month, and 1-year supplies.

Now you can regain control in the bedroom and experience the sex life you always wanted!


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