Vigomax Review – How It Works

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 3-31-2020

vigomax reviewVigomax Overview – Does It Really Work?

A product of the Charak company which is known for its compounds based on Ayurvedic medicines, Vigomaxis said to increase libido and sexual desire.

We anticipated some of the ingredients but were a bit thrown by the manufacturer’s total lack of explanation about the different materials or their proportions in the formula.

For instance, there is the familiar Tribulus Terrestris that is a natural ingredient meant to boost the level of testosterone on a daily basis. Vigomax also contains Mucuna Pruriens (the velvet bean), and this is also recognized as a compound with a potent effect on libido too.

What we didn’t find was any thorough explanation of the formulation in general and how this might help a man with erectile dysfunction or low libido.

We do know that the Tribulus Terrestris is one of the minor NO boosters meant to increase blood flow, but there are no indicators of percentages in the formulation.

Where to Buy Vigomax

Many of the finer online vendors make this formulation available, but it is also possible to purchase it directly from Charak’s website.

It is a good idea to visit the website simply to get as much information as possible about natural cures and remedies for any sexual dysfunction issues. The most reasonable pricing for Vigomax can be found online, and through a range of different retailers.

The manufacturer is not making any “special” rates available, and this means that the best price would be around $15 per pack (30 day supply) plus any shipping.

Pros and Cons

There are an even number of pros and cons for the use of Vigomax.Among the positive factors are:

  • This is a compound that uses very traditional and ancient formulas to get results;
  • There are no possible side effects from the use of this oral treatment;
  • It is a very affordable product; and
  • The manufacturer gives a good indication of what this product contains.

The cons would include:

  • There is no mention of a money back guarantee;
  • There is really a very limited amount of actual information about Vigomax available;
  • There is no accurate explanation of the “hows and whys” for the ingredients selected; and
  • There are no scientific studies or clinical trials provided by the maker.


With its low price and generally reputable manufacturer, we can say that Vigomax may be a good solution, but there may also be much more effective alternatives to consider.

The fact is that there is really not a whole lot that Vigomax has done in the way of making their supplement stand out in the formula and bio availability department, but even still, it is a somewhat safe bet as several of the ingredients to contribute to libido and some of them even work towards getting more blood-flow where it counts.

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User Questions and Answers

How many tablet of vigomaxforte should be taken a day -richard

They don't give dosage instructions online. Instead they tell you to check the package for dosing information.- Rob

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Is there any problem taking vigomax in case one is already on medication for diabetes? Should one discontinue use of gintex if he starts taking vigomax? -Michael

Gintex is probably fine (though you may want to start out with a lower dosage to assess tolerance), but when it comes to prescription medication for your diabetes, you'll have to check with your doctor about that.- Rob

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How do you use it, and can girls use it? -MOHAMMED

It's probably safe for women, but impossible to know for sure because they don't disclose their ingredients. They also don't talk about how to use it, instead say that you should read the instructions on the packaging.- Rob

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Can vigomax forte cure ED permanently or it's just a stimulant that get expired immediately after sex? -Isah

As a supplement, it works as long as you're taking it, but the effects are not permanent. This is the case for all supplements.- Rob

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