Anadraulic Pump Review

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 6-19-2024

anadraulic pump reviewsWhen you begin reading about pre-workout beverages and supplements you immediately discover that there are some frequent or common ingredients that appear in many of the formulas.

One of the latest trends is the use of NO or nitric oxide boosters.

The body already makes NO on its own, but when you add certain supplements to the diet you actually increase the body’s NO production.

This is a substance that is known as a vasodilator, meaning that delivers more blood and oxygen to the muscles, which is why bodybuilders and athletes want to know how to safely and effectively incorporate NO boosters into their diets.

Product Facts

We heard the claims of LG Sciences about their Anadraulic Pump product, and decided to investigate further.

They state that most NO boosters are counterproductive because they are chock-full of Creatine.

While that substance will help to pump up muscles, the Anadraulic Pump product (says the manufacturer) will focus on the most efficient use of NO instead.

So, we decided to explore the ingredients, checkout the feedback, and even take a look at the cost to make our decision.

How It Works and Ingredients

We will admit to being pretty surprised by the simplicity of the proprietary formula contained in a scoop of Anadraulic Pump.

The focus of the blend is on Arginine, since this is the key or primary NO booster.

The remaining ingredients include Taurine meant for detoxification (NO production creates a lot of free radicals and the use of Taurine ensures a much higher degree of safety), Alanine (this too is a major amino acid used to really enhance NO production), Aspartic Acid (this is added to help with energy management and to remove ammonia during the workout as this always causes muscle fatigue), Quercetin (this is the ultimate NO booster because it manages and controls Arginine functions that might reduce NO production), and Geranium Oil (which is a natural stimulant meant to improve mental clarity without the shakes and jitters from caffeine).

Clearly, this is a balanced blend with a major focus on NO creation, but what we learned in our research is that the manufacturer also meant for the bodybuilder or client to use the formula over a three-plus week period for best results.

We liked the fact that this product didn’t claim “instant” effects and instead required the user to wait for a slow and steady accumulation of the essential nutrients in their body.

User Reviews and Feedback

Does it work?

We looked at the available feedback and saw only positive comments.

From the appealing lemon lime flavor to the ability to really help with focus and results, Anadraulic Pump is being favorably received.

One consumer commented that they had started to use this beverage following an injury and that the “pumps” were well supported thanks to the supplement.

Another commented on their ability to feel intense focus after using the drink, and commenting on the “mind muscle connection” that this formula supported.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing on a tub of Anadraulic Pump is very reasonable, with a range of only $22 to $25 respectively.Currently, the site is offering a five percent discount and the lowest cost for the 405 gram jug.

This delivers around 30 servings, which makes it very affordable.

Other vendors include Muscle&Strength,, and netrition.

Overall Conclusion

We believe that the Anadraulic Pump pre-workout beverage delivers what it claims, and are particularly enthusiastic about its proprietary blend of natural and innovative ingredients.

We feel that it is something appropriate for bodybuilders as well as traditional athletes looking to enhance their performance while also working on the development of their lean muscle mass.

We also like that it is caffeine free and has a very palatable flavor.

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