Mr. Stiff Review – Miracle Cream or Major Disappointment?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-5-2018


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Mr. Stiff Review

There are several factors that may lead to sexual fatigue. This includes anxiety, stress, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure among several others. Thankfully, men are in luck because there are male enhancement products available that are safe and effective to use.

Mr. Stiff is one of the many male enhancement products available to men today. This product claims to help men achieve erections that last longer and are harder and stronger. Mr. Stiff is different from other male enhancement supplements in the fact that it is in cream form and is not a pill that is taken.

How Mr. Stiff Works

Just like with a competing cream called Xtraman, there is limited information provided about the ingredients that are used in Mr. Stiff. One of the online health retailers that sell the product states that Mr. Stiff contains Yohimbe Extract and L-Arginine. These two ingredients are quite common in male enhancement products and Yohimbe Extract has been proven to be effective as a sexual enhancer when combined with the appropriate ingredients. Some of the other ingredients that would be beneficial to the formula are Muira Puama, Damiana, Terrestris, and Tribulus. However, it is unknown whether these are included in the products formula.

Mr. Stiff is designed in a cream form and is to be applied at least thirty minutes before any type of sexual activity. The cream is supposed to open up the blood vessels in the penis to allow for increased blood flow creating a harder and stronger erection.

Pros and Cons of Mr. Stiff

Mr. Stiff Pros:

  • Advertisement for the product states that it is fast acting
  • The product may have Yohimbe Extract, which is a proven aphrodisiac

Mr. Stiff Cons:

  • Full list of ingredients is not provided
  • No official website
  • Little is known about the manufacturer
  • Little information about the product

Where to Buy Mr. Stiff

I was a bit confused about where to buy Mr. Stiff. I’ve found sites that report the product is available for as little as $65 for a single tube and others that state it is as much as $244. Unfortunately, there is no official website for the product or manufacturer that I have found and overall information about the product is lacking.

Is Mr. Stiff Recommended?

I regret that I cannot recommend Mr. Stiff. Information about the product is difficult to find. There is little known about the ingredients that the product actually contains and less known about the manufacturer of the product. In addition, I am not sure which sites have the product available for purchase.

When it comes down to it, there are many male enhancement supplements available that are made by reputable manufacturers and offer clinical studies, money back guarantees, and customer testimonials to back them up. This is one product that does not seem worth the risk of purchasing, especially since the lowest price I could find for it was $65 and there is no information about how long that particular supply would last.

Have you used this product? Leave your Mr. Stiff review below!

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User Questions and Answers

I have a bottle of Mr. Stiff Yohimbe cream with L'Arginine Dist. by Avalon Products N Hollywood 91616, a 60 day supply, can't find them on the internet can u tell where to find it. Product works well. -Oliver Rudder

I haven't had any luck either. I think it may have been discontinued.- Rob

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