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Today we’re going to review one of the numerous male enhancement supplements on the market.

For anyone not familiar, male enhancement supplement makers claim that their products can:

  • Boost libido
  • Treat erectile dysfunction
  • Improve sperm count
  • Boost metabolism
  • And improve our overall sex life

While some of these supplements have been around for years and have a proven track record, others are relatively new and still trying to make their mark in the industry.

Today we’re going to take a look at one of the newer supplements on the market; Provarin.

What is Provarin?

provarin reviewProvarin is a male enhancement supplement created by Biotigen, LLC. Biotigen, LLC is a relative newcomer to the male enhancement supplement scene.

The company was founded in 2017, but not registered with the BBB until 2019.

We’ve done extensive research online and can’t find any other products made by this company.

Provarin is made with all-natural plant-based botanicals and claims to boost sexual health, increase sex drive, improve erections, and boost testosterone, all with a once-daily pill.

Let’s take a closer look at this supplement and the claims it makes.

Provarin Ingredients

Provarin is formulated with 15 plant-based active ingredients. These ingredients include:

Oat Straw Extract

What is it?

Oat straw extract is derived mainly from the leaves and stems of the Avena Sativa plant.

It also goes by the name “wild oat extracts” or “green oats”.

What are the claims?

Provarin claims that oat straw extract can act as a natural male sexual enhancer. According to Winchester Hospital, though, “the only evidence for these claims comes from unpublished studies conducted by the manufacturer of oat straw products. Because these studies are not available in full, it is not possible to judge their validity.”

Adverse side effects?

Because it’s rich in fiber, oat straw can increase the frequency of bowel movements, as well as the amount of stool in each movement.

As a result, bloating, gas, and even perineal irritation (itchiness between the anus and scrotum) can occur.

Beetroot Extract

What is it?

Beetroot extract is obtained by juicing beets and then dehydrating the liquid beet juice.

What are the claims?

Most supplements use beetroot extract because it is supposed to enhance sexual and athletic performance by improving oxygen use in the blood and extending the amount of time before exhaustion.

According to studies conducted in Canada and the Netherlands researchers found, “no effect of beetroot juice supplementation on exercise economy and performance”.

Adverse side effects?

Long term supplementation of beetroot extract could cause an accumulation of toxic metals in the liver, including copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and zinc.

This could eventually lead to liver damage.

Saw Palmetto Berry

What is it?

This is an extract derived from the berries that grow on saw palmettos, which are usually found in the southeastern United States.

What are the claims?

Supplement manufacturers claim that these berries help to regulate and boost testosterone production.

According to Medical News Today, most of the research on saw palmetto berries effects on testosterone is outdated, and there is very little evidence for these claims.

Adverse side effects?

Side effects associated with saw palmetto berry supplementation include dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, constipation, and diarrhea.

Kale Leaf

What is it?

Kale is a nutrient-rich superfood high in fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

What are the claims?

When green leafy vegetables, such as kale, are ingested, the natural nitrates turn to nitric oxide.

Supplement makers claim that this nitric oxide improves blood flow to the penis, which is purported to help with erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems.

There may actually be something to these claims. A study conducted by the Future Science Group says, “(nitric oxide) activates relaxation of corporal cavernosal smooth muscle tissue resulting in increased blood flow into the penis resulting in an erection”.

Adverse side effects?

Kale is what is considered an antinutrient. Antinutrients lower your ability to absorb nutrients from other foods that are eaten at the same meal.

This may pose a problem, as Provarin is supposed to be taken with meals.

Fenugreek Seed Extract

What is it?

This extract is derived from the small brown seeds of the fenugreek plant. It has been used medicinally for thousands of years in China.

What are the claims?

Supplement makers claim that fenugreek seeds can improve male libido, and boost testosterone production. And they might be onto something.

In two separate clinical studies, participants who supplemented with fenugreek saw slightly raised testosterone levels, as well as improved sexual functions.

Adverse side effects?

Adverse side effects of supplementing with fenugreek seeds include diarrhea, indigestion, and a reduced appetite. 

According to, “fenugreek should be used with caution if you’re taking diabetes medication or other supplements that lower blood sugar levels”.

L-Citrulline Malate

What is it?

L-citrulline is a non-essential amino acid that is normally produced by the body, so no supplementation should be needed.

What are the claims?

L-citrulline converts to L-arginine once ingested, which then creates nitric oxide (NO).

NO dilates the blood vessels in the penis allowing for more blood flow, which in turn helps with erection problems.

Adverse side effects?

Supplementing with L-citrulline while taking vasodilatory drugs can cause a dangerous, and sometimes fatal, drop in blood pressure. According to WebMD, you should not supplement with L-citrulline if you are taking nitrates for heart disease, or ED medications such as Viagra or Cialis.

Grape Seed Extract

What is it?

Grape seed extract is made by removing, drying, and pulverizing grape seeds.

What are the claims?

Many supplement makers add grape seed extract to their pills as it’s supposed to be beneficial for blood circulation, which helps with erectile dysfunction.

According to WebMD, though, results from clinical studies have been inconclusive.

Adverse side effects?

Common side effects include headache, sore throat, dizziness, itchy scalp, stomach ache, and nausea.

Hawthorn Berry Extract

What is it?

Hawthorn berries grow on shrubs and trees which belong to the Crataegus genus.

These berries have been used for hundreds of years in China for heart problems, high blood pressure, and digestive problems.

What are the claims?

Hawthorn berries have been known to improve blood flow and relax blood vessels throughout the body.

Supplement makers have used this as proof that this helps with erectile dysfunction, but there are no clinical studies that prove this is the case.

Adverse side effects?

According to, side effects of hawthorn include:

  • Agitation
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Bloating
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Nosebleeds
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Insomnia
  • Stomach upset
  • Excessive Sweating

When you see that many side effects, you have to wonder if the cure is really better than the condition.

Pumpkin Seed Concentrate

What is it?

This is just the essential oils pressed from the pumpkin seeds and dehydrated.

What are the claims?

Pumpkin seeds are packed full of zinc and are known to help reduce the swelling of the prostate.

They have also been used for hundreds of years as an aphrodisiac, for which there is some actual clinical proof.

A study conducted on rats at the Mansoura University in Egypt confirmed that rats fed pumpkin seeds, laced with zinc, had a healthier sex life over rats fed a placebo. No tests on the effects on humans have been done yet.

Adverse side effects?

As of now, there are no known side effects to supplementing with pumpkin seed concentrate.

Panax Ginseng Extract

What is it?

Panax ginseng is the root of a slow-growing plant found in Korea, Siberia, and northeastern China.

It should not be confused with American ginseng, which has completely different pharmaceutical properties.

What are the claims?

Panax ginseng is supposed to have an invigorating effect, which is supposed to help with libido. It has also been claimed that it helps with erectile dysfunction.

And it just might.

In a study published in The Journal of Urology, 45 men with erectile dysfunction were given Panax ginseng for 8 weeks.

When the study concluded, those who took the Panax ginseng felt they had more control over their ED than the participants who took the placebo.

Adverse side effects?

Before we get to the side effects, it should be noted that according to WebMD, some Panax ginseng supplements have been found to contain harmful impurities and additives.

And now, to the side effects, of which there is a disturbing number. lists nearly 30 common, and pretty serious, side effects ranging from diarrhea to insomnia to very high fever, and even liver failure.

Flaxseed Powder

What is it?

Flax, sometimes called linseed, is a crop grown for both food and textile use, and it has been used medicinally for thousands of years.

What are the claims?

Flaxseed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and can help lower the risks of certain cancers, diabetes, and heart disease.

Why it’s in a male enhancement supplement, though, is perplexing. Flaxseeds contain lignans, which actually decrease testosterone levels.

In one clinical study conducted by Duke University, participants who were given flaxseed actually saw a decrease in total testosterone levels.

That seems to defeat the whole purpose of a male enhancement supplement.

Adverse side effects?

According to, common side effects associated with flaxseed powder are bloating, gas, constipation, and upset stomach.

Eurycoma Longifolia Root

What is it?

Eurycoma longifolia root, sometimes called longjack or Tongkat ali, is the root of a medium-sized shrub, native to southeast Asia.

What are the claims?

This root has been used for hundreds of years to treat erectile dysfunction, libido, and stamina.

According to, though, there is insufficient evidence that this root can raise testosterone levels or help with erectile dysfunction.

Adverse side effects?

Common side effects are mild and include insomnia, irritability, and restlessness.

Be warned, though, according to WebMD, some Eurycoma supplements have been found to contain high levels of mercury and lead, which can lead to liver damage, and eventually, liver failure.

Nettle Root Extract

What is it?

Nettle root is the root of the stinging nettle plant, which has been used for hundreds of years for its medicinal benefits.

What are the claims?

Although there are claims that the roots of the stinging nettle plant can boost testosterone production, there are no clinical studies to back these claims up.

Adverse side effects?

There are few side effects associated with nettle root. Upset stomach and excessive sweating have been known to occur in some people.

According to, you should speak to your doctor before supplementing with nettle root if you’re taking blood thinners, blood pressure medication, diabetes medication, diuretics, or lithium.

Pygeum Bark

What is it?

Pygeum bark is the dehydrated bark of an African plum tree.

What are the claims?

This bark has been used for thousands of years in Africa as an aphrodisiac, and supplement makers posit that it can boost testosterone and help with sexual performance.

There have been no studies though that confirm this.

As a matter of fact, a study published on MedScape found that Pygeum bark supplementation did not change testosterone levels significantly.

Adverse side effects?

Side effects are mostly stomach related and include nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and constipation.

Flower Pollen Extract

What is it?

Flower pollen can be found inside the flower of male plants. This is what is used to pollinate their female counterparts.

What are the claims?

It’s well known that flower pollen is rich in nutrients. Whether that translates into an improved sex life is anyone’s guess.

There is one study being floated on the internet that flower pollen gave a performance boost to athletes.

None of the websites that state this offer any links to the original study, though.

Adverse side effects?

There are no known side effects to supplementing with flower pollen.

How Does Provarin Compare To Other Supplements?

There are numerous male enhancement supplements on the market. Two main competitors of Provarin are VigRX and Extenze.

Let’s take a look at these supplements and see how they compare to Provarin.

Provarin Compared to VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is one of the most popular male enhancement supplements on the market today. content/uploads/2016/03/vigrx plus
1 Month supply of Vigrx Plus.

It has been around for well over 18 years and has withstood the test of time.

VigRX makes many of the same claims as Provarin, the only difference being that VigRX actually has a clinical study that supports these claims.

Pricing Differences

Both VigRX and Provarin are similarly priced. VigRX is actually cheaper than Provarin for a one month supply and only gets slightly more expensive than Provarin for a 3 and 6 month supply.

Ingredients Comparison

While both Provarin and VigRX contain ingredients that boost sexual health, a daily dosage of Provarin only contains 557mg of active ingredients.

VigRX boasts nearly twice the daily dosage as Provarin at 1080mg. A far better bang for your buck.

Product REviews

This is a pretty hard one to compare. VigRX has been around for nearly 20 years, and their website is loaded with positive reviews for their product.

Provarin, on the other hand, doesn’t have any testimonials on their website, and online reviews are few and far between.

Provarin Compared to Extenze

extenze plus review
1 month supply of Extenze

Extenze has been around for 20 years now and has sold over a billion pills during that time. They must be doing something right.

Let’s take a look at how it compares to Provarin.

PRicing Differences

Pricing structures for Provarin and Extenze are fairly similar. Both start at a base price of around $60-$70 for a 1-month supply, and they get cheaper for 3 and 6-month supplies.

Extenze is slightly cheaper for a 1-month supply, and only slightly more expensive for a 3 and 6-month supply.

Ingredients Comparison

Both Provarin and Extenze us all-natural ingredients that are intended to improve male sexual health.

The main difference between the two is Extenze also adds 125% of the recommended daily value of Folic Acid and 115% of the recommended daily value of Niacin.

Both of which have been shown to effectively treat erectile dysfunction.

product Reviews

Again, objective reviews of Provarin are pretty hard to find online.

I’m not sure if that’s because it’s such a new product, or if there just aren’t that many happy customers willing to write a review.

With billions of pills sold, you can find thousands of positive reviews online for Extenze®.

Where to Buy Provarin

Provarin can be purchased online at The cost of a 1-month supply of Provarin is $69.95.

Buying in bulk will save you some money, with a 3-month supply selling for $139.95 and a 6-month supply selling for  $199.95.

A Note About the Provarin Guarantee

For me, the Provarin money-back guarantee is a huge red flag. According to their website, they suggest you, “Take Provarin for no less than 30 days to see desired effects”.

They also mention that delivery can take, “7-9 business days”.

The problem is that Provarin only offers a 30-day money-back guarantee “from the time of purchase”, as opposed to VigRX and Extenze, each of which offers a 67-day money-back guarantee.

So by the time you have figured out Provarin isn’t right for you, the money-back guarantee has already expired.

Pros and Cons of Provarin


  • All-natural formula.
  • Reduced price for buying in bulk.
  • Discreet billing and shipping.
  • Less expensive than some of its competitors.
  • Formulated with some ingredients proven to improve sexual health.


  • Some of the ingredients actually lower testosterone levels.
  • Not on the market long enough to withstand the test of time.
  • It must be taken long-term to see results.
  • A terrible money-back guarantee.
  • Very few reviews online or social proof to determine efficacy.


Almost all men have to combat sexually related deficiencies as we age.

Thankfully there are male enhancement supplements available to us to help us boost our libidos, get and maintain erections, increase our testosterone levels, and give us the energy we need to perform well in bed.

Is Provarin the right male enhancement supplement for the job, though? We’re just not so sure yet.

Based on it being such a new product, as well as the lack of online reviews, it’s really hard for us to recommend Provarin to our readers.

When you take into account the ingredients in Provarin that actually lowers testosterone levels, it makes it even harder to recommend.

Our suggestion; if you’re starting to see a decline in your sexual health, you may want to go with a male sexual enhancing supplement that has withstood the test of time and has online social proof that it actually works as directed.

For Best Results – We Recommend VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is the #1 Male Virility Supplement for a reason, with millions of units sold worldwide it is our recommended Male Enhancement supplement for best results!

If you are looking for a clinically tested formula, from a company that guarantees its results with a bottom-of-the-bottle 67-day Guarantee, look no further.

Learn more about Vigrx Plus in our comprehensive review here.

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By Strontium90,  May 17, 2020
In Short: I would NOT recommend this to a friend.

I purchased four bottles and followed the instructions to the letter while observing no effect at all. The instructions state to take with food, I tried without eating, and no effect at all.  I doubled the intake, waited, and no effect. I doubled that intake and there was no effect and no response for taking too many at one time.  I have no illness/injury/health issues, stay fit, and just getting older. From my perspective this was totally useless.

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