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Fact Checked On: 2-25-2020

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So, I’m guessing you just watched a video about this product?

Me too.

And it piqued my interest.

It tells the story of a man who couldn’t necessarily satisfy his wife in the ways that she, let’s say, needed, until of course he discovers Grow Extra Inches.

I know, it may seem crazy, and reasonably so with the amount of penis enhancement supplements, medications, and devices out there, but Grow Extra Inches actually works for a good number of users.

grow extra inches review
The Grow Extra Inches bottle.

Unique in its ingredients and performance, it is possibly most enticing because of its quick results for him, and desirable results for her.

While that sounds enticing, particularly to people already in the market for such a product, it is fairly difficult to verify the vast majority of the claims that Grow Extra Inches makes in regard to the efficacy of their product.

They certainly make a case for themselves, as you will see, but just how accurate is it?

If you’re looking through an “adult site” and come across the banner below, you’re one click away from a rather NSFW video trying their hardest to pitch you on their male enhancement supplement.

grow extra inches banner ad

The Grow Extra Inches Video

Old school and hard ball, the Grow Extra Inches video wastes no time letting you know why you may or may not need the product as well as how significant the results can prove to be.

The video attempts to pulls you in with the story of Mark Morris, a man who was happily married and found no reasons to have any doubts or worries, until overhearing his wife on the phone speaking about some of his “shortcomings”.

With his head reeling thinking of whether or not previous girlfriends had the same complaints and if this problem was driving his current girlfriend into the arms of another man, Mark needed results.

After confronting her about it, Mark promised her he would find a solution. And he did.

Then he found it.

Reading a research paper on the topic led him to a link that shed light on exactly what he was missing.

The research paper detailed a study conducted of 423 men suffering from “micropenis” that were put on a penis growth regiment for a 30-day period.

After a long search for remedies he came across a study with crazy results that he just had to know more about.

After finally reaching the German doctor responsible for the study, Mark learned an awful lot from him about the shady penis growth industry and just how sneaky and dishonest certain brands can be.

The doctor gave Mark the program and he began.

As the story goes, it led to him getting massive gains and knocking his wife’s socks off.

At least that’s how the story goes. Charming, right?

Ultimately, what is most important is the actual results.

More specifically, verifiable results, and unfortunately, 99% of that story is near impossible to verify.

Long story short, Grow Extra Inches claims that this guy somehow convinced a doctor to share his secret with him, and now, altruistically, he is sharing it with the world.

Yeah, I know, take it with a grain of salt.

Essentially, this is the bare bones structure of a vast sum of male enhancement supplements.

You’ll find it usually starts with your man whose shortcomings in the penis size department leads to them having their heart ripped from their chest, only to eventually find the right product that will give them the gains to win the heart of their significant other or the women of their dreams.

The Grow Extra Inches Formula

So, what exactly is in Grow Extra Inches and what sets it apart from other growth supplements?

Well, Grow Extra Inches is a mixture of ingredients and vitamins that are 100% natural and you will find in other growth supplements.

Vitamin E and vitamin B3 are two of the most recognizable ingredients.

Found in Entengo and Mkongoraa, vitamins E and B3, carry the reputation as powerful penis enlargement herbs, and with good reason.

They also work towards strengthening the cartilage in the penis shaft which contributes to stronger erections.

Grow Extra Inches also contains a powerful ingredient that unites the mind and body to focus every bit of energy possible into penis growth.

This key part of the formula is known as Muira Puama, and let’s just say that is has more than earned its nickname as the Viagra of the Amazon.

Muira Puama essentially acts by repairing testicular damage, sending male potency hormones from the brain directly to the penis as well as directly counter acting Andropause.

Possibly the most enticing ingredient in the Grow Extra Inches formula would be Damiana Aphrodisiaca, 2,000 old herbal remedy that oxygenates the inside of the penis. Damiana Aphrodisiaca effectively takes care of one of the main causes of penile shrinkage.

Now, it is important to remember that while this formula may sound enticing, there is little to no proof of these herbal remedies being found highly effective amongst a large population of people.

Particularly not as large as the Grow Extra Inches website claims.

Please note that there are no verifiable sources that support Grow Extra Inches’ claims of results and there are no certifiable numbers that indicate it is accurate.

As to where these numbers are coming from, I can’t be sure, and neither should you.

Grow Extra Inches Ingredients List

The ingredients found in Grow Extra Inches are all natural and you may be familiar with some of them if you have looked into or used other penis growth remedies in the past.


Otherwise known as “horny goat weed”, this is used to keep enzymes from stopping blood flow needed for erections. This is a natural way to end ED (Source).

Chinese Hawthorn

When looking for erections that last a long time and lengthen the penis by getting maximum blood flow, you want Chinese Hawthorn. This is a naturally proven ingredient that is an anti-inflammatory helping you get more size (Source)


This naturally occurring herb is used to give the penis a stronger, better sustaining erection. The way this happens is by relaxing the muscles within the penis so that blood flows in smoothly (Source)


This is used to boost nitric oxide levels in your system which relaxes the arterial walls. The relaxed walls let in more blood to lengthen the penis size and sustain strong erections (Source)

Muira Pauma

This is a naturally occurring herb and what it does is increase your libido. It does this by relaxing the corpus cavernosa in the penis which means blood flows in a way that is deeper into the chamber for a great erection (Source)

Asian Ginseng

This has the effect of opening up the blood vessels which means the blood flows into the penis at a better rate. The greater the blood flow, the more inches on an erection (Source)


This substance helps make erections that much stronger and long lasting. The best part about it is upon climax and ejaculation, there is more power behind it (Source)

Saw Palmetto

This particular extract is known to have men sustain erections for much longer than normal. It also helps lengthen the penis and also known to open up the blood vessels allowing for greater flow (Source)

Oat Straw

Because this is loaded with nitric oxide, that means you have a natural vasodilator working in your system. Vasodilation is important because it contracts the walls of arteries and gets blood flowing to the penis (Source)


If the penis has damage, then that damage prevents growth and healthy erections. Fortunately, cayenne has properties that will repair the damage and allow growth along with healthy erections (Source)

These ingredients are aimed at everything from penile damage repair, sexual performance and erection strength, to libido and blood flow.

In combination, the idea behind Grow Extra Inches is that the ingredients will work together to attack several different problem areas and create synergy.

“Idea” being the key word.

All of this would be good and dandy if there were more positive reviews by actual users, not just blog postings.

Unfortunately, you will be hard pressed to find a positive review unless you are reading a blog post.

A quick search lets you know what you are in for.

Grow Extra Inches Reviews

While all of the information provided by Grow Extra Inches themselves is quite informative and paints a very positive picture, it is ultimately up to the user base to determine whether or not a product is effective.

You won’t have to look hard to find negative user reviews, not only of the efficacy of the product, but of the business practices of the company itself.

Several users have reported having been billed again several weeks after a purchase.

The language of the Grow Extra Inches advertisements and specifications paints a picture of a foolproof and sure-fire solution for penis size growth, but I always urge potential customers to take a look into real customer feedback and testimonials before deciding on a purchase.

With that being said, there are a number of positive reviews that reaffirm much of the positive results that Grow Extra Inches boast.

On the other hand, you will of course find some users that not been able to yield the desirable results that Grow Extra Inches offers.

Discerning whether or not a user’s review is legitimate or if it was written upon the request of the manufacturer to talk up its best possible results can be difficult, but looking out for “verified purchases” is an easier way to tell.

When sifting through feedback, it is important to note that while Grow Extra Inches consists of a powerful formula made up of a number of herbal remedies to help in the size department, there is simply no way to tell if they will work for you.

While they do have a good track record, everybody’s body is different, so sometimes trial and error are the only way to determine the best product for you in your journey towards growth.

What To Look For?

While perusing the internet for information and reviews on Grow Extra Inches, be wary of the language of the review in question and see how it compares to the wording of the company’s own advertisements.

If the review opens with a clear pitch, chances are it is not an accurate portrayal of a real user’s experience.

Often times, you will even find advertisements for the product itself in many of the reviews available online which is fairly telling as to its validity.

Another clear indicator of what to expect is how the “user review” section of suppliers compares to the long form, blog style reviews found online.

User reviews are typically succinct and honest.

Some reviews of Grow Extra Inches report that besides being ineffective, they were also repeatedly billed for the product long after their purchase and/or having discontinued a subscription.

Where Can I Buy It?

You can get your hands on Grow Extra Inches and see if it will do the trick in helping you in the bedroom for yourself through their official website.

You will find that Grow Extra Inches offers three options: Basic (1 bottle), Standard (2 bottles), and Premium (4 bottles).

Basic comes in at $49 with standard and premium ringing up for $59 and $49 respectively.

Because of the insufficient information in regard to how effective it actually is, if you so choose to try out Grow Extra Inches for yourself, I would caution you to go with the basic, one month and one bottle supply as there is not enough information to show that is actually useful.

Furthermore, be careful and think before using your valuable card on a product that several users have reported being unexpectedly charged by.


  • Reasonably priced for a male enhancement supplement
  • Natural ingredients
  • Does not interfere or have known interactions with other supplements


  • It is very difficult to verify or substantiate many of their claims.
  • Several users report that it is ineffective.
  • Some customers have reported being billed long after having purchased Grow Extra Inches and have even had trouble getting their money back.

Finding Alternatives

There are alternatives for male sexual performance that are more viable and verifiable effective, such as Blue Chew or similar products.

When looking for an alternative if you want a more reputable product, pay attention to some of the signs I have detailed that are key to look out for.

Don’t just look at blog post style reviews, look out for verified customer reviews and pay attention to what they have in common.

In Closing

Hopefully, this guide has informed you about Grow Extra Inches as well as why you should exercise caution before giving it or other similar products a try.

Each manufacturer of male enhancement supplements will of course try there hardest to sell you what they are pushing, but always give yourself as many sources to check as possible.

Always remember to double check the ingredients to ensure that you are not ingesting a supplement that interacts with any medications or supplements you are currently on.

You will also want to check to confirm that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Always do your research and explore as many options as you can while exercising caution before clicking “buy now”.

Most importantly, remember that there is ultimately no miracle penis growth or erection strength drug that will work for all customers.

It may take trial and error, but you can and will eventually find a legitimate and healthy alternative.

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