Androsolve Review – Is It Effective?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 11-6-2013

Androsolve Overview

You’ve heard of of menopause, also known as the “change of life” when women go through hormonal changes as they age.

Well, men experience a similar phenomenon.

It’s called Andropause, and it’s marked by a significant drop in the male hormone testosterone as we get older.

With less testosterone, we lose interest in sex, have less of an ability to get and maintain erections, lack energy, drop muscle mass, and gain fat, especially around the middle.

Since testosterone basically is what makes you a man, if you start to see a decline, you can expect it to influence every single element of your overall well-being.

Thankfully, there are testosterone boosting supplements that address this problem. Androsolve is one that we came across recently.

We’ve taken a close look at it and what it has to offer, and we’re sharing what we found with you in this review.

There are a few holes in the available information about Androsolve.

Nevertheless, we think there’s enough out there to help us come to a fairly informed conclusion.

Androsolve ReviewAndrosolve Ingredients and How They Work

While there is no complete list available, there is a partial one, and it’s not a bad start:

  • Testofen comes from the Fenugreek Seed.

    It’s been shown to help increase testosterone levels.

    If youv’e been shopping around for other testosterone boosting products, you’ve likely seen Fenugreek before as it is one of the top testosterone boosting ingredients available today.

    It’s a herb, so is a natural way to increase your normal production
  • Cordyceps Sinensis is an herbal aphrodisiac that also increases endurance.

    Anything that acts as an aphrodisiac is often going to be a good way to boost testosterone levels because the libido and testosterone release are so intricately correlated
  • Vitamins B6, B12, and D to help boost energy.

    Many men fall short in vitamin D and unless you’re spending long hours out in the sun, chances are you aren’t getting enough.

    Vitamin D can be very powerful for not only boosting testosterone function, but also improving your bone strength and health. For active men, it’s a key one to be getting in.

    Vitamin B6 is also what’s found in ZMA, which is one of the other more popular testosterone boosters out on the market.
  • Tribulus Terrestris which stimulates the body’s own natural production of testosterone.

    This ingredient has also been said to help boost the libido level and may help you experience increased sexual performance as well.
  • Ginseng Blend which is an herbal aphrodisiac and energy booster.

    Some people may also notice an increase to their overall focus and concentration level as well if they are taking this on a regular basis.

    Note however that not everyone tolerates ginseng all that well, so you will want to see how your body reacts to it.

Unfortunately, we don’t know the complete list or the amounts of each ingredient present, so it’s impossible to get a real idea of how well Androsolve works based on this information.

The recommended dose is 1 capsule in the morning with breakfast, and another before a workout or before lunch if it’s not a workout day.

The recommended dose is 1 capsule in the morning with breakfast, and another before a workout or before lunch if it’s not a workout day. If you are someone who is sensitive, you may want to just start with one dose and build-up from there after seeing how you react initially.

When you take Androsolve, the claim is that because of the increase in testosterone, you’ll be stronger, fitter, more sexually inclined, and you’ll be able to achieve and maintain a firm, hard erection when you do engage in sexual activity.

You’ll also feel better overall and have more energy.

While the ingredients do tend to promote these types of results, it should be noted that we are unable to find any solid research or reviews on this product to back up these claims, so that’s all they really are at this point – claims of what you might be able to see.

Where to Buy Androsolve

This may be a problem.

There are several affiliate websites promoting Androsolve.

They each contain a link meant to take you to the Androsolve website to place an order (for a free trial).

Unfortunately, clicking this link either leads nowhere or to a different product.

This indicates that Androsolve may no longer be available.

We cannot determine what it costs if it is indeed available.

Androsolve Pros and Cons

Advantages of Androsolve

  • It contains natural ingredients.
  • It works to boost testosterone levels through internal mechanisms
  • It may help to increase libido levels
  • It can assist with speeding up repair and recovery
  • It may help to strengthen your bones

Disadvantages of Androsolve

  • Pricing information is not available.
  • A full ingredient list is not available
  • We found no Androsolve reviews from customers who’ve use it.
  • Androsolve is not available through its former links.


It appears as though Androsolvehas come and gone.

That’s okay, though, because there are lots of other testosterone boosting supplements out there, and some work quite well.

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