Steel Rod Review – Should You Buy It?

Rob Miller | June 13, 2013
Product Reviewed: Steel Rod
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Steel Rod Overview

Steel Rod is a male enhancement supplement that you take to help combat issues associated with erectile dysfunction.

The statistics are pretty staggering. 15-25% of men 65 years old experience erection problems regularly.

And millions more men, young and old, experience temporary and/or occasional problems due to illness, stress, and lifestyle choices.

For some, prescription medication is the answer.

For others, a more natural approach is best.

Among the many herbal male enhancement options available is Steel Rod.

This is a pill you take shortly before sexual activity with the specific purpose of helping you achieve a thicker, firmer, more powerful erection.

The effects begin within an hour and can last up to 72 hours.

It would appear that Steel Rod is ever so slowly being removed from the marketplace.

There is no official Steel Rod website, and it appears that the product used to be sold by a number of third party retailers, though this is no longer the case.

You still can find it for sale, however, just not as easily as you used to.

Steel Rod ReviewSteel Rod Ingredients

Unfortunately, without an official website or many retailers providing descriptions of how Steel Rodworks, we are unable to locate a list of ingredients.

We can assume, however, that it includes mainly natural compounds that increase the flow of blood to the penis for bigger, harder erections.

Common examples would be L-Arginine, Yohimbe, and Epimedium Saggittatum.

And there are probably some herbal aphrodisiacs like Maca, Damiana, and/or Mucuna Pruriens as well.

Steel Rod is a take-as-needed supplement.

It is recommended that you take it about 45 minutes before sexual activity, and the effects are said to last up to 72 hours.

Steel Rod Pros and Cons

Comparing what’s good and what’s bad about a product is a very helpful way to figure out whether or not it’s for you.

Advantages of Steel Rod

  • Its ingredients are said to be natural.
  • There is no daily commitment.

Disadvantages of Steel Rod

  • Nothing is known about the manufacturer.
  • No ingredient list is made available.
  • We found no Steel Rod reviews to help us determine how effective it is for guys who’ve used it.
  • There are not a lot of retailers selling Steel Rod.

Where to Buy

The only place we currently found offering Steel Rod for sale is eBay, where a 12 count bottle is selling for $34.95 with free shipping.


Usually, when a product becomes less and less available, there’s a reason.

There are too many legitimate products made by reputable companies for you to get involved with something like Steel Rod that’s on its way out.

Have You Used Steel Rod?

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User Reviews

By  j w Sep 21, 2013

I have been using Steel Rod occasionally for a few months. I am 40 yrs old and in pretty good health but under a lot of stress and wasn't "performing" the way I wanted.

Take about an hour or so before sex and you will be a porn star. It's almost too good.

My girlfriend once referred to herself as the walking wounded. Lol.

But she was glowing when she said it. It does contain Yohimbe so be cautious.

One pill Friday evening and you are good for the whole weekend. SERIOUSLY.

However. If you can't have sex more than one night you might want something less powerful.

I get instantly hard for a few days after just one pill. I have a local store (lingerie/sex toy shop) that still sells it.

At $70 for 30 pills it's not cheap but 1 pill lasts for days so it's worth it.

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