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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-27-2013

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amp pre post training pack reviewOne of the biggest challenges faced by serious bodybuilders and athletes is what to do immediately after a workout.

For instance, you do a set of big pumps and use a pre-workout supplement to boost energy and results, but is there something you should do after that workout to get even more impact?

Some people use a post-workout meal to reenergize their bodies and sustain their metabolism, but not many people really feel like stuffing their face when their still buzzing from a workout.

We were told that the AMP Pre Post training paks from GNC were a good all around solution to the dilemma.

They offered a two-fold form of supplementation by supplying the consumer with a pre-workout packet of pills, and then helping them sustain and enhance results with a post-workout blend too.

We decided to check this out for ourselves, see if we could find any consumer feedback, and decide if they were an affordable option as well.

Product Facts

One of the first things we discovered about the AMP Pre Post product was that it used the wildly popular nitric oxide approach to enhancement.

Nitric oxide occurs naturally in the body and works like a vasodilator that supplies blood and oxygen to the muscles.

When it is increased by supplementation, it translates to higher amounts of endurance due to the improved blood and oxygen levels, larger muscle development thanks to the widening of the arteries, and faster recovery thanks to the generally improved conditions.

It took only one glance at the ingredients label for the AMP Pre Post product to see that a bodybuilder would be supplied with one of the finest sources of NO boosting available – high quality Arginine.

What we also liked was the mix of natural ingredients for performance, such as ginger and black tea, along with a good balance of proprietary formulations.

For example, the “pre” packets have the “Amplified Muscle Igniter” and the “Amplified Maxertion” blends while the “post” packets offer the “Amplified Glutamine”, “Amplified Creatine”, and the “BioCore” blends too.

The post packs make it easy to see that the development of muscle, the management of energy and the continuation of the slow burn are encouraged by the ingredients.

User Reviews and Feedback

When we began to look at the consumer reviews for the AMP Pre Post packets we discovered that bodybuilders really like it, but those using it strictly to support their dieting and basic exercise routines do not.

They complained of the complexity of two separate packages of supplements (which is interesting when compared to bodybuilders saying that the packets made their work easier!).

Some also said that the natural caffeine contents kept them up at night, but this is something that most said was easily remedied by switching their exercise routines to an earlier time slot.

Pricing and Availability

The pricing of the AMP Pre Post training packs is reasonable too.

They can be purchased directly through GNC, and the price is $36 for a fifteen day supply.There is no need for anyone to “double up” with their supplementation, so this means that the bodybuilder, dieter, or athlete will have to pay around $2 per day to enjoy the benefits of this formula.

We believe that the AMP Pre Post from GNC is a good choice for the active and dedicated bodybuilder.We would not recommend this to someone just starting a diet or exercise routine simply because it seems that the results are too powerful.

This we discovered in comments about sleeplessness and a loss of appetite (in consumer reviews).

It is an entirely safe formulation and uses the popular NO technique for enhanced fitness, which is known to be incredibly reliable, enduring and effective.

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  1. I absolutely love AMP pre/post packs.I have seen results already after 1 month of use.I will back this product no matter what.
  2. Hey, my question is .. Do you take all the pills at the same time?

    I know you take one by one but do you have to wait a certain time before taking the ohter pill from the same package ?

    Thank you.

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