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Rob Miller | April 27, 2013
Product Reviewed: Libidus
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libidus reviewDesigned to be taken shortly before sexual activity, the ED product known as Libidus has a bit of a confusing reputation.

The product of a Mexico-based manufacturing firm, it is unclear whether or not there are potentially harmful ingredients.

What can be said is that the manufacturer indicates that it contains Eurycoma Longfolia, which is a natural testosterone enhancer, Flos Catharmi to help improve blood flow which is essential in achieving an erection, Herba Epimedii which is seen as a somewhat traditional remedy for impotence, Herba Cistanches used to improve sexual function, Gingko Biloba for energy and stamina, and Astragulus Membranaceus which is something know for supporting tissue regrowth.

The manufacturer does not, however, go into any detail about quantities and percentages of the materials contained in the formula.

This is part of the reason that there is a bit of mystery around it, and there are also many websites that advocate against the use of the compound too.

Where to Buy

We found the product in several places, but believe that the right location to purchase it is through the manufacturer.

This way you know you are getting the actual product and not acquiring some sort of cheaper knock off.

Pros and Cons of Libidus

There are as many cons as pros for the use of Libidus.

The negative issues include:

  • The price per package is very high, even when purchased directly;
  • There are no clinical studies available;
  • There is no money back guarantee;
  • The maker does not offer a trial size;
  • There is no direct contact information for the manufacturer; and
  • There have been many consumer complaints about the product.

The positive issues would include:

  • There is a full list of the ingredients available;
  • The product is known to act quickly;
  • The ingredients will enhance genital blood flow and increase testosterone; and
  • There are some consumer reports available.

Best Price

As indicated, the best pricing is through the manufacturer who makes Libidus.

They offer it at a rate of $40 per ten capsules.Because a dose is two capsules it can easily translate to a very high priced solution for erectile dysfunction.


Without a guarantee or trial size, with some concerns about safety, and with the potential for problems with other medications, we cannot advocate the use of Libidus as a safe or viable treatment for those with ED or low sex drive.  Like many of these other products, we believe that the formulation is simply not strong enough, and doesn’t contain vital ingredients that are necessary for a potent product to treat impotence causes.

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User Reviews

Worked For Me

By  Rob Aug 15, 2017

I have taken this product a number of times. Unlike the product being touted here, Libidus only needs to be taken about 30-45 minutes before sex for its performance boosting capabilities to be taken advantage of, instead of needing to take it everyday like a vitamin over days and months.


The only side effect I noticed was that I had a slightly dry nasal passage, almost as though my nose was a little stuffy. Other than that, it worked great for me.


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Rob Miller: Two quick questions. 1.) If it worked so well then why did you rate it 1 star? and 2.) Were you aware that the reason it worked so well for you is because they were illegally injecting Vardenafil (active ingredient in prescription ED medications) into their supposed "all natural" formula?



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User Questions and Answers

Is it safe for a diabetic person to take libidus, and where can I get some in Durban, South Africa? Please help. -

Because of your condition, you'll need to speak with your doctor before taking any supplement. I haven't been able to locate any libidus retailers.  It may no longer be available.- Rob

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