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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 5-1-2021

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Over the last decade or so, the online health and fitness supplement industry has exploded into a multi-billion dollar business, and just like in the wild west a couple centuries ago, when there’s that kind of growth, you’re gonna get some outlaws exploiting it for their own benefit. In this case, they come in the form of shady companies basically selling snake oil for huge profits. They market their products using hard sell tactics and harder to believe promises, but by capitalizing on the hopes and fears of millions of potential customers, they can make huge profits.

So it’s no surprise when we come across articles like the one we’re talking about today.


Pure Muscle X and Testerone XL Article Title



Right off the bat, I’ll let you in on the secret. This is not a real article. It’s fake, I call it a “farticle” for fake article. It’s really just an advertisement trying to sell two supplements, Pure Muscle X and Testerone XL, by tricking you into thinking there’s been this amazing new discovery that only celebrities have had access to until now. Don’t believe me? I’ll break it down for you.

First of all, they use typeface and font style to make you think this article is coming from Men’s Health Magazine, but it’s not. It’s actually Men’sHealthLife, which isn’t even a real magazine.


Pure muscle x and testerone xl article menu bar


The website address has nothing to do with Men’s Health Magazine:


Pure muscle x and testerone xl article url

I got a little curious about who this menshealthadvice365.com was, so I went to their homepage, and look what I found!


menshealthadvice home page

Haha, at least these guys maintain a sense of humor while they’re separating you from your hard earned dollars. Everybody loves a good Will Ferrell Anchorman meme!

What Does the Article Even Say?

Okay, enough about proving the article is a fake; we’ve established that it’s an advertisement, but what are they selling and does it work? After all, a company is allowed to advertise their products. So let’s talk about Pure Muscle X and Testerone XL.

Losing fat and gaining muscle is hard, and the folks at Men’sHealthLife know this. We all want in on the same secrets celebrities use to get their incredible results. Here’s what they say about that:

C:\Users\Teresa Pirger\Documents\Elance 2\Rob\Supplementcritique\2016 Reviews\May 2016 Reviews\May 2016 Images\pure muscle x and testerone xl chris hemsworth w.png

If you think you’ve seen that image before, you have. Here’s the exact same image and statement being used to sell two entirely different products:

pure muscle x and testerone xl chris hemsworth w

The truth is, these celebrities have probably never even heard of Pure Muscle X and Testerone XL or Xtreme Testrone adn Xtreme NO2 either. A team of trainers and nutritionists helping them do the necessary hard work is how they get into shape for upcoming movies and appearances. It’s their job to be in shape, and they get paid big bucks for doing their job.

Pure Muscle X and Testerone XL – The Products

The writer of the article talks about his own process of trying Pure Muscle X and Testerone XL and the results he got:

His Own Results

Not only have we seen that same week by week results graphic in dozens of other advertisements for dozens of other products, but take a closer look, is that even the same guy from Week 1 to Week 4?

Pure Muscle X

Okay, so let’s talk specifically about the supplements, because again, who cares how they advertise it if the stuff works. Here’s what they say about Pure Muscle X:

Pure Muscle X clinically proven to

So we visited the Pure Muscle X website where you can order the product. The promises they make here are very similar to what the article says. It’s basically going to help you lose fat and gain muscle, with bonus sexual benefits.


pure muscle x bennies


When I saw that image, I thought it looked familiar, so I did a reverse image search on google, and here’s what I found. This exact same graphic is used to sell a product called Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula. All they did was switch out the names and the bottles. Man, that’s just straight up lazy.

lean muscle bennies

Pure Muscle X Ingredients

The Pure Muscle X website doesn’t give a full ingredient list, but they mention a few key components – Nitric Oxide, L-Arginine, and Glutamine.

  • Nitric Oxide is not an ingredient that can be in a supplement, it’s a gas that’s produced inside your body.
  • L-Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide, so when you ingest more L-Arginine, the idea is that your body produces more nitric oxide. This is good for your muscles because nitric oxide is a vasodilator that opens up blood vessels, allowing increased blood to flow through. When more blood flows to muscles, they have more of the oxygen they need to push harder and have more stamina. They also have more of the nutrients needed to quickly repair and rebuild when your workout is done.
  • Glutamine can help with post workout recovery by increasing carbohydrate uptake to help with growth and repair. It may also increase your body’s natural HGH production for improved muscle tissue growth.

These are both helpful ingredients, but we don’t know how much of each is in the Pure Muscle X formula, and we don’t know what else is included. We would definitely need to know more if we were to recommend using this.

Testerone XL

Here’s what the article says Testerone XL can do for you:

testerone xl has been clinically proven to

They also refer to it as an “amino acid” supplement. But according to the Testerone XL webiste, it’s a natural testosterone booster:

Testerone xl can do for you

Of course, there’s no information whatsoever on the formula, so I guess we’ll never know what Testerone XL really is.

Where to Buy Pure Muscle X and Testerone XL

Pure Muscle X and Testerone XL are not available in stores. The only way to purchase either one of them is to sign up for the free trials offered on their websites. It basically works like this:

  1. You sign up for a 14 day trial by paying only a small shipping fee.
  2. They send you a 30 day supply.
  3. 14 days after your order, they charge you full price ($89.95 for Pure Muscle X and $89.95 for Testerone XL)
  4. Every month from then on, they send you a new full price bottle of each supplement, and they continue to do this until you cancel your subscription.

Most guys don’t know they even signed up for anything but a free bottle. When they start getting charged full price month after month, they understandably get pissed. Pure Muscle X and Testerone XL don’t care. Once you figure it out, they’ve already gotten a few hundred dollars from you, and they’ve moved on to other customers and other products.

That’s why they use the same article and website layouts for different products. Once enough people have been burned by Pure Muscle X and Testerone XL, they’ll simply change the names, design new bottles, and start all over again with no one the wiser.

If you’re thinking this must be illegal, you’re not alone. Turns out that while it’s certainly very scammy, it’s not illegal because they spell it all out in the Terms and Conditions page of their websites:

pure muscle x and testerone t and c

The Bottom Line

Are you convinced yet that Pure Muscle X and Testerone XL are nothing more than a scam? There’s no evidence at all that either of these products will help you lose fat or gain muscle. Even if they did do some minimal good, they wouldn’t be worth the cost or the hassle. $90 for either of these two is just insane.

$90 is absolutely over the top in the world of muscle and testosterone boosting supplements, at least when it comes to legitimate ones, and that price point mixed with the ridiculous jargon that they spout alongside it should be more than enough of a red flag.

But if you still need convincing, take a look at what’s at very bottom of the article.

pure muscle x and testerone not real

I assure you, in earlier versions of this article, this statement was not there. Most likely, they added it because they were pressured or forced to do so after the hundreds if not thousands of complaints they’ve received regarding all the different products they’ve advertised with it. Take a closer look at the statement. It appears at the end of a Pure Muscle X and Testerone XL advertisement, but the supplements they mention are Xtreme Nitro and FB1-Test. Even they can’t keep it all straight.

Don’t become one of the unfortunate few that fall for their shenanigans and wind up losing out on $90 or even more for something that certainly is a scam and definitely won’t work at all.

Don’t be fooled by the fake article form of advertising. It’s hard not to get sucked in. That’s they they do it. But hopefully, you’ll know better now, and read between the lines before you waste time and money on Pure Muscle X and Testerone XL.

Have You Used Pure Muscle X and Testerone XL? Leave Your Review Below!

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  1. Hi there, thanks for the info. I would like to mention that I too am one of those suckers that fell for this but I must be honest with you.

    Sure their technique is a scam no doubt about that, but these two products actually did work for me.
    I lost 6 kg of fat in one month and I gained muscle weight as well but not that much.

    As a fat burner they do work and no I’m not an affiliate of these crooks. My problem is that I can’t find any contact emails to prevent them sending me more so I cancelled my credit card and moved on but if they sold this product honestly I would buy it again .


  2. Guys i purchased a sample tho you guys continue to send them can you plz send no more i do not rem for a continuation of this product. Thank you

    1. Hey Warren,
           SupplementCritique.com is a review website. We don’t have any affiliation with this product, so you’ll have to contact the company you made your purchase from to cancel your order or billing.


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