Vitroman Review – Does it Work?

Rob Miller | April 26, 2013
Product Reviewed: Vitroman
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Vitroman Overview

The Vitroman line of sexual enhancement products includes several items but we’re going to focus on two of them, the Formula XP Gel and Powerplus oral capsules.

Both claim to be effective treatments of erectile dysfunction.  Both promise to increase the frequency and quality of erections, boost sensitivity, and create more intense and controlled ejaculations.  If you use the gel, they claim your penis will be larger due to dilated blood capillaries.  The capsules promote blood circulation, “nourish the heart”, and make you feel younger and more energetic.  How will Vitroman deliver on those promises?

Vitroman – How it Works and the IngredientsVitroman

Vitroman products are produced by a manufacture based in Singapore.  Although they do provide an informative web page, the English translation isn’t always perfect and may create some confusion.  You will find the website is secure and there are testimonials viewable.

Vitroman formulas focus one main ingredient, an herb called Butea Superba.  The official website make a strong effort to inform about this herbal ingredient.  Butea Superba has been used for years by Asian men to treat sexual dysfunctions, to increase stamina, and enhance the sexual experience.  There are no known side effects for Butea Superba, whether if is ingested or applied topically.

Butea Superba has been  clinically tested on rats and proven to support the production of Nitric Oxide, an element necessary for strong erections.

Human tests have not yet taken place.

Use instructions for Vitroman Formula XP Gel say to apply the gel to the penis and testicles twice a day.  It should be massaged in until the gel is completely absorbed.  The Powerplus capsules should be taken twice a day until results are noticeable and then reduced to once a day for maintenance.

Where to Buy Vitroman

You can order Vitroman from the official website.  The price for the Forumula XP Gel is is $55 and the Powerplus capsules are $50.  There are discounts available for quantity purchases and you may purchase combination packages.  There is no guarantee offered and all sales are final.

Vitroman Pros

  • Available in both gel and capsules
  • No known side effects
  • Main ingredient clinically tested
  • Testimonials available
  • Secure ordering page

Vitroman Cons

  • Expensive
  • Only one ingredient revealed
  • All sales final policy
  • Confusing website

Our Conclusions

Vitroman makes some big promises.  It claims you’ll have better, stronger, more frequent erections and your libido will increase, all things you want a male enhancement supplement to acc Yet they have failed to impress us.

Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, the company’s website is confusing and only focuses on one ingredient.  Although that ingredient has been clinically tested on animals, it has not been tested on humans.  The company has an all sales final policy so you don’t even have the comfort of a money back guarantee.  We see no reason why anyone should purchase  Vitromaninstead of ordering from companies who are confident enough in their products to guarantee your satisfaction.

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hi, is it need to wash after apply gel on pines if not so that any effect to in vulva, thanks -

Use instructions for Vitroman say to apply the gel to the penis and testicles twice a day. It should be massaged in until the gel is completely absorbed. It's not meant to be used just before sex, so you shouldn't have that problem.- Rob

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Hi. How effective this product are? -

I haven't tried it myself, but I wouldn't expect it to be very effective with only one ingredient. If you let me know what kind of benefits you're looking for and I'll recommend something better.- Rob

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