Progenis Review – How Effective Is this Drug?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-23-2013

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Progenis Overview

Progenis stands out among other sexual supplements in that it not only instantly improves a man’s performance but also comes with a number of positive, long-lasting, cumulative effects. This is why many men view Progenis as the solution to their sexual woes that has taken ages to come. However, all these claims can only be ascertained or bashed if you read the following objective Progenis review to the very end.

How Progenis WorksProgenis Review

Before you get excited by the numerous claims relating to Progenis, it is important to first get a grasp of how the supplement actually functions. The major ingredients contained in this drug are a pair of aphrodisiacs – horny goat weed and Muira puama-, a male sex hormone stimulator known as Tribulus, Ginseng, Saw Palmetto and Floras Cathami, which improves the flow of blood.  Contrary to common claims, Progenis has no lasting effect on penis size but only works by increasing blood flow to the penis prior to sexual intercourse.

Progenis is sold as capsules, making it very convenient for men to take. If you take two pills every day, you can expect positive results in about six months.

Progenis Benefits

  • The manufacturer’s website comes with details regarding the benefits of ingredients used.
  • The site also contains testimonials from other users as well as a FAQ section that will be of great help.
  • It is more affordable than most sexual enhancers, with a monthly supply costing an affordable $ 29.99.
  • You get a 90 day money-back guarantee with every purchase.

Progenis Drawbacks

  • The manufacturer hasn’t provided any information on scientific or clinical tests done on the product.
  • The list of ingredients is not comprehensive.
  • The drug can only be purchased online.

Where to Buy Progenis

Surprisingly, you cannot purchase Progenis from any brick-and-mortar store since it is only sold over the internet. You can however purchase Progenis hassle free from the manufacturer’s official website or third party sites such as Amazon. The good news is that you enjoy a generous 90 day money-back guarantee with every dose you purchase.

The manufacturer website is going to be very helpful as you make your purchase. With an FAQ section and a number of testimonials from past and current users, buying Progenis shouldn’t take you long.


It is hard to find a manufacturer who provides all the ingredient details as is the case with Progenis, which boasts an enviable number of purely natural ingredients. If you have had issues with the length, thickness and duration of your erection then Progenis could be the supplement you have been looking for all along. With plenty of ingredients that boost the circulation of blood around your gonads, you could soon be impressed with the results.

Unfortunately, it is rather worrying that no scientific tests have been performed on the claims made regarding the ingredients. However, with a good number of encouraging testimonials and an unprecedented 90-day money back guarantee, there’s some reason to remain optimistic.

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Does it make your penis grow if i take these pills?? -john

Unfortunately, no pill will make your penis grow. For that, check into a penis extender device like Phallosan Forte or a water based pump like Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme.- Rob

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