Lipofuze Review – Effective Weight Loss?

Rob Miller | July 15, 2014
Product Reviewed: Lipofuze
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Lipofuze Overview

The internet is crawling with weight loss supplements, and there’s a reason for that. Losing weight is hard.

It’s hard physically and it’s hard psychologically.

People are very quick to get down on themselves when their efforts fail or they hit a plateau, and they are always looking for that magic pill to get them and keep them on track.

Knowing this, companies come up with these “magic pills” all the time, each one promising the moon, and very few of them delivering much of anything at all.

I came across an add for Lipofuze recently and decided to take a look.

It certainly makes its fair share of promises, including:

  • Elimination of binge eating
  • Intense fat burning.
  • Insane energy increase.
  • Increased lean muscle mass.

So my next question is what does Lipofuze have that the others don’t?

Lipofuze ReviewLipofuze Ingredients and How They Work

There are just 5 ingredients in the Lipofuze formula.

They are:

  • Green Coffee.

    This is one of the latest trend ingredients.

    It contains Chlorogenic Acid which may indeed boost metabolism and inhibit the release of glucose to regulate blood sugar.

    This Chlorogenic Acid is not found in roasted or brewed coffee.

    Hence the “green coffee” bean extract.

  • Irvingia Gabonensis.

    This is a rare extract that suppresses your appetite and increases your body’s capacity to burn fat.

  • Green Tea Extract.

    This targets stubborn fat cells for conversion to energy.

    It’s also a powerful antioxidant to keep cells healthy.

  • Co-Enzyme Q-10.

    This increases your metabolic rate so you’re burning more calories whether exercising or at rest.
  • Caffeine.

    As a stimulant, caffeine increases energy and focus.

    It also speeds up your metabolism for burning more calories and suppresses your appetite so you eat less.

The recommended dose is 2 Lipofuze capsules per day.

Lipofuze Pros and Cons

Advantages of Lipofuze

  • Its ingredients are all natural.

  • There is a money back guarantee.

  • You can find a good number of positive Lipofuze reviews on Amazon.

Disadvantages of Lipofuze

  • There are also plenty of negative reviews for Lipofuze, ranging from “this stuff doesn’t work” to “this stuff gave me diarrhea.”

Where to Buy

Lipofuze is available online through several websites, including Amazon.

The 60 capsules bottle is a one month supply, and it sells for $49.95 on the official website and slightly cheaper through Amazon.If you go the official route, you’ll be covered by a 90 day money back guarantee that includes one used bottle and any other bottles as long as they are still sealed.


With all the disappointing weight loss products on the market, I don’t see any compelling reason to go with Lipofuze.

With as many negative reviews as it’s got, the chances are you won’t have much success with it.

Have You Used Lipofuze? Leave Your Review Below!

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