TestoRush RX Review – Does It Even Work?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 1-3-2014

TestoRush RX Overview

With so many different testosterone boosters out on the market today, it’s hard to know for sure which will deliver and which will just waste your hard-earned dollar.

TestoRush is one product that has come out that claims to not only help you build more lean muscle mass, but also produce a body that’s more ripped as well.

The claim is that as you boost your testosterone levels and build more muscle mass, your metabolic rate is also going to increase, which then means you burn more fat all day long.

While it is true that the more muscle mass you have, the more fat you will burn due to a higher calorie intake, it should be noted that any successful testosterone booster that enables you to build muscle will offer this benefit.

It’s not unique just to TestoRush RX.

So how does this product stack up as a testosterone booster itself?

Let’s take a closer peek into what you should know.

testorush rx reviewTestoRush RX Ingredients And How They Work

One of the first striking problems associated with TestoRush is that when you view their website, there is no information on the specific ingredients this product contains.

There are plenty of claims on what it can do for you, but without knowing the specific ingredients, it’s hard to decide whether these claims are at all valid.

All we do know is that the ingredients are apparently all-natural and nitric oxide as well as L-arginine are included.

Without knowing what else is though, it’s impossible to even evaluate whether a risk of side effects may be present.

Furthermore, the product is not approved by the FDA, so without that label behind it, you definitely want to move forward with some caution.


  • The product has been said to help boost energy levels
  • The nitric oxide inclusion will help you see stronger muscle pumps without question
  • Those who are using this product in conjunction with a proper diet should see some fat burning
  • Users have reported an increase to their libido levels
  • The company is offering a 30 day trial period to see how their product works yourself


  • There is no way to tell whether you may be at risk for side effects
  • You don’t know precisely what you are spending your money on when you choose this product
  • There is no indication of any scientific studies backing the claims the product makes
  • The only evidence the company does have on its effectiveness are strictly related to the L-arginine addition, and you can easily get this ingredient for a far cheaper price on its own

Where To Buy

To get TestoRush RX, you’ll need to order directly from the website as it’s not available anywhere else online or in stores.


Overall, without more information on specifically what this product is, it’s a hard one to start believing.

You do need to be very careful before you invest in any product to do enough background research on it to know what you are putting into your body and sadly, without the listing of full ingredients by this product, you just don’t know what it is that you are getting.

So all in all, while it may provide some libido enhancement, you are simply going to be left in the dark as to what else you gain from using this product. With other products out there that do illustrate precisely what you are getting and provide the scientific proof you need, they are simply going to be a superior option.

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At 18, you probably won't get much effect from a testosterone booster.  You'd be better off with a good non-stimulant pre workout like Nitrocut with some protein and/or creatine.- Rob

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