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By: Rob Miller
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Fact Checked On: 6-19-2024

libimax plusThe manufacturer of the male performance product called Libimax Plus has made a lot of claims about this formula.

They say it increases a man’s endurance, the size and firmness of his erection, and improves his stamina.

Naturally, all of these claims made us eager to investigate the product.

We took a close look at the ingredients and labeling, looked for any consumer feedback, considered prices and then made our call about this product.

How Libimax Works and Ingredients

The first thing that struck us was the fact that you are supposed to take the Libimax Plus supplement only once every five days. Was it that powerful, or was it risky?

We looked at the list of “100% Herbal and Natural Ingredients” to determine if there was anything that could be dangerous.

What we found were the standard herbs known for supporting sexual function and male enhancement.

For instance, there was the Ginseng, Shizandra Fruit, and the Cordyceps Sinensis that appeared in almost all other male performance products.

We were pleased to find Arginine and the B vitamins in the mixture too because we know that these would work as vasodilators and mood enhancers.

The use of Arginine, specifically, almost guarantees that even a man with severe ED will feel a difference in function.

This is because it is a material that occurs naturally in the body, but also stimulates the production of NO (nitric oxide).

This causes the arteries to dilate and increased blood and oxygen to reach muscles and tissue.

If you have ever seen a bodybuilder that showed ropes of veins and seemed like he was about to burst you would be looking at the after-effects of NO.

So, just imagine how this functions in the tissue of the penis too.

User Results and Reviews

Of course, the “proof is in the pudding” and so we began looking for consumer reports or user feedback about the Libimax Plus product.

We were immediately startled by the many negative and generally angry posts.

From the calm “didn’t do a thing” to the “what a total ripoff” we realized that the amounts of Arginine and other vasodilators were not enough to warrant the use of the product.

When someone did mention that it had worked, they also rounded out the comments with some of the negative or bad side effects.

One customer had a 24 hour sinus headache they felt was related to using the product and someone else said that it worked but only allowed them to maintain an erection for a matter of minutes.

Where To Buy

The cost of Libimax Plus is also another of its “cons” or downsides.

For 30 pills the average cost is $145. This is prior to shipping.Additionally, the product is sold only through a very limited number of vendors, and this can make it difficult to obtain on a consistent basis.

One redeeming feature is that the manufacturer offers a 60 day money-back guarantee, but the lack of a formal or official website makes it hard to know if this guarantee will be easy to access.

With a 30 day supply costing $145, that means that sticking with it for a year is going to cost you just under $2,000 and that is quite hard to justify for just about anyone and I could not personally imagine spending that much yearly on an erectile dysfunction supplement.


Unfortunately, we cannot recommend Libimax Plus as a reliable answer to ED or other erectile issues.Though it does contain ingredients known to be beneficial to sexual functions, the poor feedback and generally unfavorable reviews indicate that the manufacturer may need to rework the formula that they use for the Libimax Plus product.

We also find the limited number of vendors and extremely high price of the product discouraging too.

Though the product has the appearances of being safe and valid, there are just too many negative issues to allow us to recommend that you use it for a problem associated with ED.

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User Reviews

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By DOUG,  Mar 23, 2013

Great product. Some people love it and some do not but it works very good and very smooth.  Some people look for bad efects to blame the product but you will not get it from THE REAL LIBIMAX .Good quality product. I have talked to people who used this for 10 years and no problems at all.  Men we just want boost and and a good a product for fair price. Watch out for fakes in the market if it is to cheap do not buy it and check for expires dates.If you want to take one product a week then this is it 1300 mg last 5 days 1500mg and 2000 mg last 7 days if this fits your needs this is the product for you.  I would highly recommend LIBIMAX just find the dose that works for you.

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By Gonzalo ramirez,  Mar 18, 2013

I've been taking libimax products for about 1 year now and found that they work great. Couldn't be happier but I recently took a premium 200mg and the 2nd day in I had a massive headache along with nasal congestion which is pretty weird.  It lasted throughout the whole night. As far as the pill it does work for 7 days but I wouldn't take it anymore if it brings the 2nd day headache.

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Originally posted on 05/20/11

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Can purchase libimax at a big drug store.? -Felix

It's only available online.- Rob

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  1. I have used Libimax plus many times. Take it on Friday and have fun on the weekend with my wife.

    It does help considerably with libido, drive, lasting sex etc. However several times I have also experienced the head ache and sinus issue. Then i take a sudafed (non drowsy behind the counter type) and two tylenol.

    Seems to help the headache go away. I guess it’s all about priorities.

    I wish there was a good 3 day sex drug out there without side effects.
  2. I am 72 and have tried several different products. I have used the Libimax Platinum 1300mg a couple of times and it is the only product that I have found effective.

    I would recommend this product. I can’t found it on the internet but I get it at a convenience store locally.

    The other products I tried had great reviews on the internet but had very little effect. I think that some of these reviews are put there by the manufacturer.

    Libimax does not advertise because their product works and they do not need to sell it with hard core marketing. That is my guess.

  3. i have been using libimax 1000mg for about 6 months and its worked great. i take one on friday afternoon and i’m set for the friends have used it and have had very good is hard to find.i have a friend who has a small herbal shop and he sells libimax.i do recommend this product.i am in my late forties and this libimax 1000mg has been great for me.the libimax that is packaged individually is the way to go.take one every 3 friend who owns the herbal shop ordered libimax in a bottle and it did not even come close to having the same positive effect.i don’t know what the difference was.BUY INDIVIDUAL PACKETS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. If you ask me its a pack of side effects and that’s what it is. It gave me a headache so bad I had to take drugs for it for 2 days and that too with just 6 days of its use.

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