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If you’re not feeling yourself lately and you feel like you’ve hit a snag, then perhaps you want to find something that can help perk you up.

With many supplements on the market promising the fountain of youth, it is important to think about whether this supplement might be the best for you.

Metaphenol 27 has the properties in it to help build a stronger mind and body.

Learn more about this anti-aging supplement that has many talking about the benefits that come with it.

If you feel that your brain is foggy or that you require more time to get upstairs because your joints hurt, this might be the answer you’ve been searching for.

What is Metaphenol 27?

metaphenol 27 reviewMetaphenol 27 is a supplement that uses S.P.A.R. technology to reverse aging in those that are using the product as directed.

S.P.A.R. or Spontaneous Age Reversal comes with three different phases that provide the user with a way to not only remove those old cells but make new ones and then fix so many other things.

You can find that this method, when used properly, is one of the best on the market according to many users.

Using the technology of removing and freeing the body from free radicals, it then works to protect and repair the system as a whole.

Metaphenol 27 Ingredients

metaphenol 27 ingredients label

Knowing the ingredients within Metaphenol 27 is important.

You want to know what you’re putting into your system and with the right information on the product, as well as what works to help provide the results you want, you can learn whether or not this product is right for you.

Many of the ingredients in Metaphenol 27 are natural products, and a handful of them are active ingredients doing the hard work.


Pycnogenol –This ingredient is a compound of chemicals that are naturally found in nature.Found in the bark of pine trees, it is collected and then added to supplements.Pycnogenol has been shown to provide relief for those suffering from asthma and allergies, it has also shown to provide help with heart and artery health, as well as improving the overall blood flow throughout the body resulting in better blood pressure levels.In addition to this benefits, it has also been shown to provide positive effects for the eyes and diabetes, amongst otheruses.(Reference:1)

Green Tea Extract –Green Tea Extract is an ingredient that is used often in many supplements. content/uploads/2019/01/1bottle 3
Green Tea extract leaves

Green tea has numerous health benefits that comewith consuming it, so it is only normal that it comes in many supplements that aid in rehabilitation. WebMD states that some of the known benefits of green tea include, but are not limited to, improving mental alertness, helps relieve depression, can prevent various cancers, helps to treat stomach disorders and other gastrointestinal issues, it can help to reduce headaches and fight against osteoporosis.

It has also shown to provide benefits to gum disease. (Reference:2)

Blackstrap Molasses –A byproduct of sugar care reprocessing, this molasses is known by many healers across the world. content/uploads/2019/01/1bottle 3
Blackstrap Molasses

Used for centuries in not only remedies but also in recipes for cooking; it is a sugary sweet substance that comes with some health benefits.According to Healthline, blackstrap molasses is rich in nutrients and vitamins such as iron, B6, calcium, magnesium and many others.It is hailed as a superfood to many.

Its good for bones, blood, and even diabetics.(Reference:3)

Guarana Seed Extract –Derived from a plant, the seeds are usually used to brew a drink from. content/uploads/2019/01/1bottle 3
Guarana Seed Extract

This extract is still used to this day, as it was in the past, as a healing product.

It can be used for a number of reasons according to WebMD such as for weight loss, mental sharpness, energy booster, aphrodisiac, and to increase athletic performance.

It helps to stimulate the central nervous system which then jumpstarts the organs and blood flow in the body.(Reference:4)

Metaphenol 27 Side Effects

While it is a natural supplement, there are some side effects that can happen, just like with any other supplement on the market.

It is important that you consider the side effects prior to using the supplement. content/uploads/2019/01/1bottle 3
Metaphenol 27 side effects include upset stomach

You should also speak with your healthcare provider to see if this is the right supplement for you, especially those that have medical conditions.

  • Upset stomach or other gastrointestinal issues
  • Headaches
  • Caffeine jitters
  • Unpleasant taste in your mouth
  • Weight loss

Other side effects are possible, but it is important to note that many are on a person-by-person basis.

The natural ingredients in the supplement can cause further side effects on their own, so it is important that you consult with a physician regarding the use of Metaphenol 27 so that you are taking them safely.

Metaphenol 27 Reviews

There are only a few reviews that can be found regarding this product on the market.

They are all positive reviews from those that have used the product as an anti-aging agent.
Metaphenol 27 is reportedly backed by a guarantee

They have noticed that their skin is clearer and more hydrated.

With a more youthful appearance after using the product, they are hoping for further results to show.

They do state that Metaphenol 27 has to be taken for a month or so to see results from it.

Further research, studies and reports of those taking the supplement need to be conducted in order to find out more about this product and the safety, as well as results that people are getting from it.

Methaphenol 27 FAQ

Is Methaphenol 27 FDA Approved?

As with any other supplement on the market, Methapehnol 27 has not been approved through the FDA. Natural products are not under the regulation of FDA standards.

Can I purchase Methaphenol 27 in stores?

Currently, Methaphenol 27 is only available for purchase online.

Is Methaphenol 27 safe to take?

Methaphenol 27 can be safe for most to take when taken according to the package instructions.

However, everyone is different and it is important that you speak with your medical care provider to find out if this is a safe product for you to take.

Additionally, those with any type of medical condition should consult with their doctor first.

Who was Metaphenol 27 made for?

This product can be taken by men and women of any age that want to look and feel younger. content/uploads/2019/01/1bottle 3

Not only that, but those that feel that they are aging faster, that are feeling older than they feel they should or perhaps have joint or bone problems might want to reduce the symptoms of these conditions often look into taking this product.

Metaphenol 27 should not be taken by anyone under the age of 30, as this product is not intended for those of the younger ages.

They may not see any results when the product is taken due to the fact that aging has yet to set in.

Will Metaphenol 27 make me feel and look younger?

Methaphenol 27 has been formulated to help with a number of things that can help the user feel and look younger.

Individual results may vary, though. content/uploads/2019/01/1bottle 3

Used by some, Metaphenol 27 has been shown to provide positive effects in skin, nails, and hair; which has been shown to be true.

This can be due to a large number of vitamins and minerals found within the supplements.

Can I try it before I buy it?

This is a common question with so many supplements on the market that promise to provide results.

While some online places do offer free samples, they are not enough for the user to actually see results with.

Many of the previous users of this product have stated that you need to take it for 3 to 5 weeks before seeing any results, while the samples are only for a couple of days at most.

Pros and Cons of Methaphenol 27 content/uploads/2019/01/1bottle 3


  • Provides clearer, softer, younger looking skin
  • Easy to take
  • Natural ingredients
  • Provides a boost of energy
  • Can increase libido
  • Many state it reverses the effects of aging
  • Helps to provide mental clarity


  • May not work as well as some would like
  • Individual results may vary
  • Not many studies have been done to show how safe the product actually is
  • May interact with other medications
  • May not be safe to take if you have other medical conditions

Conclusion content/uploads/2019/01/1bottle 3

Many ask whether or not this product is worth taking or paying the price for.

According to many that have already taken the medication, Metaphenol 27 is well worth the money and the time that you put into it.

However, depending on your unique situation, medical conditions, medications you’re taking and other situations, it is important to note that this may not be the best.

Little has been studied on this product and the exact results that are gotten from it.

Due to this, it might not be the safest product on the market that can be taken to reduce the effects of aging.

Every person should consult with their physician to find out if it is right for them or not.

This is for safety purposes, especially since some of the natural ingredients might react with the medications or other supplements that the person is taking.

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

By Tony Nespor,  Mar 5, 2019
In Short: I would NOT recommend this to a friend.

I have purchased 6 bottles of Methaphenol 27 and used it for 6 months. I live healthy lifestyle and sorry to say, I have not noticed any difference.


Do not waste your money. All the hype is nothing but lies.


Before I ordered, I tried to locate some reviews but could not find anything. The 100% guarantee that the product works with no time limit is a lie too.


You can only return unused bottles. I figured I will give it a sufficient time to see it I feel any positive effect, but there was nothing .


So the product does not work and I don't get my money back. Well, do some bogus write-up, pack some vitamins and sell them at crazy price.


Make lot of money before people find out. It is really sad that they can get away with it!


Was this review helpful to you?
753 out of 765 people found this review helpful.

By SOLOMON B BERHANE,  Feb 26, 2019
In Short: I would NOT recommend this to a friend.

I am 72 years old but my body does not look that old, thanks God. Unfortunately I have been having trouble with my muscles for the last three years and diagnosed as poly mialgya rheumatica (PMR) and started taking medications which did not help.


After viewing Dr. Gerhauser's video presentation I was convinced that it would be the answer to my problem. 26 days taking 3 tablets a day showed no effect at all. I did not face any side effects but it did not help me.


Was this review helpful to you?
626 out of 635 people found this review helpful.

Honest Company

By Judith,  May 14, 2019
In Short: I would NOT recommend this to a friend.

The product did not give the results advertised. I was disappointed.


I do realize each body is different and this happens. I did request my refund, and I had it in about 5 days.


I found the company to be honest in their money back guarantee.

Was this review helpful to you?
270 out of 270 people found this review helpful.

Barbara ames's Review

By Barbara ames,  Jun 4, 2019

I am on my 3rd bottle of Metaphenol 27 and am feeling worse everyday. I am so disappointed.


I will try to take the rest of the 3rd bottle-always hoping! If not, I will be sending the empty bottle back but had discarded the other two empty bottles.


Barbara Ames

Was this review helpful to you?
214 out of 216 people found this review helpful.

metaphenol 27

By Jeannie,  May 29, 2019
In Short: I would recommend this to a friend.

I would recommend this product. Have been taking for 3 months 2 month on 1 month off. Increase in energy and great improvement on skin.


I am 84 and always looked young for age but this product made me feel much younger

Was this review helpful to you?
159 out of 172 people found this review helpful.

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