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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-5-2018

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UltraLab The Beast Anabolic Activator Overview

UltraLab The Beast Anabolic Activatoris targeted at the serious resistance athlete and trainer who wants to take gains to the next level, but do it safely and legally.

It’s been around since 1996 and has developed a considerable following since then. It’s available through several online retailers, and it’s supposed to help you get significantly bigger and stronger.

There are UltraLab The Beast Anabolic Activator reviews all over the internet with satisfied customers talking about how it helps them push harder in workouts, recovery better afterward, and even sleep better at night.

So what exactly is in this stuff and how does it make you bigger and stronger?

UltraLab The Beast Anabolic Activator ReviewUltraLab The Beast Anabolic Activator Ingredients and How They Work

UltraLab The Beast Anabolic Activator information isn’t hard to come by.

Most of the retailers that sell it even disclose the entire ingredient list.

But there isn’t a lot of explanation about how the ingredients work. UltraLab The Beast Anabolic Activator basically works as an HGH Secretagogue.

That means that it encourages your body to naturally release more Human Growth Hormone, or HGH.

HGH is the a hormone naturally present in abundance when we’re young.

It helps bone and muscle tissue to grow through adolescence.

But as we age, our bodies don’t make as much as they used to.

We get tired, old, soft, and worn out, and our bodies just aren’t able to make muscles or lose fat as easily as they used to.

Certain amino acids are pre cursors to HGH, so increasing your levels of these helps your body make and release more.

With more HGH, you’re stronger, you feel better and more agile, you can push harder, recover faster, and feel better rested than you had in years.

Some of the amino acids included to help stimulate HGH production are Leucine, Isoleucine, and Glutamine.

UltraLab The Beast Anabolic Activator has additional ingredients to bolster your workout efforts.

These include

  • Dopamine and Acetylcholine which both work to improve your mood and your alertness.
  • Tribulus Terrestris which increases your natural production of testosterone to also help make you stronger, leaner, and more confident.
  • Yohimbe which is a stimulant that also helps improve blood flow so your muscles receive more oxygen and nutrients when you’re working out.

How To Use UltraLab The Beast Anabolic Activator

UltraLab The Beast Anabolic Activator is a liquid serum.

The recommended dose is 3 sprays taken under the tongue 3 times a day.

You hold it for a minute, then swish and swallow.

This makes the ingredients available both immediately as well as over time.

The best times to use UltraLab The Beast Anabolic Activator are before or after workouts and at bedtime.

If you’re not working out on a particular day, just spread the 3 doses out over the day.

The bottle contains enough servings for a 6 week cycle.

UltraLab The Beast Anabolic Activator Pros and Cons

Advantages of UltraLab The Beast Anabolic Activator

  • It’s completely safe and legal.
  • There are tons of favorable UltraLab The Beast Anabolic Activator reviews from customers who’ve used it.
  • It’s great for people who don’t like to or cannot take pills.
  • It’s reasonably priced.

Disadvantages of UltraLab The Beast Anabolic Activator

  • There are no clinical studies showing it to be effective.
  • There is no explanation of how the ingredients work.

Where to Buy

You can purchase UltraLab The Beast Anabolic Activator through several online retailers.

The 2 ounce spray bottle which lasts for a 6 week cycle costs anywhere from $25 to $40 so make sure you look around for the best price.


The science really isn’t in on whether or not these HGH supplements are actually effective.But it’s hard to deny the anecdotal evidence provided in the many many reviews.

With so many guys using it and having success, you can probably expect some fairly decent results from UltraLab The Beast Anabolic Activator.

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