Swanson Valerian Root Review – Does It Work?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-26-2013

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Swanson Valerian Root Overview

For centuries, people all around the globe have turned to the rather pungent herb known as valerian to help with their insomnia or sleep disorders.

Though it does have a strong odor, and can be difficult to process, people have consistently turned to it for help with getting to sleep or simply getting relaxed.

This is because it is a compound that works wonders for those living with anxiety, nervousness, or sleeplessness.

This is the reason that the vitamin and supplement manufacturer, Swanson, offers its proprietary formulation of Valerian Root.

Found in caps and in a liquid suspension, the compound is described as one that will easily relax the mind, but which also promotes rejuvenating rest.

It provides the buyer with a single dose of Swanson Valerian Root (475mg capsules or 1-gram liquid doses) that ensures help in relaxing and getting rest.

Where to Buy Swanson Valerian Root

Swanson is a name that is associated with high-quality supplements and most of its products are widely available in retail stores and online. We found that from Amazon to Walgreens it was relatively easy to find Swanson Valerian Rootextract. In our search for information, we discovered that the best prices for this product were found online. The small bottles of liquid suspension range from $6 to $8 and the bottles of 100 tablets were available for only $3 to $4 each.

swanson valarien rootPro’s and Con’s

There are almost no “cons” for Swanson Valerian Root, but we would say:

  • Valerian Root is known for having a few side effects that range from headache to digestive upset; and
  • The packaging does not warn about the risks of excitability that some people experience when using it.

On the positive side:

The Swanson formulations are always guaranteed to come from high quality sources;

  • They make Valerian Root available in two formats;
  • They have a product guarantee; and
  • They offer very affordable compounds.


We highly recommend the use of the Swanson Valerian Root formulas.They are made from the purest ingredients and come with the guarantee of quality and good results.

The manufacturer understands that the compound does not work for everyone and describes the qualities that the plant can offer to some people.

If you are dealing with a very serious bout of insomnia, however, we would say that there are stronger formulations that might offer you more immediate help.

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  1. You say above … “We highly recommend the use of the Swanson Valerian Rootformulas." I find myself wondering if you are affliliated w/Swanson in any way that profits you by making this recommendation? 🙂
      1. Rob, do you find it curious that Peak of Life maintains it is “non-addictive” while at the same time recommending … “Use nightly!"? To wit, it’s claim on the website – “Somnapure is safe to use every night without fear of side effects.

        We all know that just one night spent tossing and turning can ruin the rest of our week! Using Somnapure nightly will help your body return to a healthy sleep routine."

        Of course, this recommendation ensures continuous revenue to Peak of Life ranging for 60 tabs/mo from $15/mo via Amazon to $30 – $70/mo plus shipping & PeakofLife, Drugstore.com, etc.

        TOO, I notice a WOT warning for the PeakofLife site!

        Would appreciate your honest thoughts re the above, Rob.

        Thank you
        Larry K

        1. Hey Larry,

          Using something every day doesn’t make it addictive. Vitamin pills are recommended for everyday use, but they’re not addictive.

          Whether or not something is addictive is more about whether or not it causes cravings, what happens when you go off it, and a whole host of other things. That said, you certainly don’t have to take it nightly.

          My recommendation would be to take it as needed. Everybody’s different.

          Some may prefer to take it every night to keep sleeplessness at bay. Others may find they only need to use it once in a while.

          As for the website warning (I removed the link because I don’t like to link to outside website that I haven’t vetted myself), it doesn’t appear that they’re warning of an unsafe website, rather it’s a warning about poor customer service. I agree with that warning.

          You definitely don’t want to sign up for their “free trials”, at least not without knowing for certain what you’re getting into.

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