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Fact Checked On: 12-6-2018

magnum pump xr reviewMagnum Pump XR promises that they are the answer you have been looking for, and that you will be able to “rock her sex life like never before”. I originally came across this product while doing some research on another site, and they were talking about this supplement as well.

It seems that Magnum Pump XRhas only been on the market for about a year now, and has just now starting selling their product in masse. But can using this supplement really give you the kind of permanent gains that they promise? We set out to find out all we could about Magnum Pump XR, as well as compare it to some other formulas we have used personally.

How Did You Find Out About Magnum Pump XR?

I happened to learn about it via an ad I stumbled across that looked like this:

tony romos confession goes too far cbs is furious

I’m not a huge Cowboys fan (or even a football fan, for that matter), but I know who Tony Romo is.

Anyway, I clicked on the ad and it took me to an article on CNN that claimed Romo broke his silence and revealed that he was suffering from erectile dysfunction.

So he really is human then, isn’t he?

According to the article I’m reading, it was Tony Romo himself that developed Magnum Pump XR.

He’s quoted as saying the following:

”I have done my research and spoken to specialists and industry insiders about the topic.” Romo mentioned on the show. “And they helped us create this productMagnum Pump XR.

And mate can I tell you, this stuff is VERY potent.

I’ve tried Viagra, I’ve tried Tadalafil, I’ve tried Cialis.Magnum Pump XR blows them all away.”

Now, I’m not going to go into a long, rambling discussion about how this entire CNN article is completely fake.

By trust me, it is!

Here’s a couple of fast facts:

This Exact Same Ad Has Been Used Multiple Times

When I saw the Tony Romo ad, I knew it looked familiar.

Sure enough, as I started looking through some of my old posts, I started to see a connection.

This exact same ad (almost verbatim) has been used almost half a dozen times.

Don’t believe me?

Well, check these out:

howie long ad on yahoo

terry bradshaw ed pill yahoo ad

Guess what happens when you click on those ads? If you guessed that you would see the exact same article, you win!

How Does Magnum Pump XR Work?

This is a bit of a mystery because there is practically no information on the ingredients in Magnum Pump XR listed on their website.

At least not in plain site.

I had to do a bit of digging, but eventually found the full ingredients list.

According to the manufacturer, they claim it contains a blend of L-Arginine, including:

  • L-Arginine
  • Arginine A-AKG
  • Arginine A-KIC
  • Orithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate
  • Glutamine Alpha-Ketoglutarate

They demonstrate how a penis fills with blood during an erection, and mention that this boost in blood flow is a result of the ingredients.

There has been some evidence to suggest that L-Arginine can help with erectile function and quality.

They also claim on their website that Magnum Pump XRhas been used by porn stars everywhere as a “secret” to penis growth, but we could not find any verifiable claims that this is true.

Click Here to find out why there is no such thing as a “permanent enlargement pill”.

Did Howie Long Use Magnum Pump XR?

No, and I will prove why in a few minutes.

They do mention the fact that you will receive membership to their online penis enlargement program, but don’t go into the details of what that program is. We can only assume that it probably is some sort of an online course which explains various enlargement exercises you can do to help increase your size in conjunction with Magnum Pump XR.

We dove onto some forums that are related to penis enlargement to see if anyone has actually used the product, but came up short. t should be noted that reviews of Magnum Pump XR are hard to find because there are literally dozens of products that have the word “magnum pump” in the name. Everything ranging from mirrors to salt and pepper shakers are covered by the magnum pump name.

Where To Buy Magnum Pump XR

It looks like the only place you can buy Magnum Pump XRis on their official site, which isn’t even really an official site. The domain name turns up nothing, and when we ran a search for their site on google and yahoo, their appears to be nothing.

I had to dig really deep to find it, and it turns out that the official site is

But hold on just a minute, you might not want to order it before you hear all about their free trial.

Magnum Pump XR Free Trial

This product, according to our sources, has a free trial going on right now, but you should be alarmed that the free trial is actually not a free sample. When you order the trial package of Magnum Pump XR, you will receive a one month supply. After 18 days, your credit card will be charged $98.79.

You won’t see this on the checkout page because they suspiciously (and illegally) hide their terms and conditions.

magnum pump xr free trial is only $5

If you just so happen to click on that link, you’ll see the following:

Unless you cancel by no later than 14 days from your date of enrollment, you will be automatically charged the full purchase price ($ 98.79) fourteen (14) days (10 days plus 4 days s&h) from your trial start date and you will be enrolled in our auto-ship program (“Program”).You will be sent a 30-day supply of Magnum Pump XR about every 30 days thereafter, and you will be charged or debited $ 98.79 (which includes s&h) to the same card that you provided until you cancel.

1000’s of guys are scammed by this everyday, and there seems to be no end in sight.

Additionally, there are literally 100’s of other supplements that pull the exact same marketing trick.

They include supplements like Epic Male, Spartagen XT, and Alpha TRT, to name just a few.

If it says free trial anywhere on the site, you’re best bet is to simply click away fast!


It is nearly impossible for us to either recommend or tell you to avoid Magnum Pump XRfor the sheer fact that their is so limited information on it. We can’t actually compare it to other products in it’s category because of a lack of ingredient list, no clinical trials, no doctor endorsements, and lack of reviews.

Additionally, the fact that they are using deceptive marketing to showcase their pills should have you running for the hills.

If I had to take a guess, you likely won’t see Magnum Pump XR on the shelves in 3 months or less.

Until then we recommend you try something else that may give you increased libido and desire.

Have You Used Magnum Pump XR?

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

By Henry,  Aug 3, 2012

oh my it didnt work i didnt have the omplete ingredients of it

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By Mike anderson uk,  Jul 1, 2014

After ordering sample for £5 found £80 taken out of account went to bank cancelled only for it to be taken out the next month .

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6 out of 6 people found this review helpful.


By Adrian,  Jan 5, 2019
In Short: I would NOT recommend this to a friend.

Bought the trial bottle thinking 9.98 is all I would spend. Pulled 98.00 out my account a week or 2 later.

You're actually signing for a subscription. Pills don't work anyway.

All a scam. I went to the BBB about them.

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By Brendan,  Jul 26, 2012

So here's my update... I only used the NitroPumpXL by itself. I worked out maybe 2 times per week sometimes 3 and let me tell you, the stuff works for me.

I could def see muscle gains and strength. I'm very pleased with it.

I'm almost back to the same shape I was in my late 20's and this happened in 30 days. Wow.

I'm going to buy the Magnum Plus and see if it works down there 🙂 So far so good, now let's see if it does what it brags about. I anyone's interested in seeing some pics of the progress let me know I'll be happy to share.

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2 out of 4 people found this review helpful.

Rip off

By Erich,  Apr 18, 2019
In Short: I would NOT recommend this to a friend.

Doesn’t work. Just trying to get your CC info and charge you repeatedly!

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