MaxErect Review – The Cure for Erectile Dysfunction?

Rob Miller | January 6, 2014
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MaxErect Overview

The overwhelmingly vast majority of products we review here at the site are oral supplements.

But every once in a while, we come across something a little different. Sometimes it’s a pump or extender. Sometimes a gel or topical cream.

Today it’s a ring called MaxErect. MaxErect is a small, simple device you place at the base of your penis.

It helps correct mild erectile dysfunction in men who struggle with it.

And it improves erections and confidence for guys who need or just want a little boost.

The doctors who invented MaxErect commissioned a study whereby men who’d had their prostate removed and were taking other courses of action to correct their ED were asked to use MaxErect.

Those who did experienced marked improvement in their ED symptoms.

MaxErect ReviewHow MaxErect Works

MaxErect is made of soft yet durable material.

It’s placed at the base of the penis before the penis becomes erect.

It’s specifically designed to allow blood to flow into the penis during arousal, but not to flow back out again.

It’s uniquely designed to expand so it can continue to be comfortable while still exerting pressure, even as the penis becomes larger.

Each ring is reusable and can last for years with proper use and care.

MaxErect Testimonials

While we did not find independent MaxErect reviews from customers outside the website, there were several favorable testimonials found on the site:

  • “After my prostatectomy, MaxErectrestored to me what I thought was gone forever – a firm erection without pills, pumps, or injections.”
  • “The MaxErect has been a godsend!

    We now make love all the time and the fun and intimacy have been restored to our marriage.”
  • “With MaxErect, I got an erection even bigger than when I was young. And I got it within minutes!

    My wife and I could not be happier.”

Benefits of MaxErect

  • It doesn’t require pills, pumps, or surgery.
  • It’s been clinically shown to work.
  • It’s guaranteed.
  • There are no side effects.

Drawbacks of MaxErect

  • It’s expensive upfront.
  • It does nothing for libido or energy.

Where to Buy

You can purchase MaxErect online through its website. There are two packages offered.

The difference is basically that one has more size options than the other.

The Assurance Enhancer Package goes for $99.95 and you can have the ED Eliminator Pack for $129.95.


For anyone who doesn’t want to take pills and feels uncomfortable using something more bulky like a pump or extender, MaxErectis a good choice.Because it doesn’t do anything for libido or energy, it’s mainly for men with actual dysfunction issues rather than guys just wanting to spice things up.

But if you’re a good candidate, I think you’ll find MaxErect quite useful.

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