V Maxx Rx Review – Was V Maxx Rx Recalled?

Rob Miller | June 14, 2013
Product Reviewed: V Maxx Rx
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V Maxx Rx Overview

Once Viagra hit the market oh so many years ago, the game was on to find a natural way to get the same effect.

Millions of men are affected by erectile dysfunction and related issues.

Some of them prefer a natural alternative.

Some of them need a natural alternative because they may have contraindications with the prescription drugs.

Luckily for them, there are lots of herbal male enhancement supplements.

Some, of course, work better than others, and the tricky part is finding the one that works best for you.

V Maxx Rx was one option, until it was recalled.

Made by The Menz Club LLC, it claimed to be an all natural Viagra alternative.

You’d take one capsule, and within 30 minutes, you’d be ready to go with increased libido, hardness, energy, and endurance.

And this one capsule could last as long as 72 hours.

V Maxx Rx ReviewV Maxx Rx Ingredients and How They Work

Here’s the problem.

V Maxx Rx had an official ingredients list that included such herbal extracts as:

  • Wild Yam for testosterone
  • Cayenne for energy and blood flow
  • Jujube for mood enhancement
  • Ginseng for stamina
  • Stinging Nettles to increase your sensitivity to touch
  • Bombyx Mori as an aphrodisiac and to improve penile blood flow.

But it also had an undisclosed ingredient, Sulfoaildenafil, a derivative of Sildenafil which is the active ingredient in Viagra.

This is why V Maxx Rxworked. And this is why V Maxx Rx was recalled.

The reason Sildenafil is only available by prescription is because there are certain conditions which make taking it a significant danger to your health. Most specifically, anyone who takes nitrates is at risk of serious heart and blood pressure complication if they take Sildenafil.

Making it available only by prescription allows men to work with their doctors to find the best possible solution for their whole life as well as their sex life.

V Maxx Rx Recalled

In May of 1012, V Maxx Rx was recalled by The Menz Club LLC after the FDA issue a report on its findings.

The company admitted the wrongdoing but did not explain or apologize.

Where to Buy

V Maxx Rx used to be available through its website, through The Menz Club LLC website, and through several third party retailers.

Since the recall, we’ve been unable to find a way to purchase it.

V Maxx Rx Pros and Cons

Advantages of V Maxx Rx

  • None

Disadvantages of V Maxx Rx

  • V Maxx Rx contained an undisclosed, potentially dangerous ingredient.

    What makes this so egregious is that a lot of the market for herbal male enhancements is made up specifically of guys who cannot take prescription ED medications for health reasons.

    They turn to herbal alternatives because they know that Sildenafil and related compounds are dangerous to them so they choose the next best thing.

    So for that to be tainted with the precise drug these men need to avoid is pretty unconscionable.


V Maxx Rx was recalled and as far as we can tell, it’s not available to be bought anymore.

We see that as a good thing.

Have You Used V Maxx Rx?

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Tom's Review

1 out of 5 stars
Jun 22, 2017 by 

v max had 13 days get a bill for 193 dollars on a 30 day free trial.won't give money back.


what a misleading scam !

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How many days before this stuff works ? -

It's designed to work within an hour or so. That's why they injected it with the same prescription drug that's in Viagra.- Rob

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