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Rob Miller | April 5, 2014
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MHP Secretagogue-One Overview

Some people swear by Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for preserving lean muscle and providing numerous anti-aging benefits.

One of those people is Dr. Vincent Giampapa, Hormone Replacement Specialist and founder of Longevity Institute International.

He and many others believe that one of the leading causes of the effects of aging is the decreses year after year to the body’s natural HGH producing mechanism.

Conversely, if we could somehow get our bodies to produce more HGH naturally, we would look better, feel better, perform better, and age better.

Dr. Vincent Giampapa endorses MHP Secretagogue-Oneas an effective way to enhance the body’s natural production of HGH and IGF-1. The effects of this increase are:

  • Improved physical performance.

  • Faster, more complete recovery from training.
  • Increased cardiac output.
  • Enhanced immune functions.
  • Increased muscle tone.
  • Better mood.
  • Deeper sleep.

And the list goes on.

So let’s see what’s in MHP Secretagogue-One that gets you all these amazing results.

MHP Secretagogue-One ReviewMHP Secretagogue-One Ingredients and How They Work

MHP Secretagogue-One comes in packets you mix with water and drink on an empty before bedtime.

The reason MHP Secretagogue-One is taken at bedtime is that HGH is released while you sleep.

So if you’re providing the optimal environment for that to happen, you’ll get better results.

The reason it comes in packets to dissolve in water is that the effervescence acts to neutralize stomach acid so the ingredients are better absorbed.

As far as the ingredient list goes, MHP Secretagogue-One uses many of the same components found in other HGH and IGF-1 releasers on the market.

They are primarily amino acids that are used as precursors to HGH and IGF-1 and compounds for the support of the pituitary gland and include:

  • L-Glutamine
  • Glycine
  • GABA
  • Pyroglutamic Acid
  • L-Lysine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Arginine
  • Broad Bean

MHP Secretagogue-One comes in Lemon Ice or Orange flavors.

It’s recommended that you cycle your use, 2 months on and one month off.

MHP Secretagogue-One Pros and Cons

Advantages of MHP Secretagogue-One

  • It’s endorsed by a doctor with a relevant specialization.

  • I found several favorable MHP Secretagogue-One reviews from customers.

Disadvantages of MHP Secretagogue-One

  • It’s expensive.

  • Despite anecdotal evidence, the science of HGH releasers is still not resolved.

  • There is nothing exceptional in the formula t justify the expense.

Where to Buy

You can buy MHP Secretagogue-One at GNC or other online retailers.

I’ve seen a 30 packet box cost as much as $75 and as little as $40, so make sure you shop around for the best deal.


More and more people are starting to believe in the benefits of HGH releasers, but science still hasn’t proven it to work.

I prefer to have science on our side, but if so many guys say it works, it’s hard not to believe.

While MHP Secretagogue-One may not be the miracle muscle building supplement it hopes to be, lots of guys use it and other HGH releasers for easy recovery, great sleep, and just to feel great.

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This works!

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Since using this in my vitamin intake, I have noticed a difference.My belly fat is reducing, I'm sleeping better, more energy, mood is lifted.


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