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We do a lot of reviews about these supplement stacks you see written about online. You know the ones – a link will show up in your Facebook or Twitter feed, and when you click it, it looks like you’re going to an ESPN or Men’s Health website.

Like you’re looking at an actual news article, but really they’re just extended advertisements.

Trust me, tons of guys just like us get fooled by these articles every day.

That’s why we’re here trying to expose them.

I just saw one for the Power Boost X and Alpha Tren stack.

It pretends to be on ESPN.com and I gotta tell you, this one may be even more bold than most in the lies it tells.

They actually use the Tom Brady “Deflategate” story and try to make you think Power Boost X and Alpha Tren had something to do with it.

The scandal has nothing to do with performance enhancing drugs or supplements, but that doesn’t stop the marketers of these products from trying to make you believe otherwise.

Here’s a screen shot of the headline:


So they make you think you’re going to read about Tom Brady getting suspended for his potential involvement with letting the air out of balls, but this is what you read in the very first paragraph:


These may be the most blatant lies I’ve seen in one of these fake articles.

They are actually saying straight up that the NFL has banned these two supplements, and that Tom Brady was fined and suspended for using them.

Most of the time, they just hint or imply the lies.

This time, they state them flat out and unequivocally.

I seriously doubt Tom Brady or the NFL has ever even heard of Power Boost X and Alpha Tren, much less used cared enough about them to use them and/or ban them.I know what you’re thinking. “How can they get away with saying these things if they’re not true?” It makes you wonder just a little bit if maybe it really is true, because after all, they can’t be allowed to just lie, can they?

That’s what I used to think, but I know better now.

I don’t know for sure how they get away with it, but I have a few educated opinions on the subject.

Basically, these products are so small potatoes and under the radar that even if Tom Brady and the NFL do become aware of them, they don’t think it’s worth their time or effort to fight it.

That’s the first part of the equation.

The second part is that Power Boost X and Alpha Tren are two products made by a company that’s light on their feet.

As soon as they sense customers and/or celebrities are catching on to the fact that they’re just a scam, they close up shop and move on… sort of.

They don’t disappear completely, instead they just change their product names and packaging, and continue doing what they’ve been doing.

Of course, I’ve been doing this long enough to know that some of you are still thinking, “yeah, but are you sure they don’t work… what if they do work… how will we know unless we try?”

Those are all good questions, and it’s human nature to ask them.

But keep reading, and I’ll break it down step by step.

We’ll talk specifics about the products, the prices, the customer feedback, everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision.

As you read, though, just remember that it all started with a big lie about Tom Brady’s NFL Suspension.

What Are Power Boost X and Alpha Tren?

Throughout the “article” you’ll find links to the websites where you can purchase Power Boost X and Alpha Tren. It’s at these websites that you’ll also find most of the available information on the supplements.

Power power-boost-x-and-alpha-tren-power-boost-x-imageBoost X

The first one I’ll talk about is called Power Boost X.

On the bottle, it calls itself an “All Natural Testosterone Booster,” which is a very specific thing.

Supplements like these use particular herbal ingredients to jump start the testosterone producing process that occurs naturally within your body.

As we age, we produce less and less of the stuff, leaving us feeling sluggish and lethargic, and more prone to gaining fat/losing muscle.

A natural testosterone booster can improve that process and get you back closer to where you were in your early twenties.

The problem is, when you visit the Power Boost X website, there’s nothing there about boosting testosterone – aside from the words “testosterone booster” on the bottle, there’s literally no mention.

What the website does talk about is more in line with what you find with pre workout supplements.

Here are a few examples of the benefits they mention:

  • Extra energy.

    Now it’s true that increased testosterone could provide you with more energy, but it’s more of an indirect benefit whereas with a pre workout, it’s the first thing you look for and expect.
  • Faster, more noticeable results with each workout.

    Again, this is a pre workout benefit – specific to the results of each workout.
  • Toned, ripped body.

    Once more, a typical expectation for a pre workout.
  • Greater endurance, enabling you to push your body to new limits.

    It’s not unusual for a testosterone booster to tout its effect on endurance, but still it is more often associated with pre workouts.

The main thing that stands out about this being called a testosterone booster is the benefits it doesn’t mention.

It doesn’t talk about increased libido, which generally all testosterone boosters do.

Power Boost X Ingredients

Here’s where we’ll all get a little laugh (unless you’ve already bought this stuff and if that’s the case, read on because you’ll need to know what to expect next).

The Power Boost X website does not provide a list of ingredients that we can use to make an educated guess about how well it should work.

In fact, they mention only one ingredient.

Now, you’d think that in mentioning one ingredient, they’d pick the highlight – the best one, the one that packs the most punch.

Here’s the one they chose to mention:

Magnesium Stearate

Okay guys, here’s a little chemistry lesson (don’t worry, I’m no chemist, this is strictly layman’s terms here).

This is how drugs.com describes how it’s used:

Magnesium Stearate is a solid white powder at room temperature.

It is an FDA-approved INACTIVE ingredient commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry as a diluent for the manufacture of tablet, capsule, or powder dosage forms.”

(I looked up “diluent” and it means “something used to dilute”.

I told you I”m no chemist, haha).

There is only one reason I can think of that a company would tout Magnesium Stearate as their powerful active ingredient, and that is that they don’t have any idea what they’re doing.This is not a supplement you, I, or anyone should trust.

Alpha Tren

Okay, so what about Alpha Tren? Is there any value there?

The bottle calls this one a “Muscle Building Supplement”.

The website touts benefits like these:


And the directions are:


This all puts Alpha Tren in the pre workout category too, but hold on just a minute.

You’ll find this on the Alpha Tren website too:


So according to the bottles, Power Boost X is the testosterone booster of the two, but if you go by what’s stated on the websites, it’s Alpha Tren that boosts testosterone.


Alpha Tren Ingredients

It would be nice if the ingredient lists were provided because that would go a long way toward helping us understand what Power Boost X and Alpha Tren actually do, but unfortunately, they must not see it that way.

There’s absolutely no ingredient information provided for Alpha Tren.

Power Boost X and Alpha Tren Free Trial Scam

If you’re still interested, or if you signed up for either or both of these products, this is where you’ll want to pay close attention:

The only way to try Power Boost X and Alpha Tren is to sign up for each of their “free trial” offers.Here’s a brief overview of how it works, and this applies to each product separately.

First, you sign up for their free trial and pay just a small shipping fee.

They send you a full bottle – a one month supply – of their pills to try.

From the moment you order, you have 14 days to decide whether or not you want to continue using Power Boost X and Alpha Tren. If so, do nothing, they’ll charge you full price for the “free” bottle you already have, and they’ll send you a new bottle at full price every month from now on.

If you decide you don’t want to continue using Power Boost X and Alpha Tren, you have to call them and cancel your subscription within the 14 day free trial period.

If you follow that procedure and all goes well, you won’t be charged anything more than the initial shipping charge you already paid.

Now that may seem fair, and even reasonable to you. And on the face of it, maybe it is.

The problem is, they go out of their way to not make the terms of the trial clear.


It’s there, but it’s in the very fine print.They also reference the “Terms and Conditions” over where you click to place your order, but if you open the Terms and Condition page, it’s blank.

So this can be misleading.

But did you catch that price? It’s $119.97! That’s a hell of a price for a supplement that has Magnesium Stearate as its most powerful ingredient!

For Alpha Tren, the free trial situation is even more unclear:


They don’t tell you anywhere what’s about to happen if you order.They don’t mention being billed after 14 days, and they don’t mention an amount.

There is a “Terms” page, and it mentions a 14 day trial, but it doesn’t say what you’ll be charged when the trial period is over:


So for this one, you really can’t know what’s coming down the road after 14 days of thinking that you signed up for a free trial.

In either case, if you have signed up for the trial, contact them as soon as possible to cancel any future charges.In some cases, it’s that easy. Sometimes, it’s not.

I’ve heard of guys having to threaten getting their State Attorney General involved before companies like these have refunded money or even stopped future billing.

Power Boost X and Alpha Tren Pros and Cons

I almost always include a pros and cons section in our supplement reviews.

It’s a great way to sum up what we’ve learned and what we know, and it helps us land on one side or the other in terms of whether or not it’s something to use and to recommend.

In the case of Power Boost X and Alpha Tren, it’s really not necessary. There’s not a single word of praise that belongs in the pro column.

It’s all negative.

The Bottom Line

When you see an “article” in “ESPN” that just seems off, trust your gut. It IS off.

It’s not a real article and it’s not really ESPN.

It’s a sleazy supplement company trying to play on your willingness to believe what you read. Don’t.

There are no redeeming qualities for Power Boost X and Alpha Tren. They claim to be powerful supplements that give you an “unfair advantage” over all those “other guys” who don’t use them. They don’t.

The active ingredient is Magnesium Stearate!

That says it all.

I said I’d give you 3 reasons not to get sucked into thinking these pills can help you.

There are many more, but here are 3:

  1. They lie about Tom Brady using Power Boost X and Alpha Tren.
  2. The only actual ingredient they mention between the two products is magnesium stearate which has absolutely nothing for anyone’s muscles ever.
  3. The free trial offer is a scam and will have you locked into a monthly billing nightmare until you figure out what happened and how to end it.

That’s three, but truthfully any one of them on its own should be enough. Don’t waste your time with Power Boost X and Alpha Tren.

Have You Used Power Booost X and Alpha Tren?

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User Reviews


By  Rob Dec 28, 2016

I did not try either of these products but I got suckered into the "free trial". Essentially I was reading the fake article on espn and looked into the information, I wanted to see how much they charge after the trial period and if there was any more information.


I put in my information minus the credit card stuff and it said order is incomplete, so I clicked it and it took me to a different screen that said order incomplete click here. Once again I did and seconds later I received two confirmation emails saying the shipment was on its way.


Apparently the browser used my cookies or something else to get my credit card information. I called to cancel it and the guy said I couldn't until 10 days later.


I called again the next day same thing. I finally was able to cancel it on the third try but they still sent me the product.


So far no other charges other than the shipping have been issued. Do not buy this product online.


Nothing but a scam

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23 out of 28 people found this review helpful.


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What is the number so I can stop payment and call the. Them please -

The number for both is  855-511-2251.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
18 out of 19 people found this question helpful.

I fell for the scam. So far 200 bucks they have taken from my account. I deleted my order from them thinking it was a one time deal and was over. Now continued getting this and them taking money from my account. I tried calling the above number and they don't have me down. What do I do now. Please help -

It sounds like your best bet is to call your credit card company. They should be able to get you through to the right company, and if not, they can cancel your card and issue you a new one.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
5 out of 5 people found this question helpful.

Howuch dose a month cost -

PowerBoost X is $119.97. I'm not sure exactly what Alpha Tren is, but I'm sure it's a similar price.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
2 out of 2 people found this question helpful.

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