VPX Covalex Anarchy Review

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-27-2013

vpx anarchy covalex reviewsWe read of the claims about VPX Covalex Anarchy, that it “promotes extreme mental acuity and intense energy” and wondered how it could claim to be better or different from the other pre-workout beverages on the market. What we discovered was that this was one of the more scientifically designed products available. It relies on the process known as myogenesis and Myogenic Regulatory Factors (MRFs) to help increase muscular development. Since VPX also claimed that it improved mental health and encouraged the development of muscle mass, we decided to investigate the claims, find consumer opinions, and look at pricing to make our “call” on the VPX Anarchy product.

Product Facts

One of the first surprises we encountered when beginning to do some research on the VPX Anarchy product was that the list of proprietary ingredients was far shorter than almost anything else around. Missing were the specialized names of the different complexes, matrixes, or blends that the manufacturer used to develop the product. Instead, the list included everything from the well-known NO (nitric oxide) boosters to the essential Creatine so well-known for muscle growth.

For instance, we learned that the blend of Creatine compounds in the VPX Anarchy product were meant to nurture the natural production of serum myostatin. This is because myostatin leads to substantial gain in muscle development – particularly in those doing resistance training. We also discovered that the use of large amounts of Creatine in the complex ensured that fatigue was delayed and that “muscle force” remained strong. We were delighted to also see a large number of all-natural herbs and plant foods in the drink too. For instance Apple Geranium, Olive Leaf Extract, and Toothed Clubmoss appear as well.

User Reviews and Feedback

What are those using VPX Anarchy saying? Most are in agreement that the product delivers the energy necessary for a good bodybuilding workout, but only if taken no more than 45 minutes before beginning. Many also point out that they have experienced a total absence of the “crash” that tends to follow a workout that uses some sort of pre-workout beverage for support.

Those using it specifically for muscle growth tended to give it a solid “thumbs up” with comments about sticking with the product for the long term. Where taste is concerned, this beverage is also received favorably, and this is important because it is never good to struggle to get a pre-workout drink down or to hesitate to use it because of after taste.

Pricing and Availability

In terms of pricing, VPX Anarchy is actually a good deal. The 7.5 ounce canisters provide around 35 servings each. With the average prices falling between $20 and $25, that makes it less than a dollar per serving. It is through the online vendors that we identified the best deals, and currently Amazon.com offers a $20 canister. The standard providers of health supplements, however, all seemed to fall within the same pricing structure. For instance, AllStarHealth.com had a $23 offer with a flat shipping rate while WorldClass had a $26 offer with a 5% discount on all purchases.


This product is unique in design and ingredients. It does live up to its abilities to provide bodybuilders and “field” athletes with the prolonged energy and mental clarity that helps them perform at the best rates possible. The pricing makes it very appealing to someone just becoming interested in the use of supplementation for their sporting activities, but this is also clearly a beverage that can be safely and effectively used by an advanced athlete or bodybuilder over the long term as well. Reviews and research indicate that this is something to consider when looking to enhance physical fitness and workouts.

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