Titan Gel Review

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 2-20-2020

Size really does matter, particularly when it comes to the bedroom.

There have been numerous products that have come out over the years promising to increase your size.

While pills seem to be pushed on us the most, other methods include pumps, extenders, manual exercises, and yes, gels.

This is where Titan Gel comes in.

What is Titan Gel?

titan gel review
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Titan is a gel that was designed to increase both the size and girth of the penis while also increasing sensitivity.

This gel helps enlarge your penis but can also be used as a lubricant.

Titan gel is primarily designed for use specifically for intercourse.

It’s not necessarily a daily application but rather a gel that you apply to enhance both size and performance when it’s needed.

This gel cream can also be used daily for effective growth results.

The gel works by increasing blood flow which accelerates the growth of the penis in both length and girth.

You can combine the gel with exercises, extenders, and vacuum pumps for increased growth as well.

Titan gel provides growth through natural ingredients and has a list of additional benefits. Here are a few of them.

  • 3x longer endurance for sexual activity
  • Increased libido
  • Improved prostate health
  • Once daily application
  • Better erections
  • Penis enlargement of up to 7 cm with continued use
  • Recommended by porn stars

Titan guarantees results or your money back.

They also warn against potential fake products that pretend to sell the same thing but really sell an alternative that is not made with natural ingredients and can have negative side effects if you’re not careful.

Purchase straight from the source.

Titan Gel Ingredients and How They Work

Titan gel is made with all-natural products and components.

It has 4 main ingredients, including:

  • Epimedium extract
  • Thistle extract
  • Lichen
  • Peruvian Maca


Epimedium extract provides alkaloids, flavonoids, and contains steroids. (Source)

This is a common Chinese herbal medicine ingredient that is used for healthy sexual activity.

The leaves are suitable for use as an aphrodisiac that is impotent.

This can also make a male’s sperm more viable, increasing his ability to conceive.

Thistle Extract

Thistle extract helps to prolong endurance through sexual activity. (Source)

This ingredient increases desire and libido and works to stop testosterone deficiencies and get your levels to a normal place.


Lichen improves overall circulation, which leads to growth and increased arousal. (Source)

Peruvian Maca

Peruvian maca is an aphrodisiac ingredient. It will improve libido and when used regularly also promotes growth. (Source)

This ingredient can help with erectile dysfunction related to heart, blood flow, and blood vessel disorders. (Source)

Some reports state that Titan gel also includes glycine, L-Arginine, and magnesium but those claims are unsupported.

It is possible that these are found within the natural ingredients listed.

How to Use Titan Gel

Titan provides specific step-by-step instructions on how to use the gel to get the best results.

If you review their site, the instructions are meticulous and well laid out for your understanding.

If you want the best results possible, you should follow their steps explicitly.

Remember that Titan gel can be used just for intercourse or it can be used daily as a growth and enhancement tool that also increases libido.

Here is a quick review of the instructions as to how to use the gel.

  1. Apply the gel to a clean area
  2. Be sure to dry the penis well prior to use of the gel
  3. Erect the penis
  4. Use a small drop (approximately .5-2 ml) of the gel
  5. Distribute the gel evenly, covering all of the skin evenly with a thin layer of gel cream
  6. Rub the product well until it is absorbed by the skin
  7. Practice any special exercises to help in the process
  8. Take a shower and clean the gel the off

For effective growth results that are continued, Titan recommend following these steps 2-3 times a day and continuing them for up to 2 months.

You should start seeing a noticeable difference in your penis size within about 3-4 weeks’ time.

The results should be long-lasting.

Length and girth could see a total increase of up to 7 cm with continued use as directed.

Titan Gel Side Effects

Many male enhancement supplements can cause side effects that make you question whether or not it is truly worth the use of the supplements.

With Titan gel, thanks to the natural makeup of the gel side effects reported appear to be minimal.

According to lab tests, there were no major side effects reported. The most common reported effect of the gel was a tickling, heated sensation that lasted for a brief time after application.

Overall, all tested and reported side effects were incredibly mild, if there were any at all.

According to testing results, more than 90% of testers did not experience any side effects at all.

Some of the side effects reported included skin irritation, inflammation, burning, stinging, redness, and swelling but these effects were considered rare and mild with use.

Titan Gel Reviews

There are not a ton of reviews available for Titan gel to truly know how effective it is from verified purchasers and users.

If you look for the product on Amazon, there are multiple listings but each have very few reviews and the reviews are mixed.

Of course, this could be one of those fake products that the company warns about. It’s hard to know for sure.

On the official Titan gel website, there are some reviews but again they are limited. The reviews on the site are primarily positive.

Here are some overviews to give you an idea of what customers are saying about Titan gel.

One customer says the following:

“There were no results for the first 5-7 days, but now they are visible…I have been lubricating with this gel for a month and have increased three centimeters.”

Another satisfied customer says she bought this gel for her husband after discovering he was too small on their wedding night and they saw a 5 cm increase.

There was not a single negative review on the website so either the product is truly great or the company filters out the bad reviews and only shares the good stories.

However, the 18 positive reviews all have specific results and stories associated with them that leave Titan gel in a positive light.

Titan Gel Pros and Cons


  • You can purchase Titan gel with no prescription.
  • Titan gel is not overly expensive for the product.
  • Titan gel is made with all-natural ingredients.
  • There are very few reported side effects of using Titan gel. Those reported were mild and short-term.
  • It is tested and proven to cause penis growth up to 7 cm.
  • Titan gel can increase sexual endurance.


  • Review information is incredibly limited for the product.
  • There is the potential for some mild but uncomfortable side effects.
  • Instructions for use are inconsistent. In one place, Titan says “once daily” use but in another place, they recommend following their application instructions 2-3 times a day.
  • Some men that are working through specific medical treatment (blood flor or cardiovascular-related) may not be able to safely use the gel.

Overall, the advantages and the benefits of Titan gel far outweigh the disadvantages.

Just be sure to purchase from a reliable source so you know you are getting the real product and not a fake make-believe product that won’t deliver the results that Titan promises for their product.

Where to Buy

Titan gel is available several places online for purchase.

You can find multiple listings on Amazon but be careful as the company warns there are many scams and fake products out there that mimic Titan but are not the real thing.

Here are the qualities that Titan says might reflect an original compared to a fake.

  • High-quality branded black packaging
  • Gel packaging contains a small black cap
  • Manufacturer and composition information listed on the packaging
  • Instructions for use included on the packaging

On Amazon listings, the products range anywhere from $15-25 per bottle.

You can find Prime listings that will get you free shipping as well.

Or, you can elect to buy straight from the source and go through Titan’s online store.

With the concern about fraud and the mixed reviews on the Amazon site, this is probably where we would point you.

Here are the prices on their site.

You can purchase one bottle for $30 but you will pay $20 for shipping also.

You can get a bundle deal by purchasing 4 bottles at $120 and you get free shipping if you purchase 4 bottles, which makes this the best deal overall.

However, no matter which way you do it the prices are quite reasonable.

Shipping is ridiculously $20 for less than 4 bottles but the overall price is still decent.


Titan gel appears to be a sensible product with tested and proven results.

While review information is limited, it’s refreshing to know that the product has been tested and that side effects are slim-to-none.

The side effects are also fully manageable things that only last a few minutes.

The price is reasonable enough and the product is made with all-natural ingredients so at least you won’t be pumping your body full of steroids and harmful products that cause worse effects in the future.

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