Gamma-O V2 Review – Should You Use It?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 12-24-2014

Gamma-O V2 Overview

Back in 2004, Gamma Labs introduced a whole new kind of natural testosterone booster.

While everyone else was offering products using Tribulus Terrestris, Oyster Extract, D-Aspartic Acid, and Tongkat Ali, Gamma Labs introduced their Gamma-O product containing Gamma Oryzanol, extracted from brown rice.

Word of mouth was pretty good, and this stuff developed a significant following.

Now there’s Gamma-O V2, the new version based on the old version, but now with even more natural ingredients to punch up the effectiveness.

By using Gamma-O V2, you’ll see maximal hormonal optimization, rock hard muscle building, and extreme fat burning without the stimulants.

Let’s take a look at the complete formula.

Gamma-O V2 ReviewGamma-O V2 Ingredients and How They Work

Just like the original Gamma-O, the primary ingredient in Gamma-O V2 is:

  • Gamma Oryzanol, which comes from Japanese Rice Bran.

    It’s rich in plant sterols and Ferulic Acid, and it stimulates the body’s testosterone production process by stimulating the release of luteinizing hormone.

    While some supplements might provide Gamma Oryzanol, only Gamma-O V2 has it in liquid form (liqui-caps) so it can be absorbed and used properly.

Additional ingredients in Gamma-O V2 are:

  • Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) which helps regulate the amount of estrogen in the male body to maintain the correct balance.
  • Vitamin D3 which is known to have a direct correlation with testosterone levels.
  • Maca Root which helps the body better respond to stress by balancing hormone levels.

    It also improves energy, endurance, and vitality.

The recommended dose is 2 Gamma-O V2capsules taken twice daily, morning and night.

Gamma-O V2 Pros and Cons

Looking at both sides ensures that we come to a conclusion that factors in all possibilities.

Advantages of Gamma-O V2

  • There are several very favorable Gamma-O V2 reviews from customers that have used it.
  • The formula is all natural.
  • It burns fat as well.
  • There’s no PCT needed.
  • There’s a money back guarantee.

Disadvantages of Gamma-O V2

  • There are some reviews that call Gamma-O V2 completely useless junk.
  • There is no scientific evidence to support the claims made.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Gamma-O V2 online through the official website and a few other retailers.

The official website sells if for $74.99, but I’ve seen it as cheap as $60 so look around.


Gamma-O V2 does have some good word of mouth, but there’s very little beyond that to support a recommendation to use Gamma-O V2. With the uncommon main ingredient that doesn’t present scientific backing, I’d say go with something a bit more tried and true.

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User Questions and Answers

since gamma-O v2 is a testosterone booster will it have any negative affects if you are 18 with normal testosterone levels? -leo

As a natural testosterone booster (different than testosterone replacement therapy) it shouldn't have any negative effect. That said, you probably won't notice a pronounced difference since your levels are already pretty high.- Rob

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I am currently taking rebuilt mass gainer, it has testosterone regulation in it called testofen. I was just wondering if this would be okay to take while taking something with testosterone regulater in it? -Chase

Testofen is basically Fenugreek Extract. You should be fine.- Rob

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Does it have side effect , how do I take it ? After meal or before meal ? How many pills at one time ? -Kabir

I haven't heard of any side effects. That's not to say you are certain not to experience any, but if you do they are likely to be mild. The recommended dose is 2 Gamma-O V2 capsules taken twice daily, morning and night.- Rob

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can you take the Gammo-O v2 supplement if you are 18? -Leo

It's safe for anyone 18 and over, so you're good.- Rob

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