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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 11-2-2016

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As any guy in his mid to late thirties or older will tell you, the struggle is real. If you’re trying to get in shape, build muscle, get that six pack, or hell, satisfy your woman, you may have started to notice that all these things are just harder to achieve than they used to be. It’s not your imagination.

It’s age, or more specifically the decline in testosterone levels caused by age.

From puberty through your late twenties, your body is loaded with testosterone.

It’s what causes you to fill out, to grow, to put on muscle to lose the baby fat, to get acne, and to be horny as a toad.

And after living like that for several years, we get used to it, come to rely on it.

But as the years go by, our bodies don’t make as much testosterone as they used to. We don’t notice at first, mainly because we still have plenty.

But at some point, it drops off enough to where we can tell.

This is when you start to notice a few things:

  • You feel less driven and motivated, especially physically.
  • You start to get that spare tire of fat around your belly.
  • Workouts you used to breeze through get harder to make it through.
  • Even when you do make it through, the results aren’t what they used to be.
  • You feel irritable.
  • You have less interest in sex than you thought possible.
  • Even when you are interested in sex, you sometimes won’t get an erection, at least not a good one.

These are all common signs that your testosterone levels have dropped.

It doesn’t mean you need to rush off to get a prescription from your doctor.

There’s nothing really wrong with you.

The fact is it’s a natural part of getting older.

But that doesn’t mean you should take it lying down either.

It means it’s time to think about using a natural testosterone boosting supplement.

everlasting-t-imageWhat is Everlasting T?

Everlasting T is a natural testosterone booster that popped up on my radar a few weeks ago.

It’s available online, mainly through its official website, but it recently became available on Amazon.com as well.

Usually when that happens, visibility increases pretty quickly, so I knew it was time to do a little research and post a review.

Benefits of Everlasting T

The Everlasting T website is not flashy or overstated like a lot of the product websites we see.

They take a more subtle approach, likely attempting to appeal to older men looking to gain back some lost mojo than to young guys wanted to get jacked up.

Here’s the image they use to demonstrate what Everlasting T is used for:


Often, appealing to the older, wiser crowd, add an air of legitimacy and seriousness to a product.

Another indication of this is clear, complete ingredient information, which is what Everlasting T provides.

Everlasting T Ingredients

The Everlasting T website provides detailed ingredient information, so let’s go through some of the highlights here:

  • D-Aspartic Acid.

    This is one I always look for as it’s been the most successful ingredient in clinical trials.

    It has actually been shown to increase serum testosterone levels by 42% after only 12 days.

    The trouble is, in the amount used in the clinical trials was 3,000 mg, while the amount in one dose of Everlasting T is only 500mg. That’s quite a difference and likely to be a significant detractor from the possible success of the supplement.
  • ZMA.

    This is a combination that includes Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6. It is widely thought to increase testosterone and it’soften found in testosterone boosting formulation.

    The fact is, however, that there is no clinical evidence of its effectiveness in healthy men. On the other hand, supplementing with ZMA if you have a deficiency in any one of its components can lead to increases in overall well-being as well as testosterone levels.
  • Tribulus Terrestris.

    This has been an extremely popular ingredient in testosterone boosters ever since it was discovered to be a secret of Russian bodybuilders.

    There are a few clinical tests showing that it increases sexual functioning and even strength in rats, but so far, clinical studies in humans have shown no anabolic effect. (link to tribulus wikipedia)
  • Cissus Quadrangularis.This is an herb historically believed to strengthen bones and more commonly used now to improve weight loss efforts.
  • Maca Root.This is an herbal aphrodisiac that may also improve mood.

    It is not believed to have a direct impact on testosterone levels.
  • Eurycoma Longifolia.This is thought to increase free testosterone levels.

    It does this by inhibiting the action of SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) which attaches itself to testosterone molecules, basically rendering them ineffective.

    With less SHBG getting in the way, more testosterone remains free and available for use by your body.

    While there are plenty of studies indicating Eurycoma Longifolia has a positive effect on erectile function, there’s no significant evidence that it increases free testosterone.
  • Avena Sativa.This is also known as Oat Straw.

    It’s found in many testosterone boosting supplements, but there is no actual evidence that it has any effect on testosterone levels.

    There is, however, some evidence that it supports sexual health in men.
  • Epimedium.This is also known as Horny Goat Weed.

    It’s an aphrodisiac and it can increase blood flow for better erections.
  • Banaba Leaf which is generally used to moderate glucose in diabetic patients.

    There are some who think it can boost testosterone levels, but there is no evidence of this.
  • N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL.

    This is sometimes used to combat age-related testosterone decline, but the recommended dose is 2 grams, whereas Everlasting T uses only 100 mg.

It’s not a bad list of ingredients.

My main concern is the ingredient amounts.

They are in general significantly lower than the levels known to be effective for the ingredients that have proven effective.

How to Use Everlasting T

The recommended dose is 3 pills per day, meaning a bottle will last one month.

But as I mentioned earlier, the ingredient doses are so low, 3 pills a day probably won’t do you much good.

Everlasting T Reviews

Once a product becomes available through Amazon.com, customer reviews usually start pouring in.

At this point, there are only 2, which is too bad since customer feedback is so important to figuring out if something works.

Looking at the two reviews, they’re not particularly helpful.

One says Everlasting T is good, one says it’s not so great:


Everlasting T Side Effects

Given the ingredient list, I don’t see any reason to expect much in the way of side effects.

People react differently to different ingredients, but nothing in this list stands out as problematic.

Not to mention that the doses are low enough to not have much effect at all, positive or negative.

Where to Buy Everlasting T

Until recently, the only way to purchase Everlasting T was through their official website with the following pricing structure:

  • A single bottle costs $49.95.
  • 2 bottles cost $79.95 and include free shipping and a free bottle of Everlasting M (their male enhancement formula).
  • 3 bottles cost $109.95 and include free shipping and 3 free bottles of Everlasting M.

They offer a 90 day money back guarantee that includes one used bottle and any unopened bottles.You will be responsible for shipping and return shipping costs.

To get the refund process started, you would need to call their customer service department at 866-602-8216.

Currently, Everlasting T can also be purchased through Amazon.com.The price there for a single bottle is $34.95.

Who Makes Everlasting T?

The company that makes Everlasting T is called NutriPharm, LLC, and is located in Provo, UT.They’ve been in business since 2011 and currently have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau.

It appears the rating is due to their failure to respond to some of the complaints they received.

I’ve come across a couple complaints about the company, and they all seem to concern the money back guarantee.

It appears that some customers have had a difficult time reaching the company to get the return process started, while others have had difficulty getting their refunds even after the products have been returned.

Everlasting T Pros and Cons

Advantages of Everlasting T

  • A complete ingredient list is provided, including ingredient amounts.
  • The ingredients are all natural and will not cause a positive result on a drug test.
  • It’s not likely you’ll experience any side effects.
  • There’s a money back guarantee.
  • It’s available at Amazon.com.

Disadvantages of Everlasting T

  • The ingredient amounts are very low, meaning that while the ingredients themselves may be good choices, they’re at doses so low, they probably won’t end up being effective.
  • The money back guarantee may be difficult to act on.

    It seems several people have had problems in this area.
  • There is not enough customer feedback to get a good sense of how well Everlasting T is working for the guys that are using it.

The Bottom Line

I like the professional website.

I like the fact that they provide a complete ingredient list and stay away from the “proprietary blend” BSthat most companies use to hide the fact that their ingredient amounts are too small to matter.

But the fact is, the ingredient amounts in Everlasting T are too small to matter, and we know this because they do list the amounts.

We like integrity, but we recommend supplements that work.Given the ingredient list and amounts, it doesn’t look like Everlasting T is the one you want.

Add that to the fact that if you take them at their word about a 90 day guarantee, you may end up dealing with a hassly and/or not getting your money back in the end.

Best to go with something with clinical doses of effective ingredients.

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