How HGH Supplements Work

By: Rob Miller

How Hgh Supplements Work

We get alot of questions emailed to us asking the difference between the products we feature on this website and real growth hormone.

We decided to give you this brief, but detailed, explanation of how hgh releasers work to increase your overall hgh levels.

First, we must understand what these pills do, and common misconceptions and myths about these supplements.

how hgh supplements workIs It Legal To Buy Pure Hgh?

Growth Hormone, in it’s pure form, is not available without a prescription, and must be administered by a licensed physician.

On average, the cost of these therapies, which are often administered by injection, can cost upwards of $15,000 for a years worth.This is not practical for most people, and previously, only the very wealthy were able to afford this.

Recent advances in medical science have altered that way hgh can be produced.

Throughout our childhood and adolescent years, hgh has been produced in the pituitary gland.

After careful analysis, it has been found that taking certain types of amino acids and peptides can dramatically alter the amount ofgrowth hormoneproduced naturally.

These supplements are called releasers.

So What is A Releaser?

Using injections used to be the only way you could safely enhance hgh levels in the human body.

Releasers, such as Genf20 Plus, use a careful combination of ingredients such as l-arginine, l-glutamin, and GABA to allow the pituitary gland to effectively produce more growth hormone naturally. They are available over the counter, and can be found at local grocery stores such as Walgreen’s, rite-aide, and walmart.

Are These Pills Safe To Take?

Since these supplements contain all natural ingredients, they are generally deemed completely safe.

However, there are some low-quality brands floating around the market which contain very low doses of the necessary nutrients and amino acids.

These low quality brands often render the process ineffective, giving you a complete waste for your money. Be sure to do your due diligence when looking into the various supplements available.

How Long Do I have To Take These Pills?

Generally speaking, most users report the best results after using the products for at least 6 months, however many report quicker results such as improved sleep quality and overall feelings of well being.

By taking a supplement such as Genf20 Plus, they recommend that you take at least 3 months worth before gaining any significant results.

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According to WebMD, it may help with fat loss to a small degree, but not in a hugely significant way.- Rob

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