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Super Vir Oil Review – Is It Really That Super?

By April 18, 2012 4

Super Vir Oil
Reviewed By:
Rob Miller
1.5 OUT OF 5.0
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Super Vir Oil Review

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem among men. There are several reasons that this may occur including stress, depression, and other medical issues. There are several male enhancement products available to help men solve this problem. One such product is Super Vir Oil. The product is made by Super Vir Inc. and first came on the market around two years ago. Super Vir Oil claims to help expand the girth and length of the penis and help with issues of premature ejaculation.

How Super Vir Oil Works Super Vir Oil Review

Super Vir Oil works by increasing the blood flow to the penis, which results in the penis becoming larger and thicker. According to the website, most men will see results in about a month after using the product. Unlike some other male enhancement products that are taken orally, Super Vir Oil is applied topically. The oil is to be sprayed directly on the penis a few times a day. Once sprayed on, the oil is massaged into the skin and will be absorbed in approximately 40 minutes.

Super Vir Oil contains all natural ingredients including Horny Goat Weed, Sarson Ka Taila, Chameli Ka Taila, Lata, Kasturi, Kalimirch, Akarkara, Weer Bahuti, Jundebedastar, Heeng, and Kesar. The issue with the ingredient list is the amounts are not given. Additionally, there is not a lot of information provided about how the ingredients work together. However, Horny Goat Weed is a common ingredient that is used in many male enhancement supplements .

Pros and Cons of Super Vir Oil

Super Vir Oil Pros:

  • Super Vir Oil contains all natural ingredients.
  • Secure purchasing is available through the website.
  • Discounts are provided for those interested in bulk orders.
  • Customer testimonials are provided on the Super Vir Oil website.
  • The frequently asked questions page on the website is extremely thorough.

Super Vir Oil Cons:

  • If the bottle is opened, it cannot be returned.
  • This is a relatively new product, so there’s not a lot of information available.
  • The cost of Super Vir Oil is somewhat high.
  • No clinical studies are provided.
  • No doctor recommendations have been mentioned.
  • There are limited customer testimonials available.

Where to Buy Super Vir Oil

Super Vir Oil can be purchased directly from the product website. The cost for the oil is $79. This bottle is said to last for approximately two months. For those that wish to save money, buying in bulk is recommended. The product is shipped within a business day and the entire purchasing process is extremely discreet.

Is Super Vir Oil Recommended?

I do not believe that Super Vir Oil is a scam. However, I would be more likely to recommend the product if there were clinical studies or at least photographic evidence provided. The bottom line? It is unlikely that the product will actually enlarge your penis.

Additionally, the fact that the only reviews of Super Vir Oil are those that are on the product’s website bothers me. If the product worked as well as they claim, it is likely that there would be reviews scattered throughout other sites as well. For this reason, I recommend trying one of the other male enhancement products that have more evidence available that they actually work.

Have you tried this product? Leave your Super Vir Oil review below!

Our #1 Choice For Male Enhancement – Vigrx Plus

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  1. JT April 11, 2014 at 3:19 am - Reply

    Hi Rob, have you tried this? I was thinking about buying it.

    • Rob Miller
      Rob Miller April 12, 2014 at 12:25 am - Reply

      Hey JT,
      I haven’t used Super Vir Oil, but’s it’s highly unlikely that you’ll gain size with it. A topical solution doesn’t really have any benefit over pills, other than the convenience factor if you prefer it. Neither pills nor sprays can grow your penis alone. If you’re interested in penis enlargement, you should check out a penis extender called SizeGenetics.


      • JT April 12, 2014 at 3:00 am - Reply

        Thanks Rob, I bought a SizeGenetics to try out.

        • Rob Miller
          Rob Miller April 13, 2014 at 1:43 am - Reply

          Hey JT,

          Great! Good luck and keep me updated about your progress.


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