T-Man Review – Should You Use It?

By: Rob Miller
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Fact Checked On: 5-27-2014

T-Man Overview

T-Man is a fast acting male supplement with a subtitle of “Ying Yang Balanced Energy.” It’s promoted as an herbal vitality formula that has as its goal the harmonious balance of sexual energy.

You take it about 90 minutes before sexual activity to ensure that you are in the perfect state for your best performance when the time is right.

Some of the T-Man reviews we’ve seen from customers are very positive, comparing it to Viagra and Cialis without the chemicals or side effects.

So we thought it was definitely worth checking into.

T-Man ReviewT-Man Ingredients and How They Work

You take just one T-Man capsule about 90 minutes before having sex.

The formula contains:

  • Ginseng Root for improved blood flow and energy.
  • Tribulus Terrestris to signal a release of luteinizing hormone from the pituitary gland which then signals the testes to produce and release more testosterone.
  • Epimedium which increases blood flow to the penis for better, harder, longer-lasting erections.
  • Schisandra Fruit which is an herbal aphrodisiac for boosting sex drive.
  • Astragalus Root which improves erections.
  • Ginkgo Biloba which increases blood flow throughout the body, including the brain to improves energy and clarity of thinking.
  • Licorice Root which may help raise testosterone levels.

There are also some additional ingredients we weren’t familiar with.

These include Fleece Flower Root, Polygala Root, and Cherokee Rose Hips.

You are instructed to take 1 T-Man capsule about 90 minutes before sexual activity.

If you want to increase the effectiveness, you should not take T-Man within 2 hours of taking any other supplements.

T-Man Pros and Cons

A comparison of the good and bad aspects of a supplement is a great way to make a decision about whether or not to use it.

Advantages of T-Man

  • You don’t have to take it every day.
  • The ingredients are all natural, vegetarian, and they are all disclosed.
  • It’s pretty inexpensive to use.
  • There are some positive T-Man reviews from customers who’ve used it.

Disadvantages of T-Man

  • One reviewer says it gave him headaches.
  • Some of the ingredients are unfamiliar to us.
  • There’s really no information available about the manufacturer.

Where to Buy

You can purchase T-Manonline through Amazon and a few other supplement retailers.

The 10 count box sells for $26.95 just about anywhere you go.I found no evidence of a money back guarantee.


If I had to describe T-Man in a word, it would be “eh.” I don’t think it will win any prizes, but I believe it works for some of the guys who use it.

And if you’re one of those guys, T-Man is an affordable way to get the natural performance enhancement you want.

Have You Used T-Man?

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5 Star User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

T-Man male enhancement

By John,  Jun 9, 2015

This is an awesome product and it works great. It does, however, give you a headache if you don't take a couple of headache tablets - plus drink lots of water.  Viagra costs $50.00 a pill...T-Man only costs about $2.50 - they both work.

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29 out of 32 people found this review helpful.

Awesome Product

By Ted,  Oct 4, 2014

This product is awesome. I used to take Cialis which worked, but gave me muscle aches.  When I tried T-Man it worked too, but without any side affects. Since T-Man is a herbal product that works for me, I've completely stopped Cialis.  I've been taking this product for 1 year now and I still love it. I've had no side affects.

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By Suan,  Jan 9, 2016

I have used this product for over 10 year, it was previously named 'True Man', it works perfectly and with no side affect.

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13 out of 14 people found this review helpful.

Paul's Review

By Paul,  Aug 19, 2016

The only way that I can describe T-man is that after I take it it's always ready to go into battle. This product works so well and does not give me headaches, maybe just a little indigestion that's all.  I recently discovered that T-man is not available and hope that it becomes available very soon again

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It works great

By vidal lorenzo,  May 10, 2016

Better than viagras or others. T-man last up to 24 hours.

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8 out of 8 people found this review helpful.


By Jay,  Jun 23, 2016

I used viagra and cialis . TMan is 100 times better. 1pill will work for 4-5 days.  You will have a headache the next day if you don't have sex that morning and do not drink alcohol when you use it. Only because mixed with alcohol can make you very aggressive and irritated.  But man does it work!!

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By Jay,  Aug 22, 2016

T-Man is (was, can't find it, was avail on topiny.com) the bombity bomg. Whew!  Don't take too much and especially if you're on high blood pressure meds. I have had a little bit of the headaches before but not if I'm well hydrated.  I recommend to all males and females too....increases blood flow, to penis or the woo woo and clit. Wow.  I'm soo disappointed topiny discontinued. They also had a product called PowerGuy some years ago that was just as awesome but again they discontinued and wouldn't give me an answer when I asked them.  They are not a talkative group there for sure.

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By Dwight D Ford,  Jul 12, 2016

IT WORKS! Last for a few days.  I was amazed. It doesn't stay in stock and I want more.

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By La,  Dec 27, 2018
In Short: I would recommend this to a friend.

I decided to try this product since I have premature ejaculatoin. It's the best thing ever, I was able to last much longer and only had to wait about 20 minutes before I was able to go again. The second round was even twice as long.

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User Questions and Answers

Where Can i purchase the T-Man Capsules in Scottsdale and Las Vegas. -Clint

As far as I know, it's only available online, but you'll find a few different retailers with a quick search.- Rob

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Where can i purchased T-man -Kenneth

It used to be available online, but I don't see it anywhere now. I'm not sure, but it looks like it's been taken off the market.- Rob

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7 out of 7 people found this question helpful.

How can I purchase it on line from Australia ? -S L

There are a few online sellers. I'm not sure who ships where. You'll have to contact them and find out.- Rob

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7 out of 9 people found this question helpful.

First time I tried it? Oh it's great, awesome !! How can I help promote and sell it too and make some money? I tried to buy one box in Vegas but I paid $50, but in your website costs only $26. Is there one selling here in Henderson like Walmart? At the reasonable price..? -Frank

SupplementCritique.com is a review website. We don't sell supplements, and don't have any affiliation with T-Man.- Rob

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What are symptoms for T man tablets -Ansell richards

The only side effect I've heard of it causing is headaches.- Rob

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  1. where can I find T-Man herbal supplements, used them before and worked great. my local connection stopped selling them, and said she couldn’t get them anymore.???
  2. I have been taking TMan for some time. It is very effective.

    The main side effect at least from the outside is very intensive headaches. It works even if I take half of the capsules but it also still causes the headache.

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