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OrvigoMax Overview

It seems like every time you turn around, there’s a new male enhancement supplement on the market, offering a “risk free trials”.  Today’s contender is called OrvigoMax.  It’s made by a health supplement company called Niwali (they make Test-O-Boost).  You can purchase it through the Niwali website, which is presented as a professional supplement retailer. It’s also presented on a few different websites offering it as a free trial product.  These are much more sensationalistic, with provocative images and descriptions.

What OrvigoMax promises to be is an all natural alternative to Viagra.  In fact, they states that the primary ingredient in their formula is the herb Pfizer copies when created Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra.  An hour or so after taking OrvigoMax, you’ll feel it starting to work, but it’s a daily supplement so the effects just keep building from there.  Speaking of effects, they are:

  • Rock hard erections
  • Increased Stamina and Endurance
  • Longer, more intense orgasms
  • Better performance and satisfaction
  • More control over the timing of your orgasm
  • More satisfaction for your partner
  • Bigger ejaculatory loads.

Orvigomax ReviewOrvigoMax Ingredients and How They Work

The OrvigoMax formula is proprietary, but they do let you know what ingredients go into it:

  • Epimedium is the herb they say Viagra was based on.  It improves blood flow to the penis for better, rock hard erections.
  • Korean Ginseng which is a powerful aphrodisiac and energy booster.
  • Maca, Muira Puama, Catuaba, and Damiana which are all ancient aphrodisiacs used for centuries to increase the male libido.
  • Tribulus Terrestris which increases the body’s own natural testosterone production to improve both desire and performance.

The recommended dose is two OrvigoMax capsules daily.

OrvigoMax Pros and Cons

Advantages of OrvigoMax

  • It contains several aphrodisiac herbs to increase libido.

Disadvantages of OrvigoMax

  • There are no independent OrvigoMax reviews from customers to help us know how well it works.
  • There is no money back guarantee.
  • OrvigoMax is a little on the expensive side and there are no discounts for bulk purchases.

Where to Buy

You have two options for purchasing OrvigoMax.  You can go to the Niwali website and purchase a one month supply for $67.  Otherwise, you can sign up for a “risk-free trial”.  This means that you pay only shipping up front for a bottle of OrvigoMax.  From the time you place the order, you have 14 days to try the product.  If you like it and wish to continue purchasing it month after month, do nothing and they will charge your credit card $59.95 for the trial bottle and each month thereafter.  If you don’t wish to continue buying it, call to cancel before the 14 day trial is up.


As you may or may not know, I’m not a big fan of the risk free trials.  Guys very often have a lot of trouble canceling the autoshipping feature, and a lot of times, they aren’t even aware of what they’re signing up for.  It’s a good thing that OrvigoMax is actually made by an established supplement company.  That makes it more likely that they’ll be responsive to their customers’ needs.  Still, in the end, I see no compelling reason to go with OrvigoMax.

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User Questions and Answers

How fast does it take to treat. Is it for long term? How much is it in Kenya? -Wilson

It works over time - usually about a 3-4 weeks for best results. But like any supplement, the effects only last as long as you're taking it. I haven't been able to find a retailer lately. I'm not sure where you can buy it.- Rob

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  1. I’m turning 50, although people think I’m 40 (doesn’t everyone say that) haha… I have been trying OrvigoMax for the last few months although I have not taken doses regularly. The instructions say to take 2 tablets daily and “on special occasions” take one 60 minutes before.

    I find when I do take it before the “special occasion”, I get a slight edginess in my body and a slight prickly feeling in my skin. Almost like a strong jolt of espresso or something.

    I have used Cialis due to an injury I received that requires nerve blocks which as you can imagine can affect sexual function. I wanted to find an alternative to Cialis and I believe I am receiving benefits from OrvigoMax.

    Definitely harder erections and more intense ejaculations. I cancelled my auto order and the rep offered a nice discounted price but I still declined and they promptly stopped the auto re-order.

    Maybe it was the rep but she was great. I’m always leary of any of these products but I thought what the h*ll, why not.

    So anyways, I’m not endorsing the product, I am in no way involved with niwali.
    1. Hello
      Just wondering why you decided to stop using Orvigimax if you said it worked for you, Have you found something else that works better?
    1. Hey Kevin,
      This is a review site. We’re not the company you ordered from, nor are we affiliated with them in any way.

      I looked on the OrvegoMax website, and it looks like you’ve got the right phone number. You’ll have to give them a call to cancel.


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