NOW Tribulus 1000 And Chitosan Review – Is It Right for You?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 11-4-2018

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NOW Tribulus 1000 Overview

NOW Tribulus 1000 is a daily supplement made by NOW Foods.  It’s targeted primarily toward men of a certain age who might benefit from an increase in testosterone levels for improved sex and athleticism.  The idea is that this supplement, though it contains no actual hormone, can boost the body’s own natural production of testosterone, allowing you to experience benefits that include:

  • More lean muscle mass
  • Less belly fat
  • Greater energy
  • Increased libido
  • More energy and stamina

NOW Tribulus 1000 ReviewNOW Tribulus 1000 Ingredients and How They Work

There is only one active ingredient in NOW Tribulus 1000.  That’s Tribulus Terrestris.  Tribulus is a perennial plant grown primarily in India.  It’s been used for centuries in ancient cultures as a tonic for sexual dysfunction.  The way it works is by increasing the secretion of Luteinizing Hormone.  The LH in turn signals the body to produce more testosterone.  It won’t cause endless amounts of testosterone to be produced.  Instead, it works to provide a healthier balance.  As a result, it’s effects seem to be more pronounced in older men and men with already decreased testosterone levels.

NOW Tribulus 1000 contains 1000 mgs of Tribulus Terrestris with a minimum of 45% Saponins which makes it one of the more potent formulas you can buy, especially for the price.  The recommended dose is 1 tablet taken once or twice daily.

NOW Tribulus 1000 Pros and Cons

Knowing what’s good and what’s bad about any particular supplement can help you figure out if taking it will result in an overall positive effect on you.

Benefits of NOW Tribulus 1000

  • It’s made by respected supplement company NOW Foods.
  • There are plenty of favorable NOW Tribulus 1000 reviews from customers, especially regarding sexual effects.
  • It’s available at some local retailers.
  • It’s pretty affordable.

Drawbacks of NOW Tribulus 1000

  • NOW Tribulus 1000 tends not to have much effect on young, healthy men with normal testosterone levels.
  • You shouldn’t expect big gains in the gym.
  • You may have to stack NOW Tribulus 1000 with other supplements to achieve the effect you’re looking for.

Where to Buy

NOW Tribulus 1000 is pretty widely available.  You can find it in stores, like GNC and online through a number of supplement retailers, including directly from the NOW Foods website.  The 90-count bottle sells direct for $20, while the  180-count saves you a little money with its $37.99 price tag.  We found significant discounts by looking around the internet.


NOW Tribulus 1000 isn’t going to significantly change your life.  That said, you could get some benefit from it if you’re a good candidate and you’ve got reasonable expectations.  If you’re aver 35 and you’re primarily looking for a bedroom boost, with maybe a little energy boost thrown in, NOW Tribulus 1000 could be an affordable way to go.

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NOW Chitosan Claims Fantastic Results

NOW Chitosan promises the moon. The claims of fat blocking made by Chitosan manufacturers gets our attention. Their claims are even more fantastic. Conventional Chitosan is a dietary fiber derived from the pulverized shells of crustaceans (like shrimp) that binds to fat and oils absorbing as much as ten times its own mass. Its patented process, called LipoSan Ultra, a high density formula, claims as much as five times the Chitosan as conventional processes packed into a single pill. You can do the math.

NOW Chitosan’s Patented Product Challenges Conventional ThoughtNOW Chitosan Review

NOW Chitosan with Chromium binds with fat and oils in the body and keeps the body from absorbing them, flushing and cleansing the system of the undesired fats and forcing the body to use up stored fat. The LipoSan Ultra formula plus Chromium combine to make a capsule that stifles the body’s ability to absorb fat while regulating blood sucrose level. It is a fat fighting regimen in a bottle.

NOW Chitosan – Burgers Back In Your Diet?

  • It blocks fat from being stored
  • It inhibits LDL (bad) Cholesterol and boosts HDL (good) Cholesterol
  • It helps control blood pressure and reduces uric acid in the blood

Can You Go Wrong With Now Chitosan?

  • No clinical study has validated the claims of NOW Chitosan and several independent studies suggest that chitosan products in general have no definitive effect on fat entering the body
  • It may seem like a risk to try NOW Chitosan

Try a Bottle of NOW Chitosan

Health Food stores across the United States and Canada carry NOW Chitosan with Chromium. It can be ordered on such websites as and Prices range anywhere from $16 to $22. Of course, it can also be ordered at where you can also search for stores in your area that carry the product.

NOW Chitosan is Another Good Weight Loss Tool

Now Chitosan with Chromium stands out above other chitosan products due to its patented LipoSan Ultra formula giving Now Chitosan five times the fat absorption properties of regular chitosan. The addition of Chromium helps regulate blood glucose by working with the body’s natural insulin. By absorbing the fats and oils in a person’s diet, it also stops fat stores from being increased and forces the body to use up previous fat stores. This results in a decrease in body mass index, weight loss and a smaller waist. The lack of clinical proof to identify how NOW Chitosan works does not nullify the fact that individuals have reported loss of weight, lower BMI’s and smaller waists. Because of its safe, all natural formula, it also poses no significant health risk for anyone to try it. Many are using this product as part of a healthy weight loss regimen and seeing positive results.

Have You used NOW Chitosan? Leave Your Review Below!

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