PearlX Review – Should You Use It?

Rob Miller | April 27, 2013
Product Reviewed: PearlX
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PearlX Overview

PearlX is a male enhancement supplement that claims to have the best solution for all the issues that come along with erectile dysfunction or any other sexual deficiency you may have.  You’ll see drastically improved performance, bigger size, and incredible stamina, all without expensive doctor visits, embarrassment at the cash register, or humiliating let downs with your partner.

PearlX is sold through their official website.  It’s got pretty much all the information we like to see, with a few exceptions.  The formula is proprietary so amounts are not shared.  It also doesn’t explain how each ingredient contributes.  The oddest thing about the website, however, is that it does not allow you to see pricing information unless you share your name, phone number, and email address.  We’re not sure why they would choose to operate this way.  It seems to me it would put more people off than they would like.

Nevertheless, PearlX is an available male enhancement product so we dug deeper to see what you might be able to expect if you use it.

PearlX ReviewPearlX Ingredients and How They Work

As we stated above, the ingredients are listed on the PearlX website.  They include:

  • L-Arginine for increased blood flow to the penis through the mechanism of increased nitric oxide.
  • Ginseng for better blood flow as well as increased energy and stamina.
  • Licorice Root.  We’re not sure why this is included.  There is some evidence that licorice may lower libido.
  • Ginger Root which is an aphrodisiac.
  • Saw Palmetto which supports prostate health and the male reproductive system overall.
  • Fennel Seed which increases libido.
  • Fo-Ti which supports youthful strength and vigor.
  • Astragalus Root Powder which benefits the immune system.

The recommended dose is 2 to 4 PearlX capsules taken 45 minutes prior to sexual activity.  It does not need to be taken daily, and the website states that it is okay to take with alcohol.

PearlX Pros and Cons

It’s always a good idea to step back and look at what’s good and what’s bad about a product.  Then you can compare the two and make the best decision about whether or not to use it.

Advantages of PearlX

  • There is no commitment.
  • It is all natural.
  • There are several positive customer testimonials.
  • It contains L-Arginine for better blood flow.

Disadvantages of PearlX

  • There is no satisfaction guarantee.
  • You can only return unopened product.
  • The ingredients are propriety so we cannot know whether or not the ingredients (particularly the L-Arginine) are present at sufficient levels.
  • You cannot see pricing information unless you offer your name and contact information.
  • We found no independent PearlXreviews from customers not affiliated with the website.
  • It’s expensive.

Where to Buy

You can purchase PearlX through the official website.   2 capsules sell for $9.99.  You can get 10 for $49.99.  And if you buy 20 capsules (which would represent 5 to 10 doses depending on which end of the dosing recommendation you adhere to), you’ll pay $79.99.


Like we always say, there are so many choices in the male enhancement market, you don’t have to settle for anything but the best.  And in our opinion, PearlX ain’t it.  There’s no real satisfaction guarantee.  The ingredients are mediocre at best, and their amounts are not revealed.  And you can’t even check prices without giving them your contact info.

Have You Used PearlX?  Leave Your Review Below!

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