Alternascript, Lucas Siegel, and the People Behind Optimind

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About AlternaScript

alternasciptAlternaScript is a premium health tech company that’s disrupting the healthcare industry by challenging traditional business models based in Austin, TX.

AlternaScript’s direct-to-consumer model leverages technology, scientific advancements, and personalized care to modernize the health industry and bring products direct to consumers.

The company has built a philosophy focused on personalized care, guided by clinical studies, hard science, individual thought, and patience.

AlternaScript is committed to helping healthy people stay healthy by empowering them to create their own personal regimen that is a long-term investment in their overall well-being.

AlternaScript’s flagship product, OptiMind, has found success with millions of capsules sold nationwide since its launch in 2014. OptiMind is a nootropic supplement scientifically designed to improve focus, attention, energy, and cognitive function by using stimulatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters along with premium nutrients.

The brand has expanded its offerings with RestUp, a non-habit forming sleep aid, and NuCulture, a revolutionary probiotic.

Lucas Siegel, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, AlternaScript

lucas siegel alternascriptLucas Siegel is a health-tech entrepreneur, CEO & Co-Founder of AlternaScript, and Founding Partner at Capital Peak Investments.

In 2013, Lucas co-founded AlternaScript, a direct to consumer, direct response, e-commerce company that leverages algorithms and data science to deliver personalized consumer experiences.

AlternaScript’s mission is to help healthy people stay healthy and empower them to take control of their lives through adaptive, personalized care.

They create premium lifestyle products with the most powerful, scientifically studied ingredients on the planet.

Recently, Lucas announced that Alternascript will be allocating 5% of all of their profits to their Recovery Fund Foundation. The foundation was developed to help people with off-label prescription drug addiction and abuse, learn more in the video below.

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  1. Thanks you have been a great help these MD docs are of no help The Doc says Luesta take it and in a few months we will worry about addiction !!!! seriously that is what he told me I will now work with my med marijuana doc and your reshearch on the products you have tested Please feel free to use my name in any testimonials as needed
  2. Hey great info ok I got one doc says take lusenta , another NO says take the K and the Med Mar doc says no to both … well nothing so far has worked So the MM doc tweeted the Rx and will pick up new product late in week meantime take the K or lunesta while wait for the med mar to arrive ??

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