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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 1-10-2017

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Not too long ago, I saw an add pop up along the side of my laptop screen. It was for something called The ED Miracle.

Given how often I’m researching information on male enhancement supplements and products, an ad like this is not unusual.

I was pretty busy when I first saw it, so I didn’t give it much thought until a couple days later when it popped up again.

This time, I decided to dive in and see what The ED Miracle was all about.

What Is The ED Miracle?

The ED Miracle is not a pill or device.

It’s a program that promises to end your struggles with erectile dysfunction.

It was created by a guy named Tom Bradford, a former sufferer of erectile dysfunction who through exhaustive research finally found something that works for him.

When you order The ED Miracle, the core of what you receive is a step by step manual with instructions for how to make “ED Shakes” that will finally put an end to you sexual performance woes.

There’s also information on the causes of erectile dysfunction, some healthy lifestyle tips, and a few bonus materials as well.

So that’s the overall gist of The ED Miracle.

Let’s take our discussion a little deeper to find out if there’s any real promise for this program.

The ED MiracleWho Is Tom Bradford?

A lot of male enhancement pills and products like to advertise that they were created or endorsed by medical doctors and/or research scientists. Not so with The ED Miracle.

The only person they mention that was or is involved in the program is Tom Bradford, former ED sufferer.

Tom Bradford was dealing with erectile dysfunction issues until he got fed up and decided that rather than talk to his doctor about it, he’d find a solution himself.

So after embarking on countless hours of research, mainly looking at university studies, he understood the root cause of erectile dysfunction.

Once he knew the cause, he went about creating a plan to eradicate the problem.

Tom put all of his findings together, created The ED Miracle Shake, and is now – for a small fee – is sharing it with the world.

The truth is, Tom Bradford doesn’t exist! Someone who wishes to remain anonymous is simply using a photo from {o} and pinning a name on it.

Here’s his photo at the bottom of the ED Miracle sales page:

tom bradford ed miracle

and here’s the Shutter Stock photo:


However, the person behind the mask of Tom Bradford is making a lot of money off this informational product, as The ED Miracle is the number one best-selling erectile dysfunction e-book with more than 500,000 downloads.

Customer Reviews of ED Miracle

According to honest reviews, it appears that the ED Miracle is far from miraculous. One reviewer who allegedly drank the recommended ED Miracle shake twice a day for a year didn’t receive any benefits whatsoever. Overall, this shouldn’t be surprising, as the logic behind The ED Miracle isn’t based on the scientific understanding of what really causes ED.

Fake Video Reviews As Well

One other thing I noticed on their sales page were a few video review testimonials. They looked and sounded, for lack of a better word, staged.

ed miracle video reviews

And it turns out (not surprisingly) that they indeed are.

Case in point, this supposed “testimonial”.

Well, it turns out this pair is a couple of actors who sell their services on a website called


Many other reviewers seem to be led to believe that they are actually going to receive a physical hard copy book. However, The ED Miracle is an e-book that is downloaded in PDF format. Even worse, many claim that they were unable to download the e-book after they paid for it and didn’t have a phone number to call in order to get their money back.

This should give anyone a reason to pause before buying The ED Miracle e-book. At this point, it appears that even receiving the product is a miracle.

If you’re reading this and you already bought the book but don’t know how to open it, here’s instructions posted by a user on the site

ed miracle instructions on getting the ebook

According to the fictitious Bradford, erectile dysfunction stems from a buildup of plaque in the arteries. Truthfully though, ED is caused by a multitude of factors ranging from physical to psychological. When focusing on the physical factors, high blood pressure, diabetes, and low testosterone levels are generally the culprit. So while a buildup of plaque within the arteries is a detrimental health problem, it isn’t the commonly accepted cause of ED.

Since this entire e-book is based around removing plaque from the penile arteries, the logic behind the “miracle” is flawed to begin with. However, eating healthy and consuming certain amino acids that are recommended in the book may be a good idea for general wellness.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

The ED Miracle is based on the idea that ED is caused by plaque built up on your capillaries, clogging them up and not allowing blood to flow freely to your penis to cause good erections.

That plaque build up is caused by cholesterol.

So The ED Miracle system does two main things.

It reduces the plaque that’s already built up on the blood vessels, and it lowers cholesterol so you experience less plaque build up in the future.

What’s Included in The ED Miracle Program

When you order The ED Miracle, you get immediate access to the entire program.

What’s included are the results of Tom Bradford’s research, a thorough explanation of his understanding of what causes ED and how to combat it, and most importantly, his plan to eradicate it using The ED Miracle Shake.

He provides a list of healthy foods and food combinations that promote appropriate cholesterol levels.

Then he provides shake recipes.

If you make and drink these shakes every day, your ED issues will disappear in about a week.

The program also contains exercises to strengthen your penis and increase your staying power as well as tips for living a healthy lifestyle, specifically as it pertains to a healthy penis and sex life.

Ingredients Recommended In The ED Miracle Shakes

According to The ED Miracle e-book, the ingredients in the recommended shake are said to improve blood flow, reduce hypertension, and reduce inflammation.

The ED Miracle Shake includes Heart Plus Powder, L-Arginine, Baking Soda, and Pycnogenol.

Let’s take a look at each of these ingredients individually and determine if they have been shown to treat erectile dysfunction in scientific studies.

Heart Plus Powder

Heart Plus powder is a combination of Vitamin C, Rosehips, Lysine, and Proline. This formula was developed by Linus Pauling, a two-time Nobel prize winning chemist, as a way to improve cardiovascular health. Let’s break this formula down and look at the research behind it.

Vitamin C – 500 mg

Vitamin C helps assist in the formation of collagen, an essential component in healthy blood vessels. Vitamin C has also been shown to increase blood flow in a number of studies by assisting in the preservation of nitric oxide. In addition, a dose of 500 mg of vitamin C was shown to reduce blood pressure in a study on obese children under mental stress.

Not only that, but yet another study shows that a high dose of vitamin C, 3,000 mg daily for two weeks, increases the frequency of sexual intercourse in healthy adults.

When it comes down to it, almost anyone could benefit from an increase in vitamin C intake.

L-Lysine HCl – 500 mg and L-Proline – 200 mg

There isn’t a lot of research on the benefits of L-Lysine, although it is often paired with Vitamin C in a wide variety of formulas. According to the makers of the Heart Plus supplement, both amino acids, lysine and proline, allow the body to properly utilize cholesterol. Linus Pauling claimed that both lysine and proline are able to bind with the sticky form of cholesterol, LDL, thus neutralizing it.

Rosehips – 50 mg

Rosehips have been shown to reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol. In addition, Rosehips offer anti-inflammatory protection and improve the function of the immune system. However, the typical dose is between 5 g and 10 g a day, while this formula only has 50 mg.

All in all, taking Heart Plus is a great idea for almost anyone in order to improve all aspects of their health. While it may not improve ED, it is something to certainly consider as an all around health supplement.

Are There Studies On The Benefits Of Heart Plus Powder?

Not directly, but there is one study conducted by E.A. Katz, M.S., Ed.D on the reduction of cholesterol using Linus Pauling’s formula with excellent results. The research from Linus Pauling has been submitted for review to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) but rejected not once, but twice.

Whether or not Tom Bradford is real or not isn’t necessarily relevant at this point. Whoever he was, he may have been onto something when he came across Heart Plus in respects to reducing cholesterol levels and removing plaque from the blood vessels.

While common modern-day medical knowledge indicates that removing plaque from the arteries is nearly impossible, more research certainly needs to be conducted on Linus Pauling’s work in order to draw valid conclusions.


L-Arginine is used in many ED formulas, as many believe that it has the potential to increase nitric oxide levels, thus expanding the blood vessels, and leading to a better erection. However, oral supplementation hasn’t been shown to increase nitric oxide production in human subjects.

A better option is to use L-Citrulline, as it is converted into Arginine in the kidneys and from there, can increase nitric oxide production in living subjects.

High Quality Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)

Baking soda has been used in many alternative medical treatments, from treating cancer to improving athletic performance. In respects to improving athletic performance, taking a couple of tablespoons of baking soda before an intense event, a process known as soda doping, has been shown to increase metabolic output. By consuming baking soda, a base, it is able to counteract a buildup of lactic acid by providing a buffer. Simply put, consuming baking soda allows the muscle to contract for a longer period of time, as baking soda neutralizes lactic acid buildup.

However, consuming an excessive amount of baking soda forces potassium out of the body through the kidneys and could result in a potassium deficiency over time. Anyone who has problems with their kidneys should avoid consuming sodium bicarbonate.

Sodium bicarbonate is 27% sodium. Excess sodium in the diet has typically been frowned upon and could cause an increase in blood pressure. However, it has been shown that baking soda consumption actually reduces blood pressure.

This property of baking soda is likely why it is used in this formula. While baking soda has the potential to reverse acidosis and improve athletic performance, there aren’t any studies on it directly related to treating ED.

Pycnogenol (Pine Bark Extract)

Pycnogenol, otherwise known as Pine Bark extract has been shown to increase nitric oxide production upon consumption and improve erection quality. In addition, Pine Bark extract has been shown to assist with blood glucose control and can be a useful supplement for diabetics.

Including this ingredient into a shake that is designed to treat ED makes sense.

Now that you know what is contained in The ED Miracle Shake, recommended from the book, you don’t have to buy the e-book and worry about not actually receiving it. With that said, purchasing each of these ingredients separately and experimenting with a novel formula could result in health improvements.

One Last Thing, You Can’t Leave Redirect

The website that sells The ED Miracle e-book and its affiliates employ the classic, “are you absolutely certain you want to leave my website?” redirect prompt when trying to exit out of it. Please, just let me leave in peace! Nothing says scam like this desperate tactic.


Along with your order, you’ll receive :

  • Go Forever – a guide to help you though any premature ejaculation issues you may be having.
  • Text Your Way to Sex – a how-to manual for getting a woman’s attention through texting.
  • Sexual Superfoods – a list of foods you should eat to improve your overall and sexual health.

Where to Buy

You can purchase The ED Miracle program online through the official website.

Following the Order link will take you to Clickbank where your order is placed.

Once you pay the $37 that the program costs, you’ll have access to all the included materials.

If you click through, then change your mind and decide not to order, you’ll be notified of a price reduction as you try to leave the page.The price drops at that time to $27. So if you do want to order, you should first make an attempt to quit the page so you can get the discounted price.

There’s a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee on The ED Miracle.If you’re not satisfied with your results, just call customer service and they’ll refund your purchase price.

The ED Miracle Pros and Cons

Advantages of The ED Miracle

  • It’s pretty cheap.
  • The program doesn’t require you to take pills.
  • ED or not, it encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Disadvantages of The ED Miracle

  • It gets its science all wrong.

    The primary cause of ED is not cholesterol causing plaque buildup on your capillaries.

    It doesn’t help, and it’s true that being healthy overall helps with sexual performance, but the premise of The ED Miracle just doesn’t hold up.
  • There are no clinical studies to back up or endorse the program’s success.
  • We found no independent ED Miracle reviews so there’s no positive customer feedback to go on.
  • The ED Miracle sales page is filled with grammatical errors, very unprofessional.


Given that the website that sells The ED Miracle employs shady tactics, Tom Bradford is a non existent entity, many people claimed that they never received an e-book after purchasing it, and most customer reviews are a 1 star rating, it is safe to say that nothing miraculous is likely to happen after spending money on this e-book.

It’s hard to see The ED Miracle as anything other than a scheme to get a little money out of a lot of desperate guys who just want their erections back.

ED is a problem shared by 30 million men in the United States alone.

Tom Bradford found a way to reach into the pockets of as many of them as possible.

The ED Miracle is not unhealthy. It won’t cause you any harm.

On the other hand, there’s not much chance that it will do anything to solve your erectile dysfunction issues. If you’re curious, give it a try.

Just don’t lose the phone number you need to call for a refund.

Have You Use The ED Miracle?

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