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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-5-2018

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Some fat burning supplements are marketed with sexy images of hot women in bikinis and sweaty, ripped gym rats.

They appeal to the side of you that longs to have the beach-ready body you see on the screen. Other supplements take a more serious approach.

They use scientific terminology and talk about clinical studies, in the hope that you will be convinced of just how effective their product is.

The Leptigen website is definitely more aligned with the second method.

It almost looks like the website of a prescription weight loss supplement, complete with links to detailed information about each of the ingredients, including clinical studies they may have been involved with.

Leptigen Benefits

Leptigen is designed to be a full service weight loss pill that takes you through the peaks, valleys, and plateaus of your journey.

It supports fat loss by:

  • Suppressing your appetite.
  • Providing thermogenic support for burning fat.
  • Boosting your energy for workouts as well as motivation throughout the day.

That’s what it promises, but let’s take a look at the ingredients to see if it has a shot at delivering.

Leptigen ReviewLeptigen Ingredients

The Leptigen website lists all the ingredients and goes into pretty deep detail about how they work.

The list includes:

  • Meratrim (400mg), which is a proprietary combination of Sphaeranthus Indicus and Garcinia Mangostana.

    Sphaeranthus is extracted from a flower and is used to reduce stress and anxiety while alleviating inflammation.

    Mangosteen, when combined with Sphaeranthus, is thought to induce weight loss.
  • ChromeMate (100mcg)is another proprietary ingredient.

    This one is made from Chromium Polynicotinate, and helps control blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

    It’s a very bioavailable form of chromium, meaning it’s more easily absorbed and able to be used more efficiently by the body.

    Controlling blood sugar levels helps curb hunger, and especially cravings.
  • Green Tea Extract (200mg) which is an antioxidant that helps fight against free radical damage, which occurs more frequently while you’re losing weight.

    It also contributes to maintaining normal blood glucose levels and has components (catechins) that increase fat burning.
  • Caffeine (75mg) which is of course a stimulant found in hundreds of weight loss products.

    It provides energy, speeds up your metabolism, improves athletic performance, increases focus, and even improves your mood.

    No wonder it’s the most popular weight loss supplement ingredient.

Clinical Studies

Along with the ingredient information, Leptigen provides information about clinical studies performed on each.

Meristem was tested on 100 participants who showed that after following a 2000 calorie a day diet and exercising for 30 minutes 5 days a week while taking Meristem for 8 weeks lost weight and reduced their BMI.

Unfortunately, they don’t mention what kind of dosing was used and whether or not there was a control group participating in the study.

Chromium was clinically tested on obese female in a 9 week study that found reduced weight in the participants who took Chromium.

Unfortunately, they do not mention what dose was used.

The clinical testing they cite involving Green Tea Extract was more about energy than weight loss, but it was shown to increase energy.

Caffeine has had countless studies done to show its effect on both energy and weight loss.

At 75mg, a serving of Leptigen has about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee.

Leptigen Reviews

Up till now, Leptigen seems like it could be pretty promising.

The biggest problem is that we’re not sure the dosing is high enough to have a real effect.

Next we look to the customer feedback to see if people who actually use it find it to be effective.

Unfortunately, the news is not good.

Because Leptigen is sold on Amazon.com, there are plenty of customer reviews, and a full 35% of them give Leptigen only 1 star. Ouch.

Here’s what some of the customers had to say:

Colleen says: “Total waste of money, Join Weight Watchrs for cheaper and get way better results, I wish I could get my money back”.

Busy Mom says: “I bought from there website, First red flag for me was when I backed out of the order and later got an email saying I could try it for $1, I only tried one pill but it gave me a headache, made my stomach sick, and just made my head feel like it was swimming, I took it at 12:30 before lunch and I had a hard time sleeping that night”.

Shirley says: “Did not work for me, make me very nauseous, Forget their guarantee, They will not refund your money”.

Of course, there are some positive reviews as well, just not as many and not as enthusiastic:

Auggie says: “This stuff works, Expensive as hell, but my fat ass has gotten thinner”.

Runner Girls says: “My wife bought this stuff online last year and it helped her lose a bunch of weight, Now I’m about to start – wish me luck”.

Where to Buy

You’ll notice a few reviewers talked about how expensive Leptigen is, so let’s talk about that.You can’t pick it up in stores, but it is available online both through their official website and at Amazon.com.

On their website, a single bottle (30-day supply) costs a whopping $109.95. You can save quite a bit, though, by buying multiple bottles at once.Buying a 90-day supply brings the per bottle cost down to $89.95 – still expensive but a lot less than $110.

They also offer a “free trial,” but it turns out not to really be free if you take a closer look.All you pay upfront is $3.95 for shipping, and they send you a one month supply.But if you read the fine print, you’ll see that you’re also signing up for their Member Program where they send you a new bottle every month at the price of $89.95. They even charge you for the original “free” bottle.And they put all this into motion unless you call and cancel your membership within 14 days of the day you originally placed your order.

The biggest problem is that most people aren’t aware of what they’re signing up for because they bury the information in the tiny Terms and Conditions section at the bottom of the order page.

The other option you have is buying it from Amazon.com.

A purchase there costs a straight $109.95 and won’t get you involved with any monthly charges.

Leptigen Pros and Cons

Advantages of Leptigen

  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • The website explains how each ingredient works and provides information on clinical testing that’s been performed.

Disadvantages of Leptigen

  • It’s expensive.
  • The Leptigen reviews on Amazon.com are pretty dismal, in terms of both the quality of the product and the service provided by the company.
  • The clinical studies don’t discuss ingredient dosing, so we don’t know if the doses in Leptigen are effective.
  • A lot of customers have gotten caught up in the “free” trial nightmareof trying to cancel monthly charges and having a lot of difficulty doing so.


Leptigen is far too expensive for what it does, which may actually be nothing.The real key to weight loss is diet and exercise.

Adding a supplement that helps burn fat, provide energy, and suppress appetite can help, but ultimately it’s about the work you put in.

In the case of Leptigen, you’d be better off spending the money on good food and/or a gym membership.

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