RexBull Review – Is RexBull Discontinued?

Rob Miller | April 27, 2013
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RexBull Overview

RexBull was at one time a natural male enhancement supplement.  It promised to improve your sexual experience by increasing your desire for sex, by ensuring that you could achieve better erections, by boosting energy and stamina, and by making sure that you finish with an explosive orgasm.

RexBull was available online and sold through an official website and its affiliates.  This is no longer the case.  In fact, we were unable to locate any source for RexBull at all.  All that seems to be left of it is a few reviews, but as long as those are there, you may have questions about the product, so we’ll do our best to answer them.

RexBull ReviewHow RexBull Works and Its Ingredients

While we found nothing specific to RexBull, it can be presumed that it used natural herbal ingredients similar to other male enhancement products.  There was probably something like Tribulus Terrestris or Eurycoma Longifolia to increase testosterone levels, something like L-Arginine or Epimedium to boost blood flow, a few herbal aphrodisiacs like Maca and Damiana, and something for energy like Ginseng.

Some herbal male enhancement supplements are to be taken daily.  The beneficial herbs build up in your system over time and you’re ready for sex whenever the opportunity arises.  Others need only to be taken shortly before sex, and their effects last from 12 to 72 hours.  It is unclear which category RexBull belonged to.

RexBull Reputation

One clue to the disappearance of RexBull is its Better Business Bureau rating of F.  There have been numerous BBB complaints regarding RexBull, and some of them remain unresolved.  And the complaint subjects run the gamut from lack of product effectiveness to customer service problems to delivery issues.

RexBull Pros and Cons

Advantages of RexBull

  • None

Disadvantages of RexBull

  • It is no longer available.
  • There were numerous complaints about the product.
  • No pricing or guarantee information is known.
  • No ingredient information is known.

Where to Buy

We were unable to locate a source that currently sells RexBull.


At this point, given the severe lack of information we have on this product and the number of complaints lodged against it, we think that even if you did find a way to purchase RexBull, you’d be better off passing this one up in favor of something with a proven track record to work.

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