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Rob Miller | April 26, 2013
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vigorex reviewVigorex Overview

An aphrodisiacal compound for both sexes, Vigorex is a bit unique in the ED market.

It is supposed to enrich the sex lives of men or women by increasing their libido and then intensifying orgasm.

It is marked as a product for men or women dealing with “frigidity” or “impotence”, and is made by the Shairwest Health and Nutritional Supplements company.

They rely on a formula that is based on green oats or saw palmetto – according to the gender.

Both compounds are known to enhance libido, but the green oats will release testosterone and stimulate the “sexual centers” in the brain.

What we didn’t like about Vigorex is that it did not supply many other details about the formulations with the exception of the primary or main ingredients in the two gender-specific formulas.

We did discover that the products have been around since the mid-1980s, and have not changed much over the years, indicating that they must be effective.

Where to Buy Vigorex

The manufacturer of vigorex makes the product available directly through their website.

This is a good way to enjoy the discounted pricing and to get a chance to read through the many positive opinions and testimonials.  The manufacturer makes the best pricing available.

Currently a single month is going to cost $22, but when purchased for six months at a time the per bottle price drops substantially, and is only $13.

Pros and Cons

There is an even number of positive and negative issues connected to the use Vigorex.The positive issues include:

  • This is a gender specific product;
  • There is a lot of clinical information available at the manufacturer’s website;
  • This is something that can be taken as needed rather than daily;
  • This is a product with a long history of success; and
  • There are no risks involved with its use.

The negative issues include:

  • There is no money back guarantee;
  • There are no discounted offers; and
  • The product can be costly.


With a very long track record of success, with gender targeted formulations, and with a system meant to be used in an “as needed” basis, we would highly recommend the Vigorex product.

The maker’s website is literally packed with details that will provide a huge amount of useful information for anyone dealing with impotence or a lack of libido while improving orgasm.

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Here's their official website - Rob

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is there any side effect for taking vigorex -

I can't really tell because they don't list all their ingredients.  If you're worried, start with half a dose so you won't have a strong reactions. That's what I usually do when starting a new supplement.- Rob

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